Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Full E3 Gameplay Demo Reveals Impressive Combat And Exploration

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order's in-depth look at the upcoming title offers an impressive degree of exploration and intuitive combat.

Thanks to IGN’s hands-on experience with the Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order demo, we now have many more details about the new combat and exploration systems. While fans had been treated to gameplay footage in the E3 presentation, it seems that actually playing the demo provides a closer look than what was presented at the gaming convention. This is especially true of the exploration and combat mechanics.

The combat system is described as having plenty of depth, as well as being intuitive. Players also now have greater insight in terms of the wide range of ways to respond to attackers.

You can hold a button to block or press it at the perfect time to parry shots, deflecting them back at enemies. Timing appears to be key, as many moves allow for counter attacks and finishing moves, should you be able to land them.

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You can also time when to enter battle, as enemies will fight each other without your interference. Sometimes, waiting it out can thin a crowd, giving you an advantage in larger battles.

Players will be able to dodge or roll away from attacks, as well as avoid shots by using their force abilities. Force powers include pushing and pulling as well as slowing time and freezing blaster bolts.

You’ll also have access to an extensive skill tree, which should allow for creativity and flexibility in the way the combat pans out. IGN suggested that combat will be consistently exhilarating.

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Part of this comes down to the broad spectrum of enemies. Alongside the traditional and easily dispatchable Stormtroopers, players will face much more diversity. Birch Troopers and giant spiders are just two of the enemies described as being more challenging. Each enemy also has a unique and varied attack pattern, making combat more unpredictable.

The only downside for many was the Disney order of "no dismemberment," which applies to all human enemies.

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In terms of exploration, force abilities are also used to interact with the environment. For example, this allows players to navigate obstacles. In addition, it is possible to travel to any planet you’re already visited at any time using your ship. Players can also walk around the ship and talk to their crew mates.

While the game is not an open-world or RPG game, it was compared to the original Knights Of The Old Republic for having greater elements of exploration than you’d expect. While there are plenty of zones for exploration, there are also zones for combat.

Interaction with others is also frequent. Although, few interactions offer a variation of responses as determined by the player. Nevertheless, it appears that exploration is a primary focus, as is the combat, which Respawn intends to make as entertaining as possible. Optimistic onlookers will quite likely find the demo to provide a nice taste of what is in store come the game's release.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is due to be released on November 15, 2019.

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