Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order's Tomb Of Eilram Guide

Getting through Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order's Tomb Of Eilram is easy if you follow our guide, plus you'll get a brand new ability out of it.

Cal Kestis’ first trip to the far-flung planet of Zeffo in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order brings him one step ahead of the Empire, as he successfully uses his Force powers to enter the Tomb of Eilram, the contents of which will spur him along in his quest to track the footsteps of Jedi Master Jaro Tapal.


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Getting Inside

After reaching the eye of the storm, use Cal’s Force slowing ability to halt the debris caught in the whirlwind, then step on a pressure plate next to the giant sphere in the center of the storm to descend into the tomb.

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From there, it's only a short journey into the chamber proper, though you’ll first encounter a small puzzle that nets you one-third of a health upgrade. To make that happen, when you first land in the chamber with the very conspicuous ball and corresponding socket, kill the creatures in the room, then open the wind tunnel to the rear left, then the one to the right of where you originally landed.

This will grant access to a third wind tunnel on the left-hand wall. Open that, and then quickly enter that small crevice just behind your original landing spot. Opening that fourth wind tunnel should solve the puzzle.

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Using The Pendulum

From there, make your way into the adjacent room, which leads to another small puzzle. Simply climb to the room’s second level, open the wind tunnel, and then close it again. This will cause the pendulum hanging in the center of the room to swing. From there, you can jump and grab onto it, and then access the next area via another well-timed leap.

You’ll find yourself in the tomb’s central area. Open the wind tunnel directly beneath the Jedi meditation circle. This will move a nearby ball into a nearby socket, causing some platforms to raise. Ascend them, and then take a slightly convoluted journey down an ice slide. Continue following that path, and, eventually, you’ll come across a slightly difficult platforming section that requires you to jump into the wind and allow the blowback to direct Cal to the next platform.

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Encountering The First Tomb Guardian

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Right after that, you’ll encounter a new enemy in the form of some bulbous alien vegetation. Don’t bother with them yet, as a new Force power is required to clear these things out. Journey to the room’s second story via another blustery platforming section and activate a wind tunnel that should be just to your left once you get up there. Opening this, and then walk near the obstructing plantlife, which should now be blown away. From that point, take a running leap from that same platform, and the wind should carry you to the next chamber.

Here, you’ll have your first encounter with a Tomb Guardian (provided you didn’t engage with the one guarding the central chamber). The exploding local fauna will automatically take out half of his health, and taking him down from that point is a matter of exploiting his slow, heavily-telegraphed attacks.

As a side note, there’s a force echo locked behind some bars in the corner of the room. Don’t bother with it now, as you need a new Force ability to access it.

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Learning Force Push

After the Guardian goes down, leap into the wind stream near the back of the room to get to the area’s second floor. Open another wind tunnel, and then leap across the next gap, slice your way through some stalagmites, and then crawl through a narrow gap in the wall.

You’ll find yourself in a narrow chamber. Hang a left, and then follow it until you come to a wall. Touch the Force echo, and you’ll be granted a new ability: Force push. This can be used to great effect in combat, but, here, we’ll be using it to knock over walls and push large puzzle objects around.

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Once the tutorial concludes, use Force push on the wall, and then enter the next chamber. Here, you’ll be treated to a small cutscene, which sees a Jaro Tapal hologram inform Cal that he needs to travel to Kashyyyk. After that, you’ll fight another Tomb Guardian and make your way back to the main chamber.

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Returning To Mantis

Now, Cal’s main objective is to return to the Mantis, but that’s much easier said than done. First thing first, jump down and defeat the Tomb Guardian—you can now use Force push to stun him when he’s doing that OP laser attack.

After he’s been dusted, use Force push to move the room’s lone puzzle ball into the socket to the left of where the Guardian stood. This will open a new chamber directly behind where the Guardian was standing. Following this will grant Call access to another ball. Push this into the metal divot directly in front of where the ball lands, then watch as it is propelled to the room’s second story.

The Tomb’s Anteroom

Force push it into the socket up there, and then go through the newly-opened door, Force push a chunk of wall, and you’ll find yourself in the Tomb’s anteroom once again. Climb up to the second level and Force push that pendulum into the wall, freeing the ball from its tethers and causing the wall to crumble. Force push that ball into the same metal divot from before. From here, if Cal does nothing, the ball will circle around the room on a small track. Climb to the second level and Force push the ball into the nearby socket as it flies by, being careful to jump on that same platform right after doing so. The platform will ascend, and Cal will find himself back at the elevator he first used to enter the tomb. Now, simply Force push the ball, let it roll down the ramp into a socket, and you’ll be free to return to Zeffo’s surface.

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