25 Star Wars Crossover Fan Photos We Never Expected

Star Wars fans are very inventive, as shown by these incredible pieces of fan art by talented artists.

May 25th, 1977 was the date that the first Star Wars movie arrived in theaters. It has been over forty years and the Star Wars franchise just keeps getting bigger and bigger with old and new fans coming together. Some of us grew up with the Star Wars films and we get to see an incredible mythos as well learn about the characters, planets, and of course, see some action with lightsaber duels and battles across the galaxy.

Star Wars arguably has one of the biggest fanbases in science fiction. It is a franchise that expanded into pop culture and even if you have not seen the movies, you know what it is and that it is just everywhere. There are countless parodies, references, music, cosplay, and the feature we will be discussing over: fan art.

There are just about a million types of fan art for Star Wars and they are incredible! There is one type of fan art that blows our minds and it is crossover fan art. Seeing two completely different series come together can make an intriguing and thought-provoking idea of why and how the fan art was created. Star Wars and Disney? Or maybe Star Wars and Nintendo? There are countless franchises that can make for an awesome crossover with the beloved franchise and the fan art we have picked out are amazing.

Ready to have your mind blown? Let’s take a look at some amazing Star Wars crossover pictures that fans have to offer!

25 Out Of The Ordinary

via: pinterest.com

If there is one crossover picture that just screams extraordinary, it is combining Star Wars with anime. Star Wars is huge in Japan and it must be one of the reasons why the creator of Tenchi Muyo! reimagined the cast as Star Wars characters.

Trust us, this won’t be the last time a creator or artist of a popular series created a crossover picture. Since Tenchi Muyo! has space opera elements, having these two franchises come together is rather fitting.

24 Galactic Magic

via: ejlightning007arts.deviantart.com

My Little Pony became huge in the early 2010s and the fanbase has to be one of the most faithful. While certainly not for everyone, the show does have great messages and characters. EJLightning007arts from deviantART created this movie poster parodying Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens with the My Little Pony characters and it looks genuinely epic. Having ponies fight in space might sound absurd, but rather endearing at the same time. Fans of both series would go crazy over this.

23 Fighting The Queen

via: artstation.com/guillemhp

Guillem H. Pongiluppi from ArtStation is certainly the master of his craft for creating beautiful artworks that must have taken him hours beyond hours to complete. Darth Vader facing off against the Alien Queen from Alien might be one of the most unique battles for a crossover ever since Superman versus Goku.

Who would win in this fight?

Darth Vader might have the Force and his lightsaber, but the queen is an intimidating creature. This would be an amazing battle to watch.

22 Lovely Stormtroopers

via: izzydoodledump.tumblr.com

Isaiah Stephens is one of those amazing artists that can make any fan art and it would take us back to our childhoods. Whether it is Disney or Nickelodeon, his fan art knows no bounds. Here we have the Disney Princesses Pocahontas, Mulan, Tiana, and Aurora as Stormtroopers.

They look great in their uniforms, despite having to deal with the outrageous heat from Tatooine. Maybe they would do a better job of finding R2-D2 and C-3PO better than the silly ones in A New Hope.

21 Avatar Style

via: facebook.com/DaveFiloni

It is no surprise that Star Wars had a huge influence on Avatar: The Last Airbender. They both have a chosen one, the said chosen one has their training interrupted, and both villains get redeemed near the end of their series.

Dave Filoni actually worked on The Last Airbender as a storyboard artist and character designer.

He would later direct the critically panned by box office successful Star Wars: The Clone Wars movie, but then redeemed himself with being the supervisor director in the TV series. This crossover picture really shows how much these two series meant to him.

20 Quite Exhilarating

via: ryu-ban.deviantart.com

What does Adventure Time and Star Wars have in common? It would be the legendary Mark Hamill. It might as well be a coincidence that Mark provided the voices of characters like Fear Fester and Punch Bowl. RYU-BAN from deviantART has done a lot of fan art for Adventure Time and of course, he created this fantastic piece of artwork. Seeing Finn as Luke and Princess Bubblegum as Leia seems to fit them perfectly. And of course, we can’t forget Ice King being Darth Vader in this fan art.

19 All Around Mystical

via: rachelsatya.deviantart.com

Combining science fiction and fantasy is just a match made in heaven. This amazing fan art done by Rachel Satya gives an enchanting crossover of Star Wars and Lord of the Rings. Both franchises have deep lore and compelling characters, so seeing them together is quite joyous.

Imagine Obi-Wan and Gandalf having a conversation.

Yoda could also be a great conversation partner with the great and wise Gandalf. Now imagine Luke Skywalker and Frodo having a chat. They have a lot in common!

18 Dangerous Hair

via: phill-art.deviantart.com

Rapunzel is a capable princess who can fend on her own, despite being curious around her surroundings. As a Jedi, she would be awesome. Philly-Art’s depiction of Rapunzel literally using her hair as weapons is awestruck.

Her hair can not only be proficient in healing, but useful in combat.

Her companion Pascal looks ferocious as well, being an amazing ally at her side. You would certainly not want to mess with this adventurous princess or she might slice you up with her hair.

17 Embracing The Dark Side

via: hellothisisdog.deviantart.com

Touhou Project is a bizarre but beautiful series of shoot em’ up games that expanded greatly in Japan. Consisting of an all-female character cast, they are colorful and have a lot of personality. So what would it be like if this series were to crossover with Star Wars?

Hellothisisdog answered that question with this fan art.

Youmu portrays Darth Vader while Yuyuko takes on the role of Darth Sidious. They would be the cutest pair to be one of the scariest duos ever created in pop culture.

16 In His Mind

via: mrhipp.tumblr.com

Kylo Ren is a refreshing take on being the villain of the sequel trilogy. Sure, his anger might be off the charts, but his character growth is strong once Episode VIII came out. Speaking of anger, this crossover featuring Inside Out is an interesting take on Kylo Ren.

It’s no surprise that he would mostly be angry, but the cherry on top is the additional characters portraying the main emotions from the Pixar movie. Dan Hipp’s art is very lighthearted but just as impactful.

15 A Wise One

via: nightingalehale.deviantart.com

Belle is a wise and beautiful princess who fell in love with the Beast despite starting off on the wrong foot. As a Jedi, she would be the perfect embodiment of becoming a warrior. With her smarts and adaptability, she would be a great Force user and be able to dual wield lightsabers. NightingaleHale’s depiction of this Disney Princess is breathtaking that makes us love but fear her. Belle’s outfit is also fitting if she were to become a Jedi.

14 The Dream Team

via: archangel470.deviantart.com

If Star Wars were to pair up with another universe, specifically from a video game, Mass Effect would be the perfect candidate. This fan art made by Archangel470 is magnificent with the characters from each series coming together getting ready to fight.

It’s no wonder why there are a lot of fan art and fanfiction with these two.

Both fight to protect the galaxy and are both in the science fiction genre. Maybe a fan will go farther and create a fan film that combines these two series together.

13 Gem Wars

via: youkaiyume.deviantart.com

Steven Universe is a beloved show that paved the way for people to be accepted for who they are no matter what gender they love or where they came from. Star Wars offers a ton of variety in characters and their backgrounds too.

YoukaiYume’s depiction of the Steven Universe characters posing in A New Hope style looks beautiful and captivating. They fit the roles perfectly and this crossover would make for a breathtaking concept. With the singing from the show, it could literally be a space opera.

12 Don't Prank A Sith Lord

via: chozenstudios.com

Oh, Deadpool, you may be immortal, but you are still capable of being incapacitated and gravely injured, and Darth Vader can provide that with ease. That being said, a fight with Deadpool and Darth Vader could make for a comical, yet dark scenario.

Even when Deadpool is being choked, he could still crack a few jokes.

Coming from Chozen Studio, this picture is insanely detailed, given its comic book style and the art is downright fantastic. This is a battle we’d be laughing at if it were given to us.

11 Doctor Vs. Sith

via: reddit.com

Whovians who are also Star Wars fans are probably going crazy since the 11th Doctor portrayed by Matt Smith will be appearing in Episode IX. What a perfect time to dedicate this entry to this awesome fan picture!

The artist must have had a blast putting two beloved science fiction franchises together to create the biggest nerd reaction anyone could give. Their “lightsabers” are interesting even though they don’t look threatening. Darth Vader really loves facing off against iconic characters in pop culture, doesn’t he?

10 Elements + Lightsabers = Epic

via: levoblivion.tumblr.com

Taking place 70 years after The Last Airbender, The Legend of Korra is a fantastic follow-up that gave us an incredible protagonist as she takes on the role as the new Avatar. Being the Avatar is one thing, but being a Jedi too? That is seriously overpowered as heck!

Levoblivion created this fan art and Korra looks amazing as always.

Korra is perhaps one of the greatest female leads in animation. Like Aang, it seems that she is also meant to be the Chosen One.

9 Mentor And Student

via: pinterest.com

Attack on Titan become of the most hyped up anime series in the world. It is like The Walking Dead but with titans instead of zombies. There have been many crossover pictures that involve this show, but amazingly, Star Wars is one of them.

Eren being Luke and Levi being Obi-Wan makes a ton of sense. This cool fan art is a reimagining of when Obi-Wan trains Luke to dodge hits from the tiny sphere droid. Even though Eren and Levi are not that far apart in age, it makes sense that they would be the student and mentor respectively.

8 She Won't Let It Go

via: pushfighter.deviantart.com

Knowing that Elsa was originally going to be a villain in Frozen makes up for some interesting ideas. It would technically be more faithful to Hans Christian Andersen’s story “The Snow Queen,” but Elsa being a protagonist is the right call.

However, this beautifully dangerous fan art made by Pushfighter screams brilliant. Elsa being a Sith Lord, or Lady, is a risky move, but combined with her ice powers, she looks like she would not be afraid to take someone’s life.

7 Surprisingly Cute!

via: jameshance.com

For the entries on this list, this fan art has to be the cutest by far. James Hance just had to create such a sweet picture of Han Solo as Christopher Robin and Chewbacca as Pooh. The details might be simple, but accurate for a crossover involving Star Wars and Winnie the Pooh.

Given that Han Solo and Chewbacca are great pals, this picture goes well given their relationship. It’s just a shame that once Episode VII arrived, our hearts were broken.

6 Training In Progress

via: rain1940.deviantart.com

The Empire Strikes Back is considered to be the best Star Wars film because of the pace and how dark the series became. It is also the first time we get to see Yoda, who becomes a mentor to Luke. Instead of Luke, we got Buzz Lightyear training with him. Rain1940 recreated this scene and it might as well be how this toy became the strong leader he is. Maybe the path of becoming a Jedi is infinity and beyond.

5 A Battle We Didn't Think Of!

via: justinetutubi.deviantart.com

Assassin’s Creed might not entirely be science fiction, but there are elements that are in the genre. Every time we see a Star Wars movie, we are greeted with the words, “A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away,” and we wonder how far back that is timewise.

If an assassin, in this case Ezio, were to infiltrate the Empire, then this fan art made by Justine Tutubi is the embodiment of that concept. Can Ezio really take on the Empire by himself? That is really up to anyone’s guess.

4 Fighting Evil By Moonlight

via: twitter.com/flowerveil

If you have watched the first English dub of Sailor Moon, you might recall an opening crawl that is clearly like the ones we know from Star Wars. These two series also have associations with planets whether it has to do with the Sailor Scouts or places where the characters live.

Flowerveil from Twitter created this adorable crossover with Padmé, Leia, and Rey as Sailor Scouts and they look beautiful but strong. They both fight evil and for those they deeply care about.

3 Hyrule's New Threat

via: yggdrassal.deviantart.com

Hyrule versus the Empire; that is a war that would make for a great crossover. Star Wars is no stranger to being in other video games, like Soul Calibur. The Legend of Zelda has a mythical and amazing lore just like Star Wars, so seeing these two come together makes for an epic crossover.

Link wielding a lightsaber makes us shiver in excitement.

However, that would mean Ganondorf would be even more intimidating with a lightsaber. Yggdrassal did justice to both series in this wonderful picture.

2 Jedis Underwater

via: twitter.com

Man, did this artist do a great job in recreating Disney Princesses as if they belong in the Star Wars universe. Ariel looks completely different from her bubbly and curious self from the movie.

Ariel is one of the most popular artwork when it comes to the crossover fan art these people make.

Lightsabers underwater might sound dangerous, but thankfully there are ways they can be useful. With Ariel being a mermaid, she would be a tough challenge to those who fight against her.

1 Faithful Companions

via: reddit.com

Want to know what would make a crazy, but fun crossover? Star Wars and Pokémon. There are many ideas of which characters from the former would have as their Pokémon. It would seem funny if the Dark-type Pokémon would be perfect for the Dark Side of the Force, but it would be too obvious.

Maybe Psychic-type could be connected to the Force as a whole.

This fan art from Reddit gives us one of the best crossovers to ever exist.

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