SteamWorld Quest: Hand Of Gilgamech Comes To PC On May 31 After Being A Switch Exclusive

Card-battling, deck-building RPG SteamWorld Quest: Hand of Gilgamech has received a launch date on PC of May 31 after only a few weeks as a Nintendo Switch exclusive. This is sure to be a successful and well-selling game on Steam, as the game is the fourth in the SteamWorld series by developer Image & Form and has received outstanding reviews for this latest release.

Curiously, and speaking to the skill of the developers, the four games are quite distinct from one another in genre, except for the first two. They began the series with two mining platformers, followed by a turn-based combat game, and now move into this which is best compared to another recently successful deck-builder, Slay the Spire.

While the similarities are evident between the two games, SteamWorld Quest: Hand of Gilgamech appears to target an audience that is less interested in the rogue-like, sometimes cruel gameplay that comes in Slay the Spire. One question that has yet to be answered but is of critical importance to the longevity of the game on PC is whether or not players will have access to modifying the game through the Steam Workshop once it launches.

Doing so would open limitless possibilities, from new game modes to making the game significantly more difficult for those players who relish in such challenges. At the same time, projects made there could inspire the developers for any additional DLC they may choose to release later on.

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As fans of the series know, the SteamWorld games are not sequels to each other, nor is there one unified story between them that evolves with each release. Instead, they share the same world of steam-powered robot people.

Players who enjoy deckbuilding games or who wish to learn more about them in general ought to check out Ascension on Steam. In many ways the somewhat recently refined version there is an excellent educator to the fundamentals of deck building. The recent port has had a lovely overhaul to its graphics, and now includes a full screen mode. It has the base game which is a perfect launching point, and a hearty ten expansions.

Otherwise, check out SteamWorld Quest: Hand of Gilgamech on either the Switch or on Steam at the end of the month, you won’t be sorry!

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