Steam Controller On Sale For A Measly Five Bucks

The Steam Controller is now available at a big discount of 90%. The controller, which is normally available for $49.99, is now on sale for $5.00.

The Steam Controller is now available at a big discount.

Some PC gamers prefer a variety of playstyles and methods when playing their favorite exclusives and third-party titles, often turning to the conventional mouse and keyboard setup. However, other players prefer a more traditional console experience when playing PC games with console a controller. As such, look no further than the discounted Steam Controller on Steam.

Currently, the Steam Controller has been considerably discounted on Steam at $5.00. This is 90% from its usual price of $49.99, which many players already thought was a decent price.

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Released in 2015, the Steam Controller has since garnered "mostly positive" reviews on Steam, with Steam user Mckracken noting that those interested "would be insane not to buy it." Meanwhile, user Wilbatron states that the controller is versatile, allowing PC gamers to use the gamepad with games that don't necessarily support the controller. This means that it is not necessarily ideal for users of the typical console controller.

The Steam Controller did receive mixed reviews with critics, however. The controller was accused of lacking user-friendliness but is more compatible than its DualShock 4 and Xbox One controller counterparts.

The controller is apparently ideal for strategy and platforming games. However, players of first-person shooters and other first-person titles would be better off with a different controller or the regular mouse and keyboard.

At $49.99, the controller was still a bargain compared to other options, but at $5.00, it is a deal few gamers want to miss. For those looking for a traditional console experience on PC, the Xbox One and DualShock 4 controllers are probably better options, even though they offer less versatility. However, at such a low price, it's tough to turn down the ability to play Steam games with the company's own controller.

The sale on the Steam Controller is part of a special promotion that will end on December 3, 2019, so it would be best to purchase sooner rather than later. Alternatively, if you know someone with a PC setup who would like to try out a new console, this would make a great stocking-stuffer at its current price.

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