25 Hilariously Bad Jedi Star Wars Fans Completely Forget About

We recently wrote an article about the best Jedi to ever roam the Star Wars galaxy. That ranking contains the best fighters, teachers, and diplomats from the franchise, and to go through a highlight reel of their adventures would mean looking at the most exciting sequences of the entire saga. But what if we were to look at the worst Jedi, instead?

At its peak during the Republic, the Jedi order had hundreds, if not thousands of knights, masters and padawans at its disposal. With such a big number, not everyone is going to be the next Obi-Wan Kenobi. It’s a lot likelier that the group is going to contain a few duds. It’s with that in mind that we started combing through the archives to take a look at every single Jedi to ever make it on screen, either in the movies or in the many animated TV shows. The results are interesting, to say the least.

Of the many things we learned, there was the fact that being Force-sensitive does not mean that you are automatically talented. Like any skill, mastery of the Force must be practiced, and some of the lower Jedi obviously skipped on a few training sessions. Also surprising was the realization that not every Jedi led an exciting life full of danger and adventure. Some of them led sedentary lives more fitting to the recently retired than the most elite force in the galaxy.

We combined all of these, the bad and the dull, the useless and the wasteful, to come up with this ranking of the worst Jedi to ever earn the title. Here, the comically inept go side by side with the ridiculously ineffectual. We hope you will enjoy.

20 Cin Drallig

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Cin Drallig was the main security guard of the Jedi Temple and had a reputation as one of the finest swordsmen in the Jedi Order. As far as bad Jedi go, he was actually semi competent. Unfortunately, it was Anakin Skywalker himself, one of the most powerful Jedi ever, who one day entered the Temple with the ambition of eliminating everyone inside. Drallig fought valiantly, but never stood a chance. His legacy on screen is “old-looking guy who gets mauled on security footage while Obi-Wan looks on.”

19 Stass Allie

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Stass Allie had a solid start to her career: She was at Geonosis and survived, then replaced her cousin Adi Gallia on the Jedi Council, and that’s when things fall apart. She was then completely forgotten about, appearing in no cartoon episode or any expanded universe material, until we see her on a speeder bike during Order 66. At that point, her Troopers outmaneuver the Master with the clever trick of “using the brakes on their scooter,” after which they shoot her down before she realizes what happened.

18 Tiplee

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Only appearing in the Clone Wars cartoon, Tiplee had a twin who was eliminated by a malfunctioning Clone Trooper, who had basically activated his secret Order 66 by mistake. She swore revenge, and she was there to interrogate the Trooper, to no avail. Later on, she was on a mission with Obi-Wan Kenobi, Mace Windu, and Aayla Secura to investigate a battle between Darth Maul’s criminal army and Count Dooku’s separatists. She was defeated by Dooku in a duel, which is an honorable way to go, but she never got to avenge anyone.

17 Tera Sinube

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He was a Jedi Investigator (yes, it’s a thing,) who used his Force powers to solve crime. Most notably, he was instrumental in helping Ahsoka Tano find her stolen lightsaber, and appeared in a bunch more Clone Wars episodes, acting as some kind of a super cop. When you say the last sentence out loud, it does sound like a pretty cool Law & Order spin-off, but it does not make for a very interesting Jedi in a universe where everyone else is battling bad guys with their lightsabers.

16 Bolla Ropal

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As a Rodian, he was like Greedo, but as a Jedi. Bolla Ropal was tasked with protecting a crystal containing the name of every Force-sensitive children in the galaxy. Putting all of your eggs in the same basket is always a risky strategy, but the Jedi Order really trusted ol’ Bolla Ropal. He was tortured by a bounty hunter who wanted him to open the crystal, but he didn’t say anything; Ropal knew the Force was with him, plus he was not a rat. Unfortunately, Anakin Skywalker opened up the crystal anyway shortly after his demise, which ended up being for nothing. Oops!

15 Pong Krell

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Pong Krell was strong in combat, but he was also a coward worthy of our disdain. He betrayed the Republic and his own troops by secretly turning to the Dark Side when he had a vision of Darth Sidious triumphing. Instead of fighting, he hindered his team’s effort during the rest of the war to be on the Sith’s good side, and was subsequently arrested and executed for treason by his own troopers. Yoda once said that “fear leads to anger,” but poor Pong Krell never even made it there.

14 Ima-Gun Di

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This is not a very famous name in the Star Wars canon, because Ima-Gun Di only appeared in a single episode of The Clone Wars. As a general of the Clone Army during the eponymous conflict, this Jedi led a charge to save his home planet. The writers tried to give him a big send-off, where he is facing down an army of droids by himself, but the result is still that he failed. At least, he lose his life with his boots on, as they say.

13 Halsey

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Another General of the Jedi, he fell at the hands of Savage Oppress while trying to defend a Temple on the planet Devaron. Did he give it his all? Of course, but the aftermath was deemed a “massacre” by the Jedi Council, showing how effective he was. At least he was courageous, telling everyone to stand back while he tried to keep the powerful Oppress at bay, but he could not overcome the villain with the most on-the-nose name in the history of fiction.

12 Knox

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As the Padawan of Halsey, he joined the battle to protect the Temple on Devaron when he saw his Master fall to Savage Oppress. Despite the Jedi trying to let go of anger and all of those bad feelings, he still could not resist the urge for vengeance building up inside of him. His attempt at revenge was ambitious but misplaced. He was thrown head-first against a wall, a one-punch knockout which instantly dispatched him for good before he could even swing his lightsaber once.

11 Rig Nema

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Because Jedi cannot have regular doctors like everyone else in the galaxy, they have Rig Nema, a Jedi doctor, which is a completely different profession. She was the one who treated Yoda when he thought he was going crazy because he was hearing the voice of Qui-Gon Jinn. The concept of a Jedi doctor was not explored any further, probably because a Jedi’s anatomy is not that different from any other member of their respective species, but also because you don’t need a medical drama in the middle of the Star Wars universe.

10 Jocasta Nu

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Jocasta Nu actually has a few spoken lines during Episode II! She’s just the old lady librarian that Obi-Wan talks to in when he is trying to find Kamino in the Jedi Archives. Yup, she used to be a Jedi herself, apparently, and was even on the council at one point. That means she probably did some cool stuff way back when, but now she spends her days being sassy to Obi-Wan when he’s looking for a planet, because the Jedi won’t even let normal civilians be a librarian. No wonder they were so unpopular at the end.

9 Zett Jukassa

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He’s the young Padawan that allows Bail Organa to escape unharmed when the Clone Troopers storm the Jedi Temple in Episode III, swinging his lightsaber as well as his rat tails at the new Empire’s army. Sure, he doesn’t make it, but he kicked the bucket while defending himself and someone else. He even managed to hit a Clone Trooper, which makes him more effective at his job than most of the Jedi you will see further down this list.

8 Nahdar Vebb

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Nahdar Vebb appeared in two episodes of The Clone Wars, initially during a newsreel segment. He immediately lost his life in his second appearance, basically right after making it from Padawan to full-fledged Jedi. Trained by Kit Fisto, we are told throughout his appearances that he was showing great promises. The thing is, he discovered General Grievous’ secret lair, and the General did not take kindly to this home invasion. He was quickly shot down, and his saber was added to Grievous’ growing collection.

7 Coleman Kcaj

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No, I did not misspell the guy’s last name. This Jedi is like Forrest Gump, in the way that he is always present during history’s most important moments. However, he never speaks in any of his appearances, and he is never seen fighting either. He was there when Obi-Wan made it to the Jedi Council. He was also in the background when the Council was deliberating on the fate of Ahsoka Tano, and when Yoda first heard the voice of Qui-Gon Jinn as a Force Ghost. If only he could have done something of his own, he could have been more than a cameo.

6 Oppo Rancisis

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First appearing as one of the many new Jedi in Episode I, this big bearded snake man rarely does more than sit on his chair in the Jedi Council while the rest of the Jedi actually talk. Wookiepedia informs me that, somehow, he lived past Order 66. He was even on a list of known survivors compiled after the Republic fell, but the Inquisitors never bothered to chase him. It’s a real testament to the respect people have for you when you’re not even considered dangerous enough to find despite the fact that literally every single one of your peers is being hunted.

5 Eeth Koth

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Though he never did anything extraordinary, Eeth Koth did participate in some cool Clone Wars episodes. The problem is the way the character was dismissed from the main movies. After Episode II, a change of actor led to a change of name for what should have been the same character. To explain his absence in Episode III, it was explained that Koth having been expelled from the Jedi Council for being generally bad at his job. The sequence of event was finally explained by Marvel’s Darth Vader comics years later.

4 Sifo-Dyas

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You know the name because it’s all over Episode II, despite the character never appearing on screen. He was a Jedi Master who ordered the Clone Army from Kamino, following a vision he had of a big war brewing. He left the order because nothing was being done, but it’s not clear if it was of his own volition or if he was kicked out for being unstable. Count Dooku thought that turning that army against the Republic was a cool idea, and so he got rid of Sifo-Dyas. All of this happened off screen, and we can’t rank a hologram all that high.

3 Coleman Trebor

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Coleman Trebor would almost be the gold standard for comically inept Jedi, if it wasn’t for one simple fact. Unlike the two Jedi that “outrank” him in this list, he actually tried to fight. It wasn’t a success, but he did try. You know the Jedi who lands on a balcony to try and stop Count Dooku from leaving in Episode II, and then immediately gets shot by Jango Fett and tumbles to the arena floor, for a total of ten seconds on screen? That’s him!

2 Yaddle

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Yaddle was basically an extra in the Jedi Council scene of Episode I. She was so inconsequential that she did not even appear in the next movie, with her absence being explained as “deciding to take on a less active role,” which is probably code words for “we lost the puppet in a warehouse.” Honestly, Yaddle’s only claim to fame was that it made fans speculate about there being more than one of Yoda’s race. When that plot thread was never explored, Yaddle’s existence became unnecessary.

1 Yarael Poof

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Yarael Poof, whose name sounds like that of an Eastern European magician, was just an extra who happened to be a cool looking turtle/giraffe puppet. He did not make it to the second prequel, probably because the puppet’s neck snapped when trying to get it out of storage. The excuse given in official literature is that he passed away at some point on a routine mission, not even a dangerous one, between Episodes I and II. He had a cool end in the expanded universe, which was retconned when Disney bought the franchise. His one cool moment thus never actually happened, which makes Yarael Poof the least important Jedi to have ever existed.

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