Stardew Valley: A Guide To Every Possible Romance

A life of farming in Stardew Valley is incredibly fulfilling but lately, you’ve been feeling like something’s missing. You already have the beginnings of a successful farm… So what could possibly be needed to fill that void? Someone to spend this incredible life with! Get ready to buy that Mermaid Pendant; it’s time to woo the villager of your dreams.

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A few key points to remember when courting your co-farmer: Loved gifts will give the most friendship points (which are needed to increase your heart rating), you can only give two gifts per week unless it’s their birthday, and of course, giving a gift on their birthday gives you 8x the points. Keeping that in mind, this list will help you find your special someone and give you the tips you need to successfully win their hearts!

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12 Alex

Birthday: Summer 13

First on the list is Alex, the sports-loving brunette. He enjoys spending his time playing gridball and hanging out on the beach. On the outside, he seems like your typical jock… But is he? If you want to find out, Alex might be the match for you! He’s a simple man with two loved gifts: the Complete Breakfast and Salmon Dinner.

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He also likes eggs, which is the best way to win him over as you get the ability to have them earlier in the game. Another option would be the Salmon Dinner, found as a rotating stock item in the Stardrop Saloon.

11 Abigail

Birthday: Fall 13

She’s the Goth girl of Stardew and one of the popular villager choices to marry. She lives with her parents at Pierre’s General Store but can usually be found in the rain chasing frogs or at Pelican Town’s cemetery. Her mother might worry about her “alternative lifestyle”, but maybe her quirkiness is just what you’re looking for.

There are a few options to increase your heart rating with her, but the best option would be to start mining. She loves amethysts, which isn’t a surprise when you find out she eats crystals. Amethysts are pretty easy to come by in the mines and that makes them the best choice for gaining her hand, as you can start gifting them pretty early on!

10 Elliott

Birthday: Fall 5

Are you a hopeless romantic? If the answer is yes, look no further for your future spouse. Elliott is a writer who lives alone in his cabin by the sea, working on his novel and dreaming of a life that could-be.

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Given that writing poetry is not an option; the next best gift would be finding one of his favorite things: lobster. Your best bet is going to be working on getting your crab pot set up as soon as possible, as you can use them to catch the lobsters and land yourself a man.

9 Emily

Birthday: Spring 27

A sister to another marriage candidate, Emily is a part-time worker at the Stardrop Saloon and an aspiring seamstress. She’ll let you know that she made a lot of her own clothes herself and that she wishes to make a career in fashion.

While she does love receiving cloth as a gift, that’s a bit difficult to come by if you haven’t made upgrades to your farm yet. Instead, try offering her amethyst and topaz. Both are loved gifts and are found on all floors of the mine. You can also gift her quartz, but it’s only a liked gift and not loved.

8 Harvey

Birthday: Winter 14

If you’ve ever passed out from exhaustion, you’ve probably woken up to Harvey’s smiling face. He’s the town doctor and ever-passionate about the villagers following a healthy lifestyle. He spends a lot of his time working, which leaves no surprise that one of his loved gifts is coffee.

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Coffee is easily obtained from Gus at the Stardrop Saloon, which also makes Harvey an easier-accessed candidate early on in the game. If you want a free route, you can always seek out the seasonal forages. Just be mindful not to give him a Salmonberry or a Spice Berry, as he hates those.

7 Haley

Birthday: Spring 14

Haley, sister to Emily, spent her high school years being popular and her family’s wealth only added to the fact that she’s a bit on the vain side. Maybe there’s more than meets the eye? Only one way to find out; you’ve gotta get those heart events! Fair warning, though, winning her heart isn’t easy.

She’s a bit more difficult than some of the other candidates, as her loved-gifts are items that aren’t easily found in the early parts of the game. Your best bets would be checking the Stardrop Saloon’s rotating stock for Pink Cake and stocking up on Daffodils found while foraging.

6 Sam

Birthday: Summer 17

Pelican Town’s resident musician! Sam is good friends with Sebastian and hopes to form a band someday. When he’s not playing guitar or the drums, he’s often found outside his house playing video games. He’s very friendly and approachable, which makes him a great choice for marriage! He’s also one of the easiest choices, too, as two of his loved gifts are effortlessly obtainable.

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Pizza and Joja Cola makes him happiest, with pizza being available for purchase at the Stardrop Saloon and Joja Cola available by way of fishing, rummaging through the trash, purchase at Joja Mart, and even at the vending machine at the Saloon.

5 Leah

Birthday: Winter 23

Another artist of Pelican Town, Leah spends her time painting in her cabin near Marnie’s farm. Unlike her male counterpart, Elliott, Leah is a little more introverted. She loves to go hiking and living off the land. If you’re looking for someone who would love the farming lifestyle, Leah’s the perfect choice.

Finding seasonal forages are a fast and efficient way to building up hearts with Leah, as she loves creating meals with them. Another option is Salad, easily purchased from the Stardrop Saloon. You’ll be planning that woodland wedding in no time!

4 Sebastian

Birthday: Winter 10

Next on the list is Sebastian, Pelican Town’s broody loner. He’s another popular choice for marriage, which becomes more and more obvious as you follow through his heart events. He loves to play video games and read comics, something that he spends most of his time doing… In his room. This makes him a little trickier to chase after, given the amount of time spent there.

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You aren’t able to access his room until you reach two hearts, so it’s best to find his usual hangouts early on. To raise those hearts, spend a lot of time in the mines. He loves Frozen Tears and Obsidian, which will boost his friendship points higher. He likes Quartz, too, which works but not as well.

3 Maru

Birthday: Summer 10

Maru is another great candidate, as she’s not only lovely but she’s got brains, too. Being the daughter of Demetrius, Maru gained a lot of his knack for the sciences and spends her time inventing new creations. Be wary, though. Demetrius isn’t fond of the idea of letting his little girl grow up and run off to marry.

If that doesn’t scare you off, then here’s what you need to win Maru over. Invest in a furnace, as she loves gold bars. You can easily get the materials needed to craft them and stock up to use as her twice-a-week gifts.

2 Shane

Birthday: Spring 20

Ah, Shane. You might be wondering why he’s worth the time and effort, after all those rude encounters you have with him. Underneath that gruff exterior lies the heart of a sweet man who only wishes to be loved… Or something like that. You’ll have to gain more hearts with him to find out his story.

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One thing you will learn is that he loves chickens. That’s why one of his best gift choices is eggs. They aren’t a loved gift but they’re so easy to come by that it makes them a good choice. You can also purchase beer and pizza at the Saloon, as he loves those too.

1 Penny

Birthday: Fall 2

Last but not least, we have the shy teacher Penny. She’s the daughter of Pam and is often found with Vincent and Jas, as she’s their tutor. When she’s not educating, she’s often at home trying her hand at cooking or cleaning the small trailer she lives in.

She’s a sweet girl in need of rescue from a bad home situation and maybe a farmer is just the one to do it! Due to her love of cooking, her favorite gifts are food-related. The easiest choice would be scouting out the Saloon for Tom Kha Soup, as it rotates in stock. Otherwise, she likes Dandelions and those can easily be found foraging in the Spring.

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