Stardew Valley Gets Its Long-Awaited Update For PC Later This Month (Console and Mobile to Follow Soon)

The new update for Stardew Valley is almost here, and the game's creator shared some of the new items and events.

Stardew Valley, the farming role-playing game/dungeon-crawler/marriage simulator, has a new update in the works planning to release on PC on November 26th, and on console and mobile in the weeks following. Eric Barone (aka ConcernedApe), the creator of Stardew Valley, announced the release date on the Stardew Valley Developer Blog on November 12th. Barone has been teasing the update on his Twitter for quite a while now, this new development expected to increase the "quality of life" in the game, as well as add some major assets.

via ConcernedApe on Twitter

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Barone has periodically released sneak peeks on Twitter over the last year, from a new farm map called "Four Corners" (shown above) and "separate money" option in multiplayer mode, to fish ponds that allow you to raise fish and collect their eggs, or roe. The PC version of the game will also include the ability to screenshot your entire farm, or another entire area of the map, if you so desire.

via ConcernedApe on stardewvalley.net

However, Barone has much more in store for Stardew fans. The free content update also includes a 14-heart event for every spouse in the game (time to marry everyone again), as well as some bug fixes and an upgrade to the "Wild Bait," an item that you could learn to craft by building a friendship with Linus from Pelican Town, but essentially didn't serve much of a purpose. With the update, Wild Bait will now increase the chance of doubling the amount of fish you catch.

via ConcernedApe on Twitter

From the various photos Barone has released so far, we can also see that there seems to be different styles for the dogs and cats in the game, as well as new outfits for the playable character.

The rest of the content included in the update is still under wraps, and it looks like that may be all of the sneak peeks we're getting until the update's release on November 26th (still hoping that the children will grow up past the toddler stage - move out already!).

You can buy Stardew Valley on any of the websites listed here.

Source: ConcernedApe

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