Steam Leak Says Obsidian's The Outer Worlds Is Out On August 6th This Year

Obsidian’s The Outer Worlds is one of the most highly anticipated games of the year. The chance to wander around in a new environment from the developers of Fallout: New Vegas has many fans salivating at the possibilities. And now we may have some idea of when the game is set to release.

Thanks to a potential Steam leak on website SteamDB, it seems like The Outer Worlds could be prepared to drop on August 6th of this year. Now granted this information should be taken with a decent sized grain of salt as nothing has been officially confirmed. Still, it’s possible that this date was prematurely leaked before the proper marketing materials could be prepared, and could in fact be true.

It also wouldn’t be the worst time to release, seeing as there’s not many other major game releases currently scheduled for this summer. The only confirmed August release date so far is for Shenmue 3, but that’s not due until August 27th. And with its history of delays, even that may only be a tentative release date. So if this leak is true, The Outer Worlds may have picked a rather cozy spot to release, dead center of the usual summer games drought. A perfect opportunity to stand out, barring of course any kind of Apex Legends-esque surprise launch.

The Outer Worlds is being touted as a return to the kind of open world RPG that Obsidian have made their name on. Fallout: New Vegas has had a major fan following for years now, with many praising it for its great story telling and dialogue options. Bethesda itself hasn’t truly been able to top New Vegas in terms of personality or narrative. It also appears like they didn't care much for Obsidian's style, as their working relationship with Obsidian seemingly ended after the game was finished and released.

Now Obsidian has been quick to tell fans to manage their expectations somewhat. They’ve referred to The Outer Worlds as more of a AA game than a AAA game, and they’ve been clear that they weren’t aiming to create a massive world on the level of an Elder Scrolls or Fallout game. Instead it’s being marketed as more of a smaller but more detailed world for players to explore. Nevertheless, many are still very hyped for the game, especially since Bethesda’s latest offerings haven’t been up to par with Obsidian’s more beloved projects.

If the leak is accurate and The Outer Worlds does release this August, it’s fairly possible that the game could be a big hit. It’ll be coming out towards the tail end of the summer, without a ton of competition and around the time most gamers will be craving an immersive, indoor experience.

All they need to do is release a competent, fun to play game with a somewhat engrossing story. If they can manage that, then they will have already done more than Bethesda has in quite some time.

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