Star Wars: 25 Storylines That Were Completely Abandoned

Star Wars has seen many intricate storylines over the years, but not all of them were seen through. Here are some that were dropped along the way.

Star Wars has spawned decades of fun and excitement. Starting out as George Lucas’ heroic space fantasy quest, Star Wars embodied the future of what many science fiction films and franchises would model themselves around. Star Wars is a franchise that speaks to religion, politics, the old west, the frontiers, the exquisite life, and the inner spirit. And so the stories must embody those words.

Star Wars continues to attract new people and have older generations step away. It’s simply a process of time. Those who were young kids in the late 70s when Star Wars came out are now in their late 40s and 50s (possibly 60s). It’s expected that some fans will fall off the map.

However, with a massive universe and a gargantuan fanbase, some stories must be forgotten and abandoned. Through thousands of video games, books, films, TV shows, comics, magazines, action figures, web series’, etc, some must make way for the future or get forgotten in the past. Some do not deserve it, and some rightfully deserve it. It happens to the best and the worst.

Whether it’s the original basis of the Mandalorians, Leia’s training to become a Jedi, attempts to save a friend’s life from the Jedi, or an entire universe written out of itself, Star Wars has stories that were abandoned or long forgotten. This list embodies the storylines and characters of those who will most likely have their places in Star Wars history forgotten.

25 It’s The End Of The World As We Know It…

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The Expanded Universe was a massive canonical library. It slowly established itself over around 30 years of media. It brought some amazing and some flat characters. It brought some exquisite machines and some poorly-designed machines. It brought logical races and then some super strange races. And then they destroyed it…

Towards the end, the Expanded Universe was bloated and occasionally contradicted other parts of itself.

When Disney acquired the Star Wars franchise, it eradicated all of the Expanded Universe. It wanted a clean slate in order to create any story it wanted without contradicting previous stories. Any sequel to the Original Trilogy would have had to dodge the unintentionally campy Jedi Prince series, the Yuuzhan Vong, and the cloned Emperor plots. Instead, they simply threw them all out.

24 Infinity And Beyond!

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The Star Wars Infinities universe was considered the non-canon source for fan desired plotlines for a long time. Darth Maul surviving, Princess Leia training to be an apprentice to Darth Vader, and Luke donning the Jedi version of Darth Vader’s armor to hunt down the Emperor are all plots that were discovered through the Infinities stories.

However, these stories were largely neglected upon the vast expansion of the Star Wars universe. With the addition of so much game, comic, and book content, the stories that were once considered alternate reality were very much possible in different storylines. Darth Maul’s storyline was explored more in the Clone Wars cartoons and Rebels. Leia being a Jedi was explored slightly in The Last Jedi. The original stories were left largely alone and without sequels.

23 Original Sequel Trilogy

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In the original plans for Star Wars, there was the original, prequel, and sequel trilogy. The original trilogy would be A New Hope, Empire Strikes Back, and Return of the Jedi. The prequel trilogy would be The Phantom Menace, Attack of the Clones, and Revenge of the Sith. The sequel trilogy would be a continuation of Luke’s journey in helping to fight off the remaining imperials and rebuild the Jedi Order.

But upon the success of Empire Strikes Back, George Lucas had other plans for the sequel trilogy. He stated that he would rather send it to someone else to work on and that he wouldn’t do anything with it. And that just happened to be the case! When Disney got a hold of Star Wars, they decided to destroy all expanded canon and make the sequel trilogy we know today: The Force Awakens, The Last Jedi, and Episode 9.

22 Who?

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If I asked you what the Gree, the Taungs, and the Hutts all had in common (besides the ‘the’ before their names), you might already know! All of them were civilizations that existed in the times before The Republic. 30,000 years before the Battle of Yavin and previous, there were many major civilizations (the Rakata being the main one).

But the others had strange histories too that were largely forgotten by other publishers and story writers.

The Hutts were mostly untouched. They had a larger Empire and eventually enslaved everyone near them. The Gree were constructors of great ancient buildings in the Star Wars universe. The Taungs were considered the first Mandalorians, having a face much like the Mandalorian masks. Although they had some development done with them, much of their history was left untouched and irrelevant in the greater scheme of things.

21 Historical Revisionism

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How the Sith were treated over the years has changed drastically. At the height of Star Wars love of the dark side (2005), there was plenty of history involving or about the Sith Empire. The further back in time you went, though, the further the realistic accounts of the Sith, Dark Jedi, and the Sith species became known.

This changed for Xim the Despot.

Xim was at first a Dark Jedi who worshiped Sith Gods and drew power from them. From this, he created a warring faction that took over a large chunk of the known galaxy with him as the leader. Thus, Xim the Despot. With much of the older canon content that was slowly overturned, his story changed. He turned into a non-Force user who had no connection to the Sith at all. Therefore, the original Xim was abandoned.

20 You Can Stop Laughing Now

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The Jedi Prince series was bewildering to a young audience, but any adult who had read it usually stopped reading in a fit of laughter. Let me tell you the gist of the story and you’ll see why it was rightly abandoned.

Palpatine had a son named Triclops (yes, that’s his name…) who had three eyes and married a “Jedi Princess.” They had a son named Ken. Triclops was hunted down by a Dark Jedi astronomer who wanted to overthrow the Empire and name Trioculus (another three-eyed being) the real Emperor of the Empire. The Rebel Alliance is still fighting the Empire, and Ken grew up away from his parents and in an ancient, underground Jedi city. Yoda has a mountain named after him, they find Darth Vader’s lost glove. Ken became a Jedi and allied with Luke to beat the Empire again. They did.

19 The What Of The What?

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James Luceno is a well-known Star Wars writer who involved himself in much of the canon tracking of the Star Wars Visual Dictionary franchise. He also has been involved in writing many novels that expand upon Darth Plagueis, Darth Maul, and Moff Tarkin. However, before all of this, in the 1980s, James Luceno wanted to write about the Force, and how it connects to religion.

Specifically, he wanted to write a book called The Tao of the Force. George Lucas nixed the idea because he didn’t want the Force to be viewed as a religion (ironic considering what he did with it in the 90s and 00s). However, it would have been manuscripts of how ancient the Force was and revolved towards the end around Luke Skywalker searching for new Jedi and a secretive group of Imperial assassins trying to take down Luke.

18 Space Farmville

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If you were on Facebook from 2010 to 2013, you heard of the game Farmville. Usually, it was through hundreds of invites from friends desperate for you to play this game based on farming and owning a farm with them. Maybe you were one of those friends trying to convince others! Anyways, Lucasarts tried to capitalize on the fame of the game in trying to make Star Wars: Outpost.

In the game, you would own and make an outpost that would be able to slowly evolve into an Empire.

It allowed people to betray others for money and resources and involved backstabbing elements such as in Settlers of Catan. It may have included story elements of the Empire and characters which could have been included in the official canon. Of course, the game was canceled, so we’ll never know.

17 Fuzzball Films

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Before George Lucas had continued on the Empire Strikes Back, he decided to take a look at the first film in the Star Wars franchise and see if he could do any other films with it. He eventually came up with the idea of making a Star Wars movie based around the Wookiees. It would involve only our furry friends and nothing else. It would be based on their culture and language and such.

However, he ended up overestimating the public like of such a project. It turns out people were more interested in the Empire Strikes Back as opposed to a Wookiees film. And all for the better too. The ideas from this film were left to the Star Wars Holiday Special and the Ewok TV show, both universally panned and always considered non-canon in the Star Wars universe.

16 Droids And Things

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Around the same time the untitled Wookiees production was going to be developed, another film based on the droids of the Star Wars universe was going to occur as well. Also untitled, it would follow R2D2 and C3PO among a plethora of other droids where they would go on adventures and fight the Empire in mysterious ways.

And just like the Wookiees film, this project was unpopular with the Star Wars fans and was also left alone for the Empire Strikes Back. And good riddance! Imagine an entire film about everything involving high pitched beeps and C3POs dry, British humor and worrying. I don’t think anyone could have withstood that for 2.5 hours! If it did happen, we might have never gotten anything out of the Star Wars universe at all!

15 Eternal Might Of The Empire

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Daniel Wallace was a frequent author in Star Wars Insider. He soaked in hundreds of books and stories in order to write articles about them. One of his main pieces of work was a “Who’s Who” article series. It involved imperial admirals, New Jedi Order characters, the delegation of 2000, the Max Rebo band, and other such interesting titled works.

However, one of them was going to involve imperial officers within the films.

Who’s Who of the Imperial Military was being produced and was going to give plenty of previously unknown backstory to the characters of the film universe. However, the article never came to fruition and was never produced by Wallace in the long term. However, we did get to see some of the officers gain backstories. Nothing to write home about though…

14 Riding To The Sun

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Nomi Sunrider was an ancient Jedi Knight who was a guardian of peace and justice in the galaxy, much like most of the Jedi throughout the ages. It was also a time period that was rarely written about where she was discussed. As such stories that developed around her time were usually canceled. This is what happened to Mandorla.

It has nothing to do with the Mandalorians. It was meant to take place in times before the Knights of the Old Republic game was set. However, as was mentioned, stories around this time had very little legitimacy. Therefore, the comic was canceled. It’s unknown why it was called Mandorla either. It involved a well known galactic scavenger confronting Sith threats in the galaxy at large though.

13 Boba Jango Tango

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Boba Fett had a following unlike most characters in the original trilogy. He had very little story attached to him and very little action. In fact, he was considered dead at the end of Return of the Jedi. And even though he would eventually be revived for an expanded universe comic, there was a film that was going to predate the comic.

Your favorite bounty hunter had a film planned!

Up until Disney took a hold of the Star Wars universe, this film was going to be planned. However, the acquisition destroyed all the canon that existed outside the films and the Clone Wars TV show. However, this also allowed the film to be produced in the future without any major things getting in the way. And although the past plotline won’t be in use, a new potential Boba Fett movie is supposedly in the works.

12 Another Promise Destroyed By Lucas

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With Revenge of the Sith being completed, George Lucas was setting his sights on another type of live action setting: the underworld! Supposedly 100 scripts were made, and they had filmed 10 episode already. However, it was put on hold because they did not have enough money to continue.

Soon, Disney bought the franchise. Although that may have injected new life into the television show, it was not so for most unfinished projects beyond the acquisition. Disney shut down Star Wars Underworld and the film taken was never released. It’s unfortunate because for the first time we were going to see a world where the Jedi were not the center of attention on all fronts. In fact, the going-ons of the Empire, the Rebels, the Jedi, and every facet of the universe were not going to factor in.

11 What Happened To 1313

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Star Wars 1313 was going to be a third-person action game that was being developed, centered around level 1313 of the Coruscant underworld. You would have played as a criminal with a heavy story and action-packed narrative. It would have gone slightly in line with the Star Wars Underworld project as well. But Disney struck yet again!

As the destroyer of worlds that they were, they put the project on hold and eventually canceled it all together, believing that it wouldn’t be useful to their new timeline. Disney is turning out to be the Emperor and the Empire in this article! They scooped up a bunch of projects and work that was already completed and simply burned it away! No wonder people don’t find joy in the new films!

10 Third Time's The Charm

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The Star Wars video games Battlefront 1 and Battlefront 2 were both truly amazing games, giving people a taste of mechanics from games such as Battlefield and Call of Duty but within the Star Wars universe. They would go on to become staples of the golden age of Star Wars games. So when the idea of a third game coming around made sense, it should have been greenlit, right? Nope!

Instead, we got delayed development, too many people wanting their hands in the cookie jar, and a game that never came out of development hell.

Battlefront 3 was meant to have a story mode too that would allow players to involve themselves in a game that went beyond insane multiplayer shooting battles. But alas, it could not be.

9 Sith Lords! Sith Lords!

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The game Battle of the Sith Lords really showed how ignorant George Lucas had become of his own franchise. The developers Red Fly wanted to make a game about Darth Maul, involving stealth missions and lightsaber battles. However, Georgy Pordgie turned around and said he wanted the game to include Darth Talon (a Sith Knight who existed 170 years after Darth Maul’s passing).

Red Fly tried to negotiate a different story, but it all went down the drain when LucasArts stopped answering their calls. They built a prototype game when they got the call that they had been cancel without any notice. It seems that this storyline was doomed from the start. However, it just goes to show that the golden age of Star Wars games was long gone.

8 Go! Go! Go!

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Star Wars: Republic Commando was a game that involved SWAT and special operations tactics during the Clone Wars. You fought on a four-person squad through lengthy breach and clear missions in order to fulfill your duty to the Clone Army. However, the game ended on a cliffhanger: the invasion of Kashyyyk and the taking one of the four team members. Yet we never got anything!

Although some Republic Commando books were made, the spiritual successor to the series never came to life.

Imperial Commando as it was going to be called, was a game about the continuation of the storyline of Republic Commando but under the Empire. Hunting Jedi, possibly rescuing their lost friend, working under Darth Vader were all possible roles that were left on the cutting room floor.

7 Where Are All The People At?

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Star Wars Galaxies was the first Star Wars massively multiplayer online roleplaying games that was extremely popular and open to many people. The game wasn’t perfect, but it truly allowed you to live out your life as whatever you wanted to be (including a Jedi, if you worked insanely hard at it). Of course, when the game got really popular, everything changed. Jedi became a starting class, and Mustafar was included as high-level content. Combat was changed, as well as much of the work people had built up.

This essentially ended the game, and subscriber numbers dropped hard and fast. Eventually, The Old Republic game would be the final nail in the coffin. With the game gone, the storylines, books, and other things that came from it would disappear into obscurity.

6 Time Flies

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The Old Republic video game was one of the most hyped Star Wars games of all time. The hype train started 4 to 5 years before it was released. In such a time, masses amount of content were meant to be produced in order to continue allowing fans to be tempted by the new Star Wars lore. One example was a video series known as “Timelines.”

Timelines allowed the team to produce lore around the subject of their game. They had a solid start, describing the story from end to beginning, reaching further back into new areas of unexplored time. It was exciting and fun to watch. However, they suddenly quit halfway through the project. Abandoning production, they left the originally planned origins for their stories in a dead zone and never returned to them.

5 Assuage Them

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Asajj Ventress was one of the fiercest dark Jedi to ever cross into the Star Wars universe. Her character went through many evolutions until residing on what we see today. Asajj was the first concept for what Dooku would become. However, she was eventually made his apprentice instead and given a spot in the Clone Wars anime, as the dual wielding, bent lightsabers fighter who would attack Anakin. She was also a Rattattaki.

However, with the then-incoming Clone Wars reboot, Asajj Ventress was retconned and given a different (and contradicting) role entirely. The contradiction had to be ironed out in a future plotline. The original Asajj Ventress was abandoned for this newer version. It’s not the only thing the rebooted Clone Wars destroyed entirely.

4 For Mandalore!

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The Mandalorians were established as a collective group of warriors recruited from hundreds of worlds for honor and battle. They had a homeworld ruled by a single Mandalorian leader, and they continued this existence for thousands of years. Like much of established canon, the rebooted Clone Wars series dug up this extremely popular culture from good writing and decided to give it a boring spin of pacifism.

The Mandalorians were no longer warriors.

In fact, they were given a monarch who lived in peace, and their warrior heritage was treated as the exception to their history. It was an atrocious backfire, as the Mandalorians were considered one of the best-untouched aspects of the Star Wars universe. The second Lucas got his hands on them though, they became a greater aspect of terrible writing that the show would be known for.

3 Out With The Old!

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The original Clone Wars cartoon was an anime that had wondrous stories attached to it. It explored differing races and species within the Star Wars universe that had been affected by the Clone Wars in a way that had been glossed over in the films. We see many of the previously unknown Jedi return for more and see some of the intricacies of the races and species of the series. Except none of that matters anymore. Instead, we get the rebooted Clone Wars, which was developed as an alternative to the stories within the Clone Wars mostly involving the clone troopers as well as Anakin, Obi-Wan, and Ahsoka Tano.

2 Last Of The Jedi, You Will Be

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Disney destroyed large swathes of canon in the purge of stories from the SW universe. However, a major plot point from the Original Trilogy has always been somewhat ignored and has officially been abandoned by the Star Wars universe at large; there are more Jedi than Yoda, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and Luke Skywalker between Revenge of the Sith and Return of the Jedi.

Many more Jedi survived than originally thought. Ahsoka Tano, Kanan Jarrus, and Master Barr are some of the individuals known to have survived the Jedi Purge. So when Obi-Wan and Yoda claim there is no one left to carry on the torch of the Jedi, they are wrong by the admission of both old and new canon sources. And as they came, the story of old was let go into obscurity, taking a lot of character development along with it.

1 When The Knight Comes

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Knights of the Old Republic 1 and 2 (or KOTOR as they are rather known) were games that redefined what good RPGs looked like. Compelling Star Wars narratives that combined nostalgia with new content released a euphoric sense felt by those who were able to play the games. Cherished characters such as Canderous Ordo, Darth Revan, Kreia, and Visas Marr were etched into our minds. But it simply could not continue.

Knights of the Old Republic 3 was meant to conclude the series of games. It was going to take place in parts of the Sith Empire that hadn’t been seen before. It was meant to be a big and expansive game, made with remnants of former massive-multiplayer online game structures. However, the game was soon canceled for financial reasons and changed into Star Wars: The Old Republic.

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