Steam Previews Its Massive Library Page Overhaul At GDC

Valve has been under fire lately due to controversies surrounding the games that it allows on its Steam service. It's also facing stiff competition from the Epic Games Store, which is snapping up exclusives and winning favor from both fans and pundits alike.

The time has come for Steam to strike back, which it seems to be doing by fighting razzle with dazzle, as it was announced today that the Steam library is going to be receiving a redesign and it will have new features integrated into the service.

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The redesign of the Steam library was shown today at GDC 2019 by Aiden Kroll of Valve (via. Kotaku) during a press pre-briefing. When the Steam redesign is launched, every player's library will change so that the Friends Activity bar will be moved to the right-hand side of the screen and will show what games they are playing at that moment, which can also be used to connect to them in multiplayer titles. A module showing recently played games will be added to the top of the page, while a second module showing game updates will be added below that, and the game list will now include large thumbnail images for each title in the center of the screen.

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An Events page is also coming to Steam that will keep track of all upcoming special events in the games owned by the player, including tournaments and updates. It will also be possible for players to receive messages concerning upcoming events and they will be able to tailor the method in which they will receive them, such as by email or text message.

The tags system is also being applied to a player's personal collection of games, rather than being restricted to the store, which will allow people to use the tags to more efficiently sort their games.

The complaints levied towards Steam of late due to the highly offensive games being allowed on the service and the stiff competition it is facing from the Epic Games Store might make the announcement of a redesign of the Steam library seem comparable to throwing deck chairs off the Titanic, but it shows that Valve has finally been rattled enough to start taking action by adding long-requested features to Steam. Valve has been the only game in town for so long that it has grown complacent and the upcoming changes to Steam are a good place to start in revitalizing the platform.

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