Stardew Valley's Next Massive Free Update Is Coming In Under 24 Hours

Stardew Valley is set to receive a massive free update tomorrow.

Indie farm-simulator Stardew Valley released nearly 4 years ago, but developer ConcernedApe has kept the free content updates coming. Luckily for fans, the next of these content updates will launch for PC tomorrow morning.

This latest content update, dubbed version 1.4, adds a slew of new features with many focused on improving the multiplayer added in patch 1.3. The new update will also bring a new map called "Four Corners" that is intended for multiplayer farms. Co-op play is getting the ability to allow farmers to have separate gold balances (so you can keep your friends from squandering your Fall profits).

In addition to multiplayer fixes, 1.4 brings a Fish Pond building to your farm -which allows you to raise and collect fish-, some new hairstyles, stackable signs and chests, and new 14-heart events for romantic interests. You can even grab a screenshot of your farm in one massive image. ConcernedApe said the update would also contain new endgame content but didn't elaborate to avoid spoiling anything.

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While the 1.4 update will be playable on PC starting tomorrow, console and mobile players will have to wait. ConcernedApe said on his blog he'd like to simultaneously release the update on consoles and mobile "within a couple of weeks." For now, we'll just need to be patient.

In case you've been out of the loop, the 1.3 multiplayer update brought co-op play to PC and consoles earlier this year. It also brought several other changes with it. A new Night Market event sees a traveling festival sell various wares for three days in Winter and adjusts the townspeople's schedules accordingly.

Players also have the option to build Pam a house after they have fully upgraded the farmhouse and completed the Community Center. There are new events for players who are at max hearts with all the bachelors/bachelorettes, the ability to change professions, and secret notes between the bus stop and the farm during the Winter season. It's a plethora of content that greatly expands the core experience.

Sources: ConceredApe, Twitter

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