State Of Decay 2 E3 Trailer: The Walking Dead Simulator

State Of Decay 2's E3 trailer features colony management and plenty of zombie shooting.

The State of Decay 2 trailer has been released and looks like a straight up Walking Dead simulator. Gameplay focuses on the management of a group of survivors during the zombie apocalypse.

The trailer has revealed a few of the main aspects of gameplay that State of Decay 2 will focus on, including survivor and stronghold management, melee and gun combat, and running over zombies in muscle cars.

The trailer begins with a ragtag group of survivors making their way through residential streets crowded with the roaming undead. They fight their way to a military compound, commandeer the one remaining jeep, and make off into the countryside. Along the way they rescue another survivor cutting herself out a horde of zombies, and they decide to make a stronghold out of an abandoned church. The survivors start to craft a safe house; small rows of crops grow in planters, a lone survivor inventories an outdoor supply cache, and survivors’ personal effects are scattered in between the cots of a makeshift sleeping quarter. There is also mention of the choice to kill or cure infected party members, adding a unique mechanic to successfully surviving the apocalypse. The trailer also highlights some gameplay showing the death of the main survivor the audience had been following and cleverly switching the narration to another survivor in the group. If one thing can be taken from the State of Decay 2 trailer, it’s this: life is cheap in the zombie apocalypse.

Via: youtube.com (Xbox)

State of Decay 2 might be the closest that gamers will be able to get to living out their Walking Dead fantasies. Scavenging looks to be full of peril, with swarms of zombies hungrily searching for survivors around the clock while they carefully navigate abandoned buildings. A variety of enemy types make an appearance as well, including super fast zombies that travel on all fours, to bloated zombies that emit a toxic goo in a violent spray when shot in their swollen bellies. Vehicles also make a return, allowing bands of survivors to travel quickly and bulldoze any zombies that happen to stumble into their path.

The game looks promising, letting gamers fulfill whatever zombie apocalypse scenarios their hearts may desire. The ability to recruit new survivors to help scavenge and fortify your stronghold also looks fun if the trailer’s portrayal of safe house management is any indication of the mechanic in the finished game.

Look out for State of Decay 2 in Spring 2018 for Xbox One and Windows 10.

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