Update On Stardew Valley Multiplayer Patch; Waiting On Text Translations

Fans of the smash-hit farming simulator Stardew Valley have received some very promising news about the game's newest update. It seems as though Stardew Valley's highly-anticipated mutliplayer mode is going to be arriving much sooner than we originally thought. For the uninitiated, Stardew Valley is an indie farming and role-playing game that was released in early 2016. In Stardew Valley, players have the chance to design their own farm, develop relationships with the locals, and engage in seasonal in-game events. Stardew Valley is wildly popular, and is considered to be one of the best-selling titles on Steam of all time.

After the game became an overnight success, ConcernedApe, the game's main developer, promised that a multiplayer version of this beloved title was already in the works. On February 15th, ConcernedApe released a statement on the official Stardew Valley website regarding the upcoming multiplayer update to this game.

According to the game's developers, all of the main work for the update is already done, and the text from the finished game has been sent to be translated into several different languages for the international release of this title.

via: Store.Steampowered.com

ConcernedApe's developer blog also mention that right now, the development team is focused on finding and patching existing bugs within the game. After a period of vigorous QA testing, ConcernedApe plans on a limited Beta release of the game to the public. Although there has not been an official release date slated for this game, ConcernedApe and his distribution company ChuckleFish have both stated that they are hopeful for an early Spring release.

It's still not clear what kinds of specific changes are going to happen in the new update for Stardew Valley. The actual details of the multiplayer mode of this game have been heavily kept under wraps. In regards to the new features of Stardew Valley's updates, ConcernedApe's blog has this to say:

"When the beta gets closer to launch, I’ll fill you guys in on more specifics as to how multiplayer will work, as well as a more complete list of the new features in the update."

If you're too impatient to wait for the multiplayer release of Stardew Valley, or if you prefer playing solo, you can already pick up a copy of this game on all of the major consoles, as well as on PC through Steam.

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