The Star Wars: Rogue Squadron Sequel We Dreamed Of Is Here... In Dreams

A Star Wars fan has created what could be considered a Star Wars: Rogue Squadron Sequel using PlayStation 4's sandbox game engine, Dreams.

The development kit has been huge for the PlayStation, despite still being in early access, with certain gamers using it to recreate games and satisfy their nostalgic cravings. One fan was able to port a successful Metal Gear Solid remake recently, and another PSN user going by the name of Gauffreman has since created an all-new X-Wing game.

The level, brought to the fore in a YouTube video by ProjectGenesis, boasts an impressive recreation of X-Wing combat and Star Wars fans will love how on point everything is - from sound effects to music to actual gameplay.

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Have a look below:

The combat in this remake bears many similarities to that in Battlefront 2 and it has garnered comparisons for obvious reasons. There's very little to complain about where it's concerned but, of course, there's not too much to do as the scale is small and there's only a single objective.

Creating an entire game in Dreams would take some doing and anyone who so much as attempts to do so will probably need all the patience in the world. What it does present, though, is the opportunity to put one's concepts and ideas out there for everyone to see. So while Dreams is a very intriguing platform, it's nothing compared to a studio of staffers working round the clock on a particular project.

There's also the possibility of game developers being prompted to give fans the games they want when they realize just how much attention Dream projects can command. This X-Wing fighter, for example, should gain some major mileage out there and could possibly force EA to begin working on an actual game.

If nothing else, this ranks as a remarkable bit of work. And, who knows? It could probably lead to something grander in the not-too-distant future. There's also been some talk claiming that Dream games could someday go on sale; we are all for that.

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