Less Than A Year Later, Starlink Discontinues The Toys And Goes Digital Only

Ubisoft stated that sales for Starlink were not amazing, and that going forward, no more toys will be produced.

The toys-to-life genre continues to fade, with Disney Infinity and Skylanders dropping in popularity. Last year saw the release of Starlink: Battle for Atlas, a space shooter that sought to breathe new life into the genre. Unfortunately, the game was not the commercial hit that Ubisoft was hoping for.

In a recent blog post, Ubisoft stated that sales for Starlink were not amazing, and that going forward, no more toys will be produced.

"Despite the immense and continuous support from our players, the sales for Starlink: Battle for Atlas fell below expectations. Consequently, we recently made the decision to not release any additional physical toys for the Spring update and in the future."

Starlink's toy mechanic was interesting, being able to swap out weapons instantaneously. If you wanted to test out a new weapon, you'd just take off the one on the ship, and snap the other one in. It's a great concept for strategy. However, when it comes to the toys, arguably their downfall was the price. If you wanted to buy more starship physical packs, for example, one would cost $24.99. That's a hefty price for what was given.

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As for the actual game, probably a big reason why it didn't sell well was the middle-of-the-road critical response. On Metacritic, Starlink's highest rating comes from the Xbox One version, with a score of 78. That's definitely solid, but perhaps not solid enough to encourage buying toys for. Starlink's Starter Edition for Switch launched with a price tag of $74.99. On Amazon, you can buy it for just $24.99 now. Massive price drops like that typically mean something is not selling.

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In our review of Starlink, we mentioned that the core gameplay was very solid, featuring intense shooting sequences. However, a problem was the repetitive nature of the missions. Players travel to different planets and do pretty much the same things. There was little surprise or innovation in the missions. The Switch version did shake things up with having Star Fox content. Controlling the Arwing and fighting off Wolf was the closest Star Fox experience on Switch at that point in time. Soon, we'll be getting more Star Fox in an update. Ubisoft promises other stuff too, such as Outlaw Racing, showing that the company still plans to support the title despite mediocre sales.

Starlink: Battle for Atlas is available for Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Xbox One.

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