Star Wars: 25 Skywalker Family Memes That Will Make True Fans Laugh

The Skywalker family is perhaps one of the most famous in the entire galaxy, but any fan knows it’s not for a good reason. The ongoing saga has shown one devastation after the next when it comes to the family’s talent for messing things up on a galactic level. And really, for all the billions of planets out there and for all the thousands of species, one dysfunctional human family just had to be the one to abuse the powers of an ancient religion and cause literal space wars? We’d believe it.

Dysfunctional as they may be, they’re still a family and families still have certain things in common; awkward family gatherings no one wants to be a part of, family outings that end in someone losing an hand and maybe the occasional family secret revealed at the most inopportune time. We’ve all had a family thing like that right? Right? Regardless, we’ve found 25 memes that prove just how normal, or not, of a family the Skywalker clan is. If you’ve ever wished you were a part of another family, try being one of these poor souls and think again. Trust us, it can’t get this bad.

25 Spending Family Time

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We love the internet a lot; how else could you see our fabulous articles? Although, we’re pretty sure our relatives would rather we start spending more time with them rather than scrolling through our smartphones. That being said, it can be pretty annoying when one of our parents decides it’s time to shut off the internet for a while so that we have to spend time with them. It’s something Luke definitely didn’t see coming in this meme.

We all need to spend at least a little time with our family, right? 

This scene is so iconic for its popular reveal, but we love seeing it as a meme. Luke’s scream always really sells it and we can hear it whenever we read it. Could you imagine finding out you father was really one of the greatest villains in the galaxy? Could you imagine him wanting to actually spend family time with you? Honestly, we don’t even want to imagine our own father doing something like this to us, let alone knowing he’s the one who destroyed countless planets and used something as great as the Force for evil. That and you may just lose your hand in the process of father-son bonding. Unfortunately, it seems like it’s pretty much a family tradition at this point.

24 Someone's Jealous

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The Kylo Ren memes are one of the best things to come out of the new movies. Often we see them making fun of the child-like temper the new villain has, as well as his admiration for his grandfather. To him, upholding Darth Vader’s previous ideals for the galaxy is the most important thing, but it often feels like it’s built on falsehoods since Anakin did sort of repent in the last film. We have to wonder how in tune with the Force Kylo really is considering he’s never seen his grandfather or even understood the story; surely Leia or Luke would have mentioned this by now, right?

But the memes may just be right; maybe it’s more of a rebellious stage rather than an actual need to continue Anakin’s work with the Sith. Surely, seeing how dramatic the men in the Skywalker bloodline can be, it wouldn’t be too out there to assume Kylo’s rebellion would be on a massive and deadly scale, right? Anakin certainly went through the same thing, but we’re going to have to see if Kylo can dig himself out of this mess sooner than his grandfather did.

23 Growing Up Solo

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This is one of those famous photoshopped memes that’s really made its way across the internet; and really, what a well-done job the original maker did on it. Of course, that doesn’t mean it wasn’t meant to make horrible puns about how neglected Ben was as a kid. This is one of those bad puns that should have never been made; if you’re laughing, you come from a very dark brand of humor.

Being the only child of a princess and a smuggler is tough!

One of the arguments we’ve seen on the internet is that Kylo may not have been this way if more people had believed in him. Luke, who believed in his father till the very end, had not even given him a chance to turn back. Sure, he realized his mistake, but the damage was already done. Not to mention, while we do know how Ben feels about his father, we don’t really know much about what his family relationship was like. Han tries to reason with him, but it looks like there was a lot of abandonment there that couldn’t be fixed in the end. The most heartbreaking one was certainly seeing Leia convinced her son was beyond saving. We wonder what will happen in Kylo’s final movie.

22 How Could We Not See It?

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As said before, there's a lot of evidence that suggests Ben Solo was probably primed for being a part of the dark side; sort of like how this meme is part of that dark humor. It’s still hard to imagine that any child of Leia’s would be evil, but maybe considering the fact that he’s also Han’s kid and Darth Vader’s grandson, it might not be too far of a stretch. The movies are certainly lacking in the family area, as we don’t have a lot of background on what it’s like to actually grow up in this family.

We should consider that we did get to see Anakin and Luke grow up, while with Leia we also got a hint at what her life was like living as a princess on Alderaan. The only real glimpse we get into Ben’s past is the horrific scene Luke shares with us during his lapse in judgement. Up until that point, it was really hard to understand why Ben Solo would join the dark side and commit the awful crimes he did. We’re still not sure that he has good reason for becoming a literal space villain, but the least Disney could do is give us a backstory we can really consider; again, he’s Leia’s kid, that’s the part we’re really stuck on what went wrong.

21 A Real Dysfunctional Family

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And yet, this is the galaxy’s most dysfunctional family; really. We love that someone memed this awesome photo because it not only makes fun of the Skywalkers, but also really encompasses Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamill’s personalities in one shot. Honestly, how can you not love these two? But maybe, in terms of the meme, this was a little unfortunate in context; their usual humor is making them look just a tad crazy as Luke and Leia arevnext to their very evil Dad Vader. These poor souls had a really weird dad.

We mentioned it just a tad in the beginning of this list, but one thing that has always really stood out about the Star Wars series is that it really is only about one family. The new movies are only now starting to focus on new characters that don’t share Skywalker blood, but the story still revolves around the family and their issues. This universe has made it clear that there are tons of planets out there with countless space races of humanoid aliens, some of which have incredible powers of their own. Yet, here we are with a human family that has a history of bad tempers. We want to say we’re surprised, but seeing as we are humans, we’re really not.

20 Watch Your Finger

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You know, considering how much trouble the Skywalker family has gotten into, it’s a huge surprise nothing like this ever happened. We could honestly see Luke clicking that button; the meme might be made up, but he really did hold the lightsaber like that in the actual film. How he didn’t lose an eye, the world may never know. But there’s one other character we haven’t considered on this list yet and that’s probably because he’s not actually a Skywalker. Obi-Wan had to deal with this family a lot longer than anyone else; no wonder Leia felt obligated to name Ben after him.

The prequels have been trashed on a lot, but at the very least it really showed the bond between Obi-Wan and Anakin. Knowing that Anakin would join the dark side and eventually become a Sith lord, the audience really can feel that unnerving worry that grows in Obi-Wan as the series continues. It was well translated into the older films where we saw how disappointed Kenobi was in his fallen brother. It couldn’t have been easy. He truly was the Skywalker’s only hope and we will miss him dearly with every new film that comes out without him.

19 From Your Side

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Who doesn’t love Calvin and Hobbes? Well, Brian Kesinger is back with an adorable series that actually features Han and Leia as parents. This particular picture is our favorite just because of the implications; poor Leia really doesn’t have the best history with the dark side and it’s super unfortunate that her own son struggles with it before he eventually gives in. But the best part about these series is the fact that Ben is in a tiny Kylo Ren outfit with a matching lightsaber.

Truly, this is the cutest version of Kylo found anywhere.

It feels a little too much like Han to say he’s blaming this all on Leia’s genetics. After all, it was revealed in the movies that Han wasn’t really the best dad. Like the previous meme said, he was technically a criminal, so are we really surprised to see that Ben turned out the way he did? Those poor snowmen look like they’ve seen a fight with a Wookiee or two after all. It’s unfortunate that we don’t see a lot of memes with Chewbacca being part of the family; maybe not by blood, but certainly by choice! He definitely deserves a spot in this household.

18 The Dark Side

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Han doesn’t really look like the dad who would come up with those corny “dad jokes” we all fear in our everyday lives. That seems like it would have been more Luke’s thing rather than his. One thing is for sure, Ben looks like he definitely got the bad jokes from someone because he’s really letting his dad have it with this one. A bad play on “why did the chicken cross the road” is always a way to really ruin someone’s day. It looks like Ben succeeded. Just look at Han’s face!

In a perfect world, we would have seen Kylo join the light side when his father asked. It was unfortunate that none of it happened, but I guess the series had to continue somehow. With this last movie, we’ve seen that Kylo has now turned down the side of good for a second time in a row. It’s quite possible that there’s a reason for it now that Snoke is no longer a problem, but we’re still not entirely sure why he took out his father or why he’s so determined to be a leader, other than his want to be like his grandfather. Some of this still is in the dark and we’re all really hoping that it will come to light in that final movie.

17 Looking For Love

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If you want to talk about bad puns and dad jokes, let’s talk about this one. It’s not often we see a meme that actually has a play on words with the names of Star Wars planets. And out of everyone who really wasn’t looking for love, poor Leia just had to go and kiss her own brother.

Whoever made this has a knack for puns!

Some people theorize that Luke and Leia weren’t actually supposed to be siblings when the kiss happened. To some, this was a choice on the creator’s part down the line when Luke’s twin was supposed to be revealed and many felt that this wouldn’t, perhaps even couldn’t, be Leia. The theory is that there are some circumstances that dictate he was supposed to have sister elsewhere; after all, who sends one kid to live on a farm where their father grew up and the other to be a princess of an entirely different planet? Of course, none of this has ever been confirmed so we’ll never know for sure what the real intention of the kiss was.

16 Bad Dad Darth

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If you think you have issues with your father, try having Darth Vader for a dad. Clearly this guy does not know how to bond with his daughter. We can’t really blame him though, after all she is supposed to be a rebellious child; even if that rebellion is for the greater good. It has to suck that you were given up to a whole other family only to have your birth father try to come back into your life and blow up your entire home world. Really, that had to be a hard day for Leia and she still got up to kick some serious stormtrooper butt.

Even though Darth Vader was horrible to Luke by slicing off his hand and getting into continuous fights with him, we have to admit that he was probably the worst to Leia. Blowing up her planet is one unforgivable act, as all her friends and family died. Not to mention, she was kidnapped and constantly had to jump through Vader’s hoops. “Daddy’s little girl” is really not a phrase that can ever apply to this Disney princess. Yet, just as is her nature, she ends up forgiving Anakin at the end of the series and finding her father finally at peace.

15 Dating A Smuggler

Speaking of what kind of daughter Leia would be, she certainly would be the one to talk back like this and honestly, we think she has some seriously good points here. Can Darth Vader even really talk about who she’s choosing to date? It’s not like he was a real catch for Padmé after all. She was at the top of her game, not only as a queen of Naboo, but also later as a senator. Anakin was more of an edgy Jedi that wasn’t really getting anywhere because of his anger issues; at least, that’s how the films portrayed him. Is a smuggler really that bad compared to him? Darth Vader really can't judge...

Besides, do we know anyone else who has that kind of an anger problem; a certain grandson perhaps? Kylo is definitely an echo of his grandfather and acts a lot like Anakin did in the prequels. By the time we see him become Darth Vader, he’s certainly more composed and doesn’t let his emotions take hold as much, though we do get to see bursts of violence still. It’s unlikely that Kylo Ren will grow that mature in the allotted amount of time we’ll have in the next film, but it would certainly be interesting to see if he can be compared to Darth Vader rather than the Anakin of the past.

14 Light-Up Sneakers

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Remember that photo we had a little further up on the list? Well, here’s a intact version of it. Even better, this meme actually has Kylo Ren’s thoughts on the photo himself. It seems like he’s not too happy about his light-up shoes being left out of the picture. Our question is, who was even producing Darth Vader-themed light-up shoes in the galaxy? And why would Han and Leia even buy him those if they did find them?

We’re so confused as to how this happened, but we also have a hunch that Ben just made them himself. After all, Leia looks like the kind of mom who would support her son through anything. Except for maybe the oppression of countless planets and taking out his own father. She did not seem too thrilled about that one. If you haven’t seen the Emo Kylo Ren Twitter account, you are sorely missing out. This isn’t the only great meme to come from this account and it certainly isn’t the last; the humor is certainly on the dark side, but it’s the kind you’re going to want to join. Anything that shows just how edgy Kylo really is has to be a gold mine.

13 Wrong Shirt

We’ve probably all had a conversation pretty similar to this with our families. Has your parent ever told you to change your shirt on a special occasion? Apparently, so has Kylo’s. Although, it’s a little hard to see Han being the one who’s really upset over this. It looks a little like it’d be more offensive to Leia or Luke. Han seems like the kind of dad who would have, maybe, laughed at this shirt and then walked away without a second thought.

Please dress appropriately for important events.

Still, it doesn’t change the fact that Ben would definitely be the kind of kid to “not see” an issue with wearing something as controversial as this and you know he did it to tick off his parents. Still, he’d probably get upset for being scolded at anyway, which is really a Kylo thing in general. We wish the meme had another couple of panels to see if he actually did end up changing his shirt in a begrudging scene. Although, that might have ended up as one of those shirtless Kylo Ren memes we’ve seen flood our dashes a billion times; don’t worry, we won’t do that to you, we know you’ve probably seen them all anyways.

12 Annoying Little Kids

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Another joke from the dark side! We’ve all been to these kind of family gatherings. You know, the ones where you know only the people who live closest to you and the ones you don’t know seem like they shouldn’t be related to you in the first place; how is Uncle Joey here anyway, was he married in or do I actually share DNA with him? But perhaps the worst part about these little get togethers are the mass amount of little kids that show up. Not all of us are good at dealing with children and that’s okay, but maybe you shouldn’t handle it like Anakin would.

We are, after all, talking about he got rid of all the little younglings that were training to become Jedi. It was a tragic scene that no one really likes to remember, but it seems like whoever made this meme had a real dark sense of humor. Remember to always be nice to kids and don’t execute Order 66 on your family; you’re not that dark and we also don’t have lightsabers. Just do the creepy smile Anakin always seems so fond of doing and maybe have a Vader/Kylo meltdown in the car or bathroom when you have a second.

11 In Another Family, Far, Far Away…

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Even though we’re mostly talking about the Skywalker family, since they are the most famous in the Star Wars universe, it doesn’t mean that there’s not other families out there in a galaxy far, far away and we already mentioned that we think Chewie is in the family. That includes this adorable stormtrooper family that clearly has a sick sense of humor, even if they are only legos. This is probably the worst dad pun on the list, but it is one that we absolutely have to include.

The stormtroopers have a very interesting past that really gave the Star Wars movies a more eerie feel. In particular, the fact that the original stormtroopers were leftover clones from the Clone Wars was a tad creepy; good thing Boba ended up getting out of that by technically being treated as Jango’s son, which was also a little weird. We could imagine the two of them having a conversation similar to the one in this meme, but the entire situation was already awkward enough for us. Luckily though, we see the new stormtroopers are more or less a hodgepodge of kids that have been taken, as if that makes the situation any better. Characters like Finn are what make us realize the stormtroopers are still only human.

10 Very Funny

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If you didn’t get your fill of Calvin and Hobbes Kylo Ren, here’s a little more humor to brighten your day! We have to wonder what kind of stories Leia and Han told Ben when he was a kid. They probably had to water down the details when he was this young, but would they have even mentioned how Han was frozen for a hot minute or two? Regardless, it doesn’t make this meme any less adorable; he looks like he knows exactly what he’s doing to his dad right now.

Han probably banned him from playing in the snow after this.

A couple of people have wondered what happens to your body when you’re frozen the way Han is. Did he experience the flow of time or did it feel like a second once he was saved? Maybe he was dreaming like it was a normal sleep? Regardless, being frozen in carbonite seems like a horrific experience. Even if you didn’t realize what was happening, just knowing that it happened must have been tough. With the new movie about Han Solo coming out, we can only wonder what this famous smuggler went through before he met the princess of Alderaan.

9 Too Soon?

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We know it was heartbreaking when Kylo got rid of Han and even though it’s been years since the film’s release, it’s probably still too soon for some of you, but we simply had to have a Han Solo pun in there. Of course, this wasn’t too soon for Harrison Ford who really wanted his character to go. According to Ford, he’d wanted them to get rid of Solo mostly to help further the plot, although whether or not that was the only reason is something we cannot confirm. To Ford, this was a way to give him a more noble role in the movie rather than just being a catalyst.

Of course, J.J. Abrams has also said that this was to make Kylo Ren a little more intimidating. To Abrams, Darth Vader was one of the greatest villains ever created and, in the Star Wars universe, he was considered the true menace of the galaxy. To create a new villain was going to be really difficult, so he needed to do something bold and truly evil. To dispose of his own father is a pretty dark way to accomplish this goal, but we’re not so sure it can compare to Darth Vader, who is a true icon.

8 Force Slam

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Going back to that ever infamous Emo Kylo Ren, here’s one of Kylo being a bit more of a child than usual. We have to wonder, since it’s been revealed that Leia is in fact connected to the Force and since Kylo is as well, did he ever utilize it as a child? We know that younglings could use their powers at a young age, although after Anakin, we didn’t really get to see that anymore. It really would be hard to raise a kid with any kind of powers, but to be able to use the actual Force of all life is something just a tad too out there; if you didn’t want kids before, you certainly don’t want them after thinking about that.

Despite being so angry in his debut film, in The Last Jedi, we saw a much calmer version of Kylo. When talking to Rey, he almost seemed like an entirely different person. Of course, this all seemed to change towards the end of the movie, but some viewers seem to think that there will be a significant change in Kylo’s behavior once the saga actually ends. Whether or not this will happen, we’ll have to wait and see.

7 Grandpa’s Favorite

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We all know that our grandparents probably pick favorites; you are, after all, the best grandchild they could ever ask for right? But Vader seems to have some pretty solid reasons for Kylo to be his particular favorite out of all his family, just as they all have a reason not to really enjoy inviting him to any family functions. He did commit some pretty atrocious crimes and it feels like he maybe didn’t entirely deserve to be one with the force in the end.

This relationship to his grandfather is unfortunate considering the fact Kylo grew to hate the Jedi after what happened with Luke. We can only wonder what he would have become had Luke seen the good in him, just as he had seen in his own father in the original films. Even in this last film, we doubt that just talking things over with Ben would make him consider joining the battle for good with how far gone he seems. His obsession with Vader is certainly not healthy and we’re not so sure the Anakin we saw at the end of the original films would have supported his grandson’s decisions; even he realized he’d made some serious mistakes.

6 Indiana Solo

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Maybe we shouldn’t cross over into some of Ford’s other popular movies, but this meme was just too good to pass up. Of course, Jones would certainly think that something like Luke’s lightsaber would belong in a museum, but Han Solo might have thought it’d be better to sell it at some shady space bar; and really, would he be wrong? That thing would cost a pretty penny! What are family heirlooms when some serious cash is on the line, right?

Maybe Indiana Jones would have been a better father. At least he’d want to preserve stuff like this.

It is very strange that Kylo Ren didn’t end up with his grandfather’s lightsaber. After all, he did train with Luke and did admire his grandfather greatly; he probably has a massive collection of Sith artifacts too. But alas, it seems like that wasn’t at the top of his list. In fact, Kylo’s lightsaber is really strange and it isn’t because of the design. The Kyber crystal that generates the blade is actually cracked, which is why it seems a little less solid than other blades and the heat that comes out of it requires those extra chambers so that it can get rid of the excess. That’s honestly kind of cool in comparison to Anakin’s old one.

5 Order A Drink

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It is so painful that we can actually see this happening. This is yet another wonderful, edgy Kylo meme where Han looks like he is totally beside himself with his son. What would you do if your grown son asked to order the galaxy at a nice restaurant? On second thought, maybe ignoring it would be the best course of action, like he did in this meme; best not to encourage it in any way. It looks like it also worked because now he’s going to go with a Coke instead. Try ordering the galaxy next time you're out and see if you get it!

Fun fact, Ben Solo was actually born on the day the Galactic Concordance was signed between the New Republic and the Galactic Empire; the end of the Galactic Civil War that Luke, Leia and Han had all fought in. This was about a year after the film’s ending. It’s really strange to know that someone who would later try to pick up where Darth Vader left off was born on a day that should have been about peace. There were rumors that he was an omen and now we can kind of see why. He did grow up to be the second most terrifying villain in the galaxy, next to his grandfather.

4 Bad Dad Pun

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We had to give Han at least one really good dad joke, as most of them are just Kylo giving all the punches and not the other way around. With a last name like Solo, it’s a little too obvious that it would be used as a pun continuously throughout memes. That being said, it’s not worth getting rid of your dad over; Han so didn’t deserve that Kylo, it was a decent joke. We have to wonder what it would be like if there was another sibling reveal in the films, but honestly it would just be repetitive after the original series.

Some fans do speculate that Kylo Ren has a relative out there that can match him, but after the reveal of Rey’s lineage, it’s very unlikely seeing as she is the main protagonist. For a while, people were holding their breath to see if the two would be related, but it looks like the series has finally moved away from that Skywalker bloodline. It’s a bit refreshing to know that Kylo is pretty much the end of edgy Sith lords in the family tree, but there are some hints that suggest he will be the one to also atone for what his grandfather did to the universe.

3 Left On Read

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We’ve all been there Leia, it’s really nothing personal. We can only imagine what Star Wars would have been like if it had been made today; we kind of don’t want to think about it. What does social media even look like during the time this takes place? Would Han have actually left Leia on 'read?' The world doesn’t want to know.

You've been left on read by Han Solo, that's rough. 

This is another one of those iconic scenes that Star Wars is so well known for, right next to the reveal that Darth Vader is in fact Luke’s father. But the original script actually didn’t ask for this line. When Leia says, “I love you” during a moment of sheer crisis, Han was supposed to reply with a simple “I love you too”. Instead, Ford decided it was time to change it up and we’re glad he did. It was so out there that viewers picked up on it quickly and started making it their own. Since then, we’re seen a lot of lovers, both fiction and not, take on the phrase as a sign of real and true love. But if it were a “seen” message, would we all feel the same? Hopefully not.

2 Late For Dinner

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This is perhaps the tamest meme we could find of Han and Kylo and trust us, there are a lot of memes with these two as the stars. At least in this one, Kylo looks generally happy even though what he’s saying is fairly evil. We all made that same face Han is making when reading this. Does Leia even keep an urn of her evil father in the house? How would she even have gotten a hold of it?

Despite being on the dark side, it is still fairly impressive that Kylo got to where he did so fast. This is in part because he did end up getting rid of his fellow Jedi students and eventually studying as an apprentice of Snoke as a Knight of Ren. We’re pretty sure that being Darth Vader’s grandson also really helped him get to where he is now. This meme makes that history look a little cheerier than what it actually was. It’s a little unnerving and we’re sure Han had to have a really long discussion with Leia about what their son was up to after this phone call. Certainly, if anyone should be worried, it’d be Leia because of her position in the galaxy, even if Ben is a bit of a momma’s boy.

1 Do Your Family History Before You Date

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We’ve seen a lot of jokes about this particular scene, but it’s far too good a joke not to put on here; a low blow, perhaps, but one we can’t help but to point it out. After all, Leia really only kissed Luke to make Han realize what a jerk he was being and also, just maybe, make him a little bit jealous. It’s not as though she knew Luke was related to her at the time, as that would have been a whole new level of screwed up.

Outside of this weird incident, Luke and Leia’s relationship as brother and sister has always been very touching.

We didn’t get to see much of their relationship in their original movies, only because they discover their lineage towards the end of the series, but the new films have really put that into perspective. Whether or not you like the new films and their stories, the one thing they’ve always been really good at is portraying the loving bond between the two and giving them a feeling that they’d always look out for each other no matter what. In the end, that’s exactly what happened.

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