Steam Summer Sale: 10 Deals You Need To Know About

The Steam Summer Sale is here, so prepare your wallets and check out our list of the very best deals available.

It is nearly the end of June which means two things; it’s time for the annual Steam Summer Sale and you need to get your credit card limit upped until July 5th. You hear millions of gamers’ wallets screaming out in agony as debit cards melt, cash spontaneously combusts, and Gabe Newell sits on a throne made of bitcoin, laughing manically as the profits roll in like angry message board posts demanding Half Life 3. At this, he also laughs.

The Steam Summer Sale is a great time to buy games you don’t need so that you can never play them, but you have them and that’s what matters, right? You’re saving money by buying games on sale that you’ll never play. It makes too much sense not to buy at least a few dozen games so that your backlog is hopelessly long, requiring many lifetimes just to play every game. I bought ten games just in the process of perusing the deals for this article because I am weak.

AAA titles, Indies, you name it; it’s probably on sale. Even though there is a bunch of chaff to sift through if you really want to find the gems, there are a few deals that you simply can’t miss this summer. Ten to be exact, but don’t worry! You don’t have to do any work; we’ve got your back. Below are ten deals that you can’t afford to not know about during the Steam Summer Sale.

Torchlight 2

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An excellent Diablo clone with enough character to set it apart from the rest, Torchlight 2 really deserves your attention, especially when it’s on sale for a measly $4.99. Even though it emulates the Diablo series, Torchlight 2 is easily better than Diablo 3, offering unique classes, tight dungeon spelunking action, and all the inventory management you’d expect from a game that emulates the king of inventory management. For $5 you’re getting hundreds of hours of hack n’ slash dungeon crawler that’ll run smoothly on the most outdated of desktops or laptops.

Darkest Dungeon

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A brutally difficult dungeon crawler per se, Darkest Dungeon is a masochists dream. Tactical turn-based battles await four heroes who are all afflicted by numerous negative and positive psychological effects that affect their sanity. As you dive deeper into the beautifully crafted dungeons, you’ll struggle to control paranoid party members that refuse to be healed, or selfish characters that steal the contents of any treasure chest you open. All this coupled with the unforgiving combat and permadeath mechanic make Darkest Dungeon a must have for any fan of difficult games, especially when you can snag it for $9.99.


An excellent action RPG that has received over 100 different industry accolades, Transistor should be in your Steam library already. From the makers of Bastion, another critically acclaimed action RPG, Transistor takes what was so good about its predecessor and makes it that much better. Player’s can mix and match abilities absorbed for your weapon, with no two combinations ever being quite the same. Half the fun of Transistor is just seeing what crazy concoctions you can put together for use in combat. In addition to the combat, the game is absolutely gorgeous, set in a brilliantly realized Sci-Fi universe. For an outlandish $2.99, Transistor deserves your time.

Dark Souls III

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Not many gamers need an introduction to the Dark Souls games, in fact I’m pretty sure that if you’ve picked up a controller or mouse in the last ten years, you’ve encountered the series in some respect. Although some would deem the games too hard, the real appeal of the game is overcoming challenge and creating your own tales of survival in the face of, what can seem on your thirtieth attempt, impossible odds. Dark Souls III is easily the best in the series and can be scooped up for $23.99. Praise the sun!

Shadow Of Mordor

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One of the best entries in the Lord Of The Rings series of video games, Middle-Earth: Shadow Of Mordor is a fun romp through the Orc and Uruk infested lands of Middle-Earth in an attempt to overthrow Sauron and his many lackeys. Brutal executions, an intricate Nemesis system, and beautifully crafted environments and characters make it any Tolkien fan's wet dream. The game is on sale for a mind blowing $3.99, easily making it one of the best deals so far for this year’s Steam Summer Sale.

Hotline Miami Series

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The Hotline Miami games are some of the best indie games ever made. Featuring a bass pumping soundtrack, trippy neon visuals, and a stomach-churning level of gore and violence, the Hotline Miami games deserve to be played by everyone. The levels are giant puzzles full of guards, dogs, and other hazards that must be overcome by quick thinking and merciless action. Although you have to buy both games separately, together they only cost about $6.25; a serious steal for some of the best indie titles to have ever been created.

Civilization V Complete Bundle

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The definitive bundle for any Civilization V fan, this is one of the most insane deals that’s ever been offered during the Steam Summer Sale, period. The Civilization V Complete Bundle comes with the base game, plus every expansion that has ever been made for it. We’re talking fifteen game changing expansions for one of the best strategy games ever conceived. While the bundle usually costs just shy of $150, it can be purchased for a socks knocking $12.27. You could literally play Civ V every day until you died and never play the same game twice, the only constant being that Gandhi really wants to nuke you.

Strategy Game Of The Year Bundle

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The Strategy Game Of The Year Bundle features two of the best strategy games not only of the past year, but also of all time. Compared to the original price tag of $120, for an insanely affordable $41.83, you get both XCOM 2 and Civ VI, two of the few games you could easily play forever without ever installing another game again. XCOM 2 puts you in charge of a super secret ass kicking task force repelling the alien invasion and subsequent occupation of Earth. Deep, action packed strategy and tactical warfare against some of the most brilliantly realized alien foes of all time are backed by a solid base management system, making each play through a pulse-pounding race against the annihilation of the human race. Civilization VI is a Civ game in all the right ways; life drainingly addictive and a super nuke happy Gandhi.

Borderlands Take Over Your Life Bundle

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It’s called the “Take Over Your Life Bundle” for a reason; there is just so much game here. Buying the bundle nets you the original Borderlands, Borderlands 2, Borderlands The Pre-Sequel, and the Telltale Games developed Tales From The Borderlands. That is more FPS cell shaded ultra violence than you can shake a homing missile firing four-barreled shotgun at. If you have a few friends that’ll purchase along with you, you have infinite playability between the multiple classes and insane variation of weapons. If you like Co-Op shooters with a little bite and a lot of personality, look no farther than the Borderlands series. Usually priced at a wallet wounding $144.92, the entire bundle that will quite literally take over your life can be bought for an incomprehensible $26.04.

The Valve Complete Pack

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Valve used to make really, really awesome games before they got into the business of requiring gamers to pay tribute during annual Summer Sales. They redefined the first person shooter with Half Life, and again with Half Life 2. They revolutionized online shooters with Counter Strike and Team Fortress 2. They made everyone love a box with a heart on it more than their own families with the Portal series. They have literally redefined the industry every time they release a game. After all, there is a reason that Gabe Newell gets to sit on a throne of money; his company’s games helped define the entirety of the craft. When you buy the Valve Complete Bundle, you get the Counter Strike series, Day Of Defeat, Team Fortress, Half Life (and all the expansions), Half Life 2, Half Life 2 Ep.1 & Ep.2, the Portal series, the Left 4 Dead series, and all the multiplayer modes and mods associated with that. Gabe usually wants a staunch $200.81 for all the world changing goodness. But this summer, the Gabe is merciful and will let you walk with the supreme bundle for a mind-boggling $17.52. Even if you own all these games or have played them at one time or another, you need to buy this.

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