Steam Summer Sale Leaks, Starts Today

Prepare to empty your pockets; the Steam Summer Sale 2019 is reportedly kicking off later today (June 25th). The twitter account Steam Database noticed the leaked dates on a Chinese Steam community page, then proceeded to confirm the information with several other sources. Expect the sale to start today at 10AM (PST) and run until the first week of July.

This news doesn't surprise many people in the industry, as Steam's annual sale has always started at the end of June nearly every year since its inception. Valve offers hundreds of games on the platform at a discount, including many new releases. For example, last year saw high profile titles such as Fallout 4 and The Witcher 3 go on sale. Typically, there is a "theme" surrounding the sale, such as "Summer Camp" or "Summer Getaway", and new games are put on sale each day based on these concepts. Valve also likes to include special trading cards or mini-games as an incentive to buy new titles or play existing ones.

There are big hopes this year, however, as Steam tries to fend off the Epic Games Store, which launched late last year. Beyond all the controversy surrounding Epic's Digital platform lies a serious competitor to Steam, and Valve knows it. Expect big savings on the biggest titles of the year.

The Epic Games Store has been offering fantastic games at a discount in an attempt to lure users away from Steam, including titles such as Borderlands 3 and The Division 2. They are even giving away one free game a week until 2020. Outside of these fantastic deals, they are also reportedly offering developers a larger percentage of sales made on their platform compared to competitors. The Epic Games Store may not have the massive library of Steam, but they certainly have plenty to offer customers.

Steam's massive catalog is the reason the Summer Sale is big news every year. Regardless of what game you are looking for, it's a safe bet that Steam has it, and it will be available for a discount. Many users will walk away with dozens of new games for the price of one.

The Steam Summer Sale is set to kick off in a few hours, so be sure to check out the savings on the official website.

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