Lucasfilm Is Celebrating Star Wars With A Stormtrooper Exhibit At SDCC

With the arrival of the Sith Trooper in The Rise Of Skywalker, what better way to celebrate all things Star Wars than with an exhibit dedicated to its iconic Stormtroopers?

This year's San Diego Comic-Con is fast approaching. The chance for major movies, shows, franchises, and games to show off what they have to offer. Most of what is being flaunted at SDCC will effectively be advertising for those who have something big coming soon. That perhaps applies to Star Wars more than any other franchise in entertainment right now.

Later this year, Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker will hit theaters. Its release will naturally be a big deal, and Star Wars' presence at SDCC will focus largely on what we can expect from the movie. However, as revealed by StarWars.com, this year, Lucasfilm also wants to use SDCC as a means to celebrate the iconic franchise's past as well as its future.

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via Star Wars

What better way to do that than by exhibiting the evolution of the humble Stormtrooper? No matter where we are in the galaxy or what time period we are focused on, there have always been Stormtroopers in the Star Wars universe.

Lucasfilm's unique SDCC exhibit will look to celebrate this. As you can see above, its booth will feature various different lifesize Stormtrooper designs from all of its movies.

via Star Wars

Not just that, but we have also been given a glimpse of what the next evolution of Stormtrooper will look like. It's called the Sith Trooper, and it will make its on-screen debut in The Rise Of Skywalker. It has been designed to look "modern and more menacing," and an array of merch featuring the new henchmen will be available at SDCC.

If this plus all the other news and rumors surrounding SDCC 2019 has got you as excited as us, don't worry. We don't have much longer to wait until the biggest pop culture event on the calendar is finally upon us.

SDCC 2019 will begin on Thursday, July 18, so we have only a few days to go until we can see Star Wars' brand new Sith Trooper in the flesh.

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