State Of Decay 2 Heads To Steam In Early 2020

State of Decay 2 will be releasing on Steam in early 2020, according to State of Decay series developer Undead Labs.

State of Decay 2 will be releasing on Steam in early 2020, according to State of Decay series developer Undead Labs.

In a tweet sent out by Undead Labs, it was announced that the post-apocalyptic game originally released in 2018 will be making its way to Steam early in the year of 2020. The tweet can be seen below.

On the official website for State of Decay, it is explained that Undead Labs is a "fan-first studio" and is responding to a top request of fans to port State of Decay 2 to the Steam platform.

State of Decay 2 on Steam will also have cross-play with Xbox Live, "enabling you to play with up to three friends across your platforms of choice (Steam, Windows 10 and Xbox One)."

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Undead Labs says that onlookers should wait "for more details in early 2020." In the meantime, it is noted that there will be a relevant livestream November 25th at 6:00 PM EST. However, no further details have been divulged with respect to the livestream.

At the time of State of Decay 2's release, the game had received mixed reviews. Garnering a 69 on Metacritic, the game has been given relative praise for its gameplay mechanics but was criticized for its more dated qualities such as its presentation. Hopefully, a release on Steam might see a patch that addresses these issues. Ultimately, it is also akin to a Walking Dead simulator.

While the game isn't quite among the best zombie games of all-time, it does an admirable job of putting players in the center of the zombie apocalypse. It doesn't have the atmospheric qualities of Resident Evil nor the cinematic nature of The Last of Us. However, in terms of making a player feel as if they truly need to survive, State of Decay does a sufficient job.

As for the future of the State of Decay series, it is known that Microsoft wants to develop State of Decay 3 with Undead Labs, as well. Beyond this, no official confirmation has been made regarding a potential third iteration in the series. However, in the meantime, Steam users who have yet to play State of Decay 2 can look forward to its 2020 release.

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