Stars Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Needs Jar Jar Binks DLC

Though most Star Wars fans loathe him, there's a legitimate argument to be made that DLC featuring Jar Jar Binks isn't a bad idea.

There's a strong chance that you're currently in a state of shock, disbelief, and possibly outrage after reading the title of this article. Are we seriously suggesting that the absolute dirt-worst character in the Star Wars franchise deserves to not only show up in Fallen Order but also have an entire DLC campaign based around him? Since when did TheGamer allow deranged lunatics to write for them?

Yet, there's a legitimate argument to be made that DLC featuring Jar Jar Binks isn't a bad idea. In fact, it might even be a good one. There's a surprisingly solid case to be made that due to the time period that Fallen Order takes place in and the ambiguous fate of our least favorite Gungan, a bit of story DLC could wind up being a worthwhile addition to Respawn's Jedi adventure.

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Why It's Probably Not Going To Happen

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Because it's Jar Jar Binks.

That answer alone is enough explanation as to why this idea will likely never come to fruition. The character is almost universally reviled, with only small children and people who were small children when the prequels came out having any affinity for this living embodiment of ear-splitting misery. And, even then, the power of nostalgia can only go so far.

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He's loud, he's monstrously unfunny, he has a grating voice, he's ugly as sin - the list of negative qualities about Jar Jar goes on and on. He's so terrible that most of the characters in the movies can't help but openly despise him. Even the otherwise light and family-friendly Lego Star Wars franchise straight up expelled him into space and blew him up with a laser. Ever since Star Wars Episode 3: Revenge Of The Sith ended, there hasn't been a peep from him in the series, only making small appearances in comics with questionable canonical validity or memes about his Sith Lord credentials.

On top of that, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is a game made by EA about a property owned by Disney. There's little else these two corporations care about more than profits and making content about Jar Jar Binks is a license to print money... and then throwing it in the trash.

So yeah, he's not popular. However, this lack of love doesn't mean there isn't some rich story material to be mined from his existence.

Why It Should Happen

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So, he's an idiotic bumbling googly-eyed clown. What could you possibly do with him that would make for good DLC? Well, we know that Jar Jar is a relatively good person, just incredibly naive and dumb. And what did this silly well-intentioned buffoon do? He unknowingly allowed the Empire to rise up and conquer the galaxy. 

Jar Jar Binks may not be solely responsible, but it was his speech to the Senate that inspired them to turn over emergency power to Chancellor Palpatine thus making him Emperor Palpatine. While it isn't given much time in the movie, this event is what allows the Empire to become a dystopian force of destruction that wipes out the Jedi order. Jar Jar is partially liable for letting the Empire commit mass genocide.

You have to imagine that's the kind of "uh-oh mistaken" that would traumatize and scar someone. You know who else might have been affected by that? How about a certain Padawan whose Master was killed because of the infamous Order 66?

How The DLC Could Play Out

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We don't know much of what happens to Jar Jar after the Republic falls, so he could be anywhere during the time between Revenge Of The Sith and Fallen Order. As this downloadable content begins, Cal could be called to a new DLC-exclusive planet that needs his help - maybe they ran out of power converters or something - and, after killing some of the local flora and fauna, he could come across a small village where a bothersome Gungan is trying to entertain the local children with his clumsy shenanigans.

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From there, it could play out in a predictable fashion. Jar Jar would declare that he knows how to help Cal, Cal would reluctantly agree to take him along, and Jar Jar would be up to his usual inane antics while Cal wonders how any sentient being could be so completely unbearable. Then, during a pivotal moment in the plot, the truth about Jar Jar's past would be revealed to Cal, and that's where the potential for this DLC lies.

We could see how Cal wrestles with having the Gungan who had a hand in ruining his life standing before him, maybe even briefly bringing out some of the Dark Side from his feelings of anger. Jar Jar could finally get some depth and character development by explaining how this one decision will haunt him for the rest of his life, especially since one of the few living friends that he has left is the dark-helmeted man leading the Emperor's campaign. We could finally get a nuanced, relatable performance from Jar Jar, one that won't necessarily redeem his reputation as the Poochie of the Star Wars universe but will at least offer something valuable to the franchise after all these years.

If we really want to mess with the canon, at some point Jar Jar could even sacrifice himself to save Cal, shutting him up for good yet perhaps allowing us a chance to feel something for him other than utter contempt.

Yes, It's A Bit Of A Stretch

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Look, this isn't an easy sell. The hate for Jar Jar Binks is so extreme that this DLC might result in negative sales for Fallen Order. There's very little chance that this could get made, and even if it did, fans would probably riot the second it was publicly announced.

However, despite that widespread resentment, making Fallen Order DLC that attempts to go into Jar Jar's tragic past could be great in the hands of Respawn and a terrific screenwriter. There are so many possibilities for narratively satisfying storytelling for both Cal and Jar Jar that could flesh out each character and provide some closure to one of the most detestable creations in the history of cinema.

You just know that EA and Disney are thinking about DLC for the game, so why not try something as out of left field as this? If they're worried about it not making money, they could just release it on April Fools Day, the one time where everyone is gullible enough to try anything no matter how stupid it is.

So, come on, Respawn, have some guts and make a Jar Jar Binks DLC campaign. After all, you somehow convinced us to play a free-to-play game from EA, so making us like Jar Jar should be a piece of cake.

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