10 Stardew Valley Farms That Are Too Unreal

Every once in a while an indie game shatters the internet, bringing gameplay experiences that transcend the need for a large budget. In the case of Stardew Valley, simplicity works, and we can't be a bigger fan of the game. Already, the game is inspiring copycats like Stranded Sails, but it's doubtful any will capture the enchanting nature of Stardew Valley.

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Players have poured in hundreds of hours with the hope that their dedication will pay off. The following farms are some of the most complex farms we've ever seen yet. Small nuances like multiple sheds, lakes, and acres of crops make them stand out in a trending game. These are 10 Stardew Valley farms that are too unreal.

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10 "It Took 3 Years!" Worth Every Second

Credit goes to Reddit user orenjikitty for creating this magnificent farm. How so many people are able to make masterpieces while the rest of us sit dreary with our so-so farms seems unfair.

The scale of this farm is ridiculous, and we believe Reddit user orenjikitty when they say it took him or her three years to build this farm. Even from behind the blue light of a computer screen, farming in Stardew Valley can be back-breaking work.

9 Cobble-End Farm

Oh wow, look at the scale of this Stardew Valley farm! Wouldn't this photo make for an excellent desktop background? The rich, vibrant colors combine well with the utopian style of this farm. Just to walk around this Stardew Valley farm would be a rare treat.

There aren't very many silos, but the amount of crops and livestock says that this farm is built for scale. Stardew Valley is a throwback to the 16-bit era, and this farm represents the game well.

8 This Is What My Farm Becomes After 2 Years :D

It's easy to believe that it took 2 years to build this farm since Stardew Valley requires dedication.  The meandering river is a nice feature of the farm. At least this farm has the layout needed for building.

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This farm has the right idea and may look impressive in another 2 years. But for now, we can admire the farm for what it is and what it could be. Credit goes to Reddit user Bombyftw91 for creating this farm, even if it's bare in comparison to other farms in this list.

7 Best Farm... So Far

The number of steps required to maintain this farm must be in the tens of thousands. For most people, building a farm that offers the most efficiency is desirable—especially considering Stardew Valley characters have small feet.

This farm has aesthetic appeal, but it is by no means efficient. With that said, we can tell that hours and hours of labor went into ensuring this farm has large output. Despite its painstaking flaws, this farm can be appreciated for its water features.

6 It's All About The Aesthetics

There is an exuberant mix of trees found inside this Stardew Valley farm. This farm's creator proves that it's not all about maximum output, but trees can add to a farm. Still, this person has an advanced farm that has a large scale.

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With farms built on acres of land, there is no telling what one's farm might look like when they are finished. The small lake near the bottom boundary gives it a much-needed spot for self-reflection.

5 Sugarhound Farm

This is farm would be the most ideal for settling down and enjoying a peaceful farming life. The size of the farming land is not overbearing. The farm gives us a sense of something from the suburbs but is definitely a land from an agricultural zone. The house is white and beautiful, and everything is positioned smartly.

Sugarhound Farm is a farm fit for any Stardew Valley resident, and it can't be said enough how great this farm is. It's been a while since we've seen a farm this close to perfection.

4 Thriving Despite The Cold Weather

A farm of this scale can grow during the winter season. The frozen pond is a beautiful addition to this farm that has a tremendous amount of crops. It could use more trees, but some will like it regardless.

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The creator of this farm has a proclivity for building sheds. Why not? Sheds can be filled with whatever items for increased productivity. Farming in Stardew Valley doesn't have to be painstaking work. As long as you plan your farm accordingly, those harvests will be the last thing you worry about.

3 Awe-Inspiring Farm Layout

All the buildings and the farmland is organized neatly in this loveable layout. The amount of output is very high, and there are enough sheds to add to productivity.

Some of the buildings could have been placed near the interior and lower sides of the farm, which may be its biggest flaw. Still, when one isn't doing backbreaking farm work, one can sit and reflect by the farm's only lake. This farm gets bonus points for having the most crops.

2 Farm On The Water. Finally Happy

Samuel Taylor said, "Water, water, every where,. Nor any drop to drink." We don't know for sure if this farm is built on top of fresh or salt water, but we do know that it took tons of wood to make all those bridges.

This network of farms is one of the most complicated of all time. The source coding for this farm must be equally as complex. It has all the features of an advanced farm built on top of a water labyrinth.

1 The Shire

The scale of this map is ridiculous. It is an absurd amount of land for a farm. It goes to show that hard work and dedication pays off. Instead of being near significantly large bodies of water, this farm's creator made good use of most the land.

Its greenhouse and other farming buildings are excellently placed to maximize the given space. And their house is like something from out of Lord of the Rings? This Stardew Valley world rocks!

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