Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Players Are Getting Stranded On Dathomir And Have To Restart Entire Game

Players in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order have found that they can get stuck on Dathomir early in the game, requiring an entire restart.

Some games reward players for their ingenuity, but sometimes curiosity will kill the Cal...or in this case, make him stuck in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order with no way out.

During the course of EA and Respawn's latest Star Wars title, players are actively encouraged to revisit various planets after acquiring new Force abilities. In true Metroidvania fashion, this should make previously impossible paths accessible. Players have been discovering, however, that exploring before having certain abilities can place them in locations with no way out.

Dathomir is one such location. While players have the chance to visit the desolate planet early on, many will find there is little to do without the proper force powers. Players may come to a large chasm that they should not be able to cross without the use of Double Jump, for instance. Kotaku's Kirk Hamilton demonstrated it is possible to cross without said ability, but from there the player is stuck. The path forward requires another ability and the way back is impossible without double jump.

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Via: eurogamer.com

For most players, this means that the only solution is to bite the bullet and restart the entire game. Unless a player has a back up save before they entered the area, there is little one can do. EA's forums are currently filled with complaints from players on all platforms who have found themselves stuck, unaware that entering an area would restrict them from being able to leave.

So far, Respawn has only confirmed the problem but has not provided any kind of solution. Players can fill out a support ticket, but the wait time for a response is likely going to be longer than it takes to start the game over. What is surprising is that the game does not have some sort of fail safe to escape an area once stuck.

Over the years there have been many games with large maps to explore. Creating such expansive, detailed areas is difficult to do without running into some form of glitch. Usually, there are ways to deal with becoming stuck. In World of Warcraft, players have access to an option that will send them back to their home base (called the hearthstone).

For now, players must do their best to tread lightly. It might be completely immersion-breaking to always be looking at an area and wondering if Cal will become stuck forever, but them's the breaks. Hopefully, the developer provides a fix for this soon, else more players may find themselves needing to scrap all their game progress.

Source: eurogamer.net

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