Star Wolf Is Taking Over Starlink In New Update

Starlink: Battle for Atlas launched last year for the major consoles. The Nintendo Switch version in particular was anticipated because it would feature Star Fox as playable, and incorporated into the story. We haven't heard too much about the title since release, but now fans have something to look forward to.

During Nintendo's February Direct, the company announced that Starlink would be getting a new update, complete with new playable characters, missions, and modes.

First and foremost, there's going to be new missions that focus on Fox's teammates and their hunt for Wolf's lieutenants. Fox and Wolf starred in their own mini-storyline in Starlink for Switch, and now the secondary characters will get a chance to shine. Of note from the video is that Falco, Slippy, and Peppy will have their own pilot abilities, and differing skill trees. In addition to playing the new missions, these three characters will also be available in the main game in place of Fox.

One of the most interesting parts of the video is the announcement of "starship races" and "faction missions." Although these new modes were not detailed, based on the image below, races appears to be split screen multiplayer. Faction missions are harder to predict. We'll know for sure in April if these modes are for multiplayer, and how they'll actually work.

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Starlink: Battle for Atlas was an interesting concept. Developed by Ubisoft, Starlink sought to breathe new life into the toys-to-life genre that was made huge with Skylanders. The toys aspect was certainly implemented well. You can easily exchange weapons on your ship, and it shows up instantly in-game. The toy pricing is another story, however. If one had planned to buy all the accessories, it would have cost quite a bit. As for the game itself, it offered fun shooting sequences and the freedom to explore. The Switch version nicely incorporated Fox, providing the only Star Fox experience on Switch at the time.

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Although aspects of Starlink were praised, there were some parts of it that lacked. The main criticism was the repetition. You'll find yourself doing pretty much the same things from planet to planet, with little variety. The game is still fun to play, but its repetitive missions prevented it from being an acclaimed title. With new content on the way however, those who stopped playing will likely want to jump back in. With new modes and missions, those who initially passed on the game might be excited now.

Starlink: Battle for Atlas will get its update in April.

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