Fallen Order: Story And Ending Explained

How the ending of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order sets up the future of the series and also its own potential sequel.

STAR WARS Jedi: Falllen Order takes place five years after the end of the Clone Wars, in between the prequels and the original trilogy. Former Jedi Padawan Cal Kestis has been in hiding after escaping the Order 66 Jedi Massacre, was working as a rigger, scrapping ships for the Empire on the planet Bracca. After using his force powers to rescue his friend Prauf from a near fatal rigging accident, Cal is thrust into race against the Empire's Inquisitors to track down a codex of force sensitive children throughout the galaxy.

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The Inquisitors, The Mantis, And Eno Cordova

After saving Bracca from a fatal fall with a force grab, Cal is almost immediately found by two Inqusitors: The Second Sister and The Ninth Sister. These Inquisitors, trained by Darth Vader himself, are force users tasked with tracking down any remaining Jedi who may have escaped Order 66. Cal manages to fight off the Inquisitors and their squad of Stormtroopers and is rescued by Cere Junda and Greez Dritus on a ship called The Mantis. Cere is a former Jedi on a mission to find the Jedi holocron created by her Master, Eno Cordova.

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The holocron, which can only be read by force sensitive people, was created by Eno Cordova after he had a vision of the Jedi's coming downfall. He created a master list of all force sensitive children and, in order to protect them, locked it away in a vault on the planet Bogano. Cere believes that retrieving this holocron is the key to restarting the Jedi order and someday defeating the empire. Cere needs Cal's help to do this, as she has closed herself off to the force entirely. She takes him to Bogano to search for clues as to how to acquire the holocron. There, Cal meets Cordova's loyal droid BD-1 who is loaded with messages from Cordova. His first message leads the team to Zeffo, the home world of the creators of the vault.

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Zeffo, Kashyyk, And The True Identity Of The Second Sister

The second act of the game is a bit of a wild goose chase as Cal and the crew are lead from planet to planet in search of the key that will open the vault. On Zeffo, Cal learns about the it's ancient inhabitants and their connection to Kashyyk, the home world of the Wookies. The crew then travels to Kashyyk and gets caught up in a battle between the resistance, led by Rogue One's Saw Gerrera, and the Empire who is enslaving the Wookies. Cal learns that a Wookie named Tarfull was in contact with Cordova and may know how to access the vault. Unable to find Tarfull though, Cal returns to Zeffo.

There, Cal is confronted again by The Second Sister who reveals herself to be Cere's former Padawan named Trilla. During the Clone Wars, Cere abandoned Trilla with a group of younglings and Trilla was aprehended by the Empire, tortured, and transformed into the vengeful Second Sister. Cal narrowly escapes Trilla, but is caught by a bounty hunter and forced to fight in a gladiatorial arena. He is rescued by the crew of the Mantis and, conveniently, receives a comm that Tarfull has been located. The crew return to Kashyyk to meet with Tarfull.

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The Origin Tree, The Nightsisters Of Dathomir, And Taron Malicos

Tarfull tells Cal to search for answers in The Origin Tree in the dangerous Shadowlands of Kashyyk. There, Cal finds a recording of Cordova that explains that the key, called the Astrium, can be found on a planet called Dathomir. Before he's able to escape the Shadowlands Cal fights and kill the Ninth Sister.

On Dathomir, Cal is intercepted by Nightsister Marrin, a magic user that blames the Jedi for the genocide of her people during the Clone Wars. Another Former Jedi, Taron Malicos, manipulated the Nightsisters against the Jedi in order to wield their magic power. Before Cal can sort out Marrin's baggage though, he is faced with his own.

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During a flashback, Cal remembers his Master sacrificing himself to save Cal, reliving the trauma causes Cal to destroy his own lightsaber. Cal escapes Dathomir and travels to Ilum briefly to construct a new one before returning to Dathomir There he overcomes his grief, defeats Taron Malicos, and recruits Marrin to join his crew. Once Marrin learns about their plan to find the holocron and use it restore the Jedi Order, she cautions Cal that this will only put the children in more danger.

Retrieving The Holocron And The Epic Finale

Astrium in hand, Cal return to Bagano to open the vault and retrieve the holocron. Unfortunately, Trilla shows up and over powers Cal, taking the holocron for herself. Cal returns to the Mantis defeated, but Cere inspires him by reinstating herself to Jedi Master and granting Cal the rank of Jedi Knight. Together, the two head to the Inquisitor Headquarters to take back the holocron.

Cal and Cere fight their way through, eventually defeating Trilla. Cere attempts to make amends until Darth Vader shows up and kills Trilla for failing. Vader attempts to take the holocron back from Cal, but Cal and Cere are able to narrowly escape by flooding the stronghold.

Back on the ship, Cere encourages Cal to follow through with the plan and begin the next step of tracking down all of the force sensitive children. Cal ultimately decides to destroy the holocron to protect the children from ever being found, leaving the crew of the Mantis open for whatever adventure may come next.

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