25 Cosplay Nintendo Is Serious About

With a company like Nintendo, you are bound to have a lot of fanfare associated with it. I mean, after all, Nintendo has created some of the most iconic characters in the gaming industry to date across all forms of genre and it’s most successful games continue to live on and continue to be played to this day. From the days of cartridges to the digital world, it’s not likely that Nintendo will fade away anytime soon. With world class titles like Mario and Fire Emblem to back them you not only get some incredible fan arts of each respectfully but also some fantastic cosplays to boot.

If you have a favorite character within the Nintendo universe. chances are there is a cosplayer out there like you with the same passion and they have created their own rendition for you to view. Want to see Samus sporting a themed outfit? There are more than a couple cosplayers that have you covered there. Want to see a gender bend of your favorite character in a completely re-imagined way? Not a problem because cosplayers have that base more than covered as well. Cosplaying some of these iconic characters is by no means an easy feat to undertake, but like many things in life, the cosplayers on this list make it look easy. Not only that, but they pull off a better real-life version of the character then perhaps the concept art. So, without further ado, here are twenty-five cosplay that Nintendo does not want you to see.

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25 Giving Peach A Run For Her Money

Via: facebook.com(supermaryface)

While our next cosplayer doesn’t post much of her cosplay anymore due to her life getting a lot busier you can still find some of her fantastic tutorials on her YouTube channel. I stumbled upon her in my search for good Daisy cosplay and found that while there are some good ones out there, they are few and far between thanks to the overwhelming amount of peach cosplays.

Supermaryface has been known for doing some pretty sweet cosplays in the past and her rendition of Daisy is no exception. She not only takes the time to match Daisy’s crown, but she also creates custom-made earrings that look like something a Mario world princess would surely wear. While Daisy might not be as popular as Peach is these days her inclusion in more games is sure to spawn more cosplays of her in the future.

24 Casting Her Spell

Via: Deviantart.com(vaxzone)

There’s good reason why so many of the older Fire Emblem games still fetch a pretty high price tag. It’s permeated through many systems and had many series spinoffs and for all intents and purposes it was and has been Nintendo’s answer to the Final Fantasy franchise. With a long list of characters with many different personalities and motives, you are sure to find a character that you can identify with.

Given the large number of characters though, there are sure to be a few that push the boundaries of what is considered tame. In the case of Tharja, who made her first appearance in Fire Emblem Awakening, there is a very public altering of her swimsuit cover to better suit American audiences. Even with this history though, Vaxzone keeps things tame while giving us a great rendition of the character.

23 What If Mario Was A Girl?

Via: facebook.com(OfficialJessicaNigri)

There have been many suggestions thrown Nintendo’s way about how to go about creating a game where Peach saves Mario to flip the series on its head, but some cosplayers go a step further and change the gender of the games most iconic characters. In the case of Mario and Luigi alike, there is an almost endless supply of cosplayers doing just that.

Jessica Nigri is far from a stranger to the cosplaying world and she’s not just popular in the US where she was born, but all over the world. She burst onto the scene thanks in large part to her cosplay of Pikachu, but she’s made a ton of fantastic cosplays sense then that have kept the world buzzing. One such cosplay deals with her flipping the script on Mario and given her own interpretation of what the plumber would look like as a female.

22 And His Brother Too

Via: flickr.com(coganerd)

As mentioned before, you don’t have to search too hard to find an imagined version of some of your favorite Nintendo characters as females and just like Mario, there are plenty of Luigi cosplayers doing the same. Our next cosplayer, Hiiragi Mayon, is from Japan and though she doesn’t update her current social media with the cosplay she’s been doing as of late, her fans have commissioned a fan page and had her post through there.

Given the fact that her large amount of current fame came thanks in part because of her Luigi cosplay, it’s hard to leave her off the list here. She is currently a model and so you will find more post related to her photoshoots are personal life through her various social media, but her Luigi photographer, as well as her fan page, stay up to date on her cosplay.

21 Cheerful Thoughts

Via: Twitter.com(kayybearxo)

There is a ton of Pokémon fanart out there of about every character you could think of from the series, but Olivia is one that doesn’t seem to get near as much attention as you would think. Even though that’s the case in the fan art world it is not the case in the cosplay world and you can find some of the most breathtaking versions of her on there that are very true to life for her character.

When it comes to cosplaying, Kay Bear is no slouch and you can find her twitter riddled with incredible cosplays of some of her favorite characters. She’s not one to be afraid to go into the more risqué territory of cosplaying though, so don’t be surprised to see some more adult versions through her Instagram and Twitter feed. She makes all her own costumes too so you know she’s serious about cosplaying.

20 Mystifying Before The Sunset

Via: Deviantart.com(JubyHeadshot)

When you think about Pokémon, aside from Ash and Brock, the person that probably enters your mind first is Misty. Even those who don’t know the series all that well know who those three characters are and it’s no surprise then that you see so many great cosplays of her riddled throughout the internet. You can find any alteration or any version that you are looking for with a simple search.

One cosplayer from Spain, JudyHeadshot, has a whole host of cosplays that push into the more risqué territory, but her version of Misty is far from that. She goes into a lot of effort to create a good pose while also setting it to a great background that fits well and if you look through her other cosplays you will find this as well.

19 Ready For Action

Via: Deviantart.com(DanielleDeNicola)

Metroid is an iconic game series to be sure and it can’t really be beaten by any other game on the market of the same genre. It is one of my all time favorites and I am not ashamed to admit that I spent hours and hours playing it and enjoyed every second. Like Megaman, Metroid mixes the perfect blend of puzzles and epic action in a way that makes you want to play more.

When it comes to Samus Aran there are hundreds upon hundreds of cosplays to pool through for this list and you get just about every version you could think of. Some cosplayers went the rout of body paint to create a more realistic model of Samus, but DanielleDeNicola does this through her amazing custom bodysuit that matches perfectly. The custom armbands and the gun really help to bring the entire depiction home in a wonderful way.

18 Luring You In

Via: Deviantart.com(LolainProgress)

If you’re looking for a reason to be impressed by what some cosplayers can do to bring characters to life, you should look no further then the versions of Midna from Twilight Princess that are out there. There are a ton of them and each has its own unique design and take on what the character should really look like.

In the case of cosplayer LolainProgress, you can find this marvelous version complete with an incredible action shot of her long cape. She hails from the United Kingdom and has detailed step by step progress of each one of her cosplays on her Facebook page. At the bottom of this particular cosplay, as with her others on her Deviantart page, she goes through explaining why she chooses to do this particular character while also thanking everyone who made it possible.

17 Do A Barrel Roll

Via: alpha.wallhaven.cc

Here we are again with another installment of a gender bend of a well known Nintendo character. This time it deals with Fox McCloud of Star Fox fame. While there is a lot of argument about what the best game in the entire series is. there is no doubt that the characters have stayed dear to the hearts of many. Due to this, it was only a matter of time before a female rendition of the lead came about.

With one as good as this one is it shouldn’t surprise you to learn that once again Jessica Nigri has made her way onto the list. Given the limited amount of versions that closely match it as well as this one it should be noted that she adds more detail to the visor then most cosplayers seem to.

16 Striking A Stoic Pose

Via: Deviantart.com(Rubyfia)

As with many games, in the case of the Avatar from Fire Emblem, there is a male and female version of the character to choose. While this is the case when it comes to cosplay, there are far more female versions of the Avatar than there are of the male counterpart. Given the complexity of the clothing and the armor as well as the color contrast it is amazing how well some cosplayers manage to pull it off.

Speaking of which, Rubyfia is one of those cosplays that puts painstaking detail into pulling off a good copy of the character. She gets pretty much every piece of the armor right here, right down to the pendant and the lining of gold around the specific pieces of the armor itself. She hasn’t done a ton of cosplay to speak of, but each one she has done is done justice.

15 In Deep Contemplation

Via: facebook.com(ElyRenae)

If you have played Zelda then you are no doubt aware of Ganondorf Dragmire. While I have seen some pretty incredible versions of him through my searches, it was the gender bend versions of him that I just couldn’t pass up mentioning here. It’s always interesting to see how people can see a character as a different gender and I think that many of the renditions do a great job of staying true to the original intent of the designers of the character.

Take, for instance, elyrenae’s version that takes the complexity of the armor and recreates it in a way that is very believable. Sure enough, she could have just created the same armor and ware it, but it’s going to the length of completely re-imagining the character that makes it worth mentioning here. She goes full circle while pulling off the character well.

14 Making Her Move

Via: Yayahan.com

What do you get when you collide a talented costume designer and model with the incredible characters of Fire Emblem? Why, you get some ultra terrific cosplays, that’s what. Yaya Han wasn’t always into cosplay, but according to her bio, she got into it thanks to being introduced to it at an anime expo in 1999. Ever since then, she’s been cosplaying a multitude of characters and shocking the internet with her accurate portrayals.

When it comes to Camilla from Fire Emblem, she makes short work of it and pulls it off remarkably in a way that is both awe-inspiring and sensible. The best part about her though is the amount of detail she goes into her reasoning for selecting each character as well as how she went about creating what you see before you.

13 Shy “Girl” Cosplay

Via: dorkly.com

There are a ton of great characters that permeate themselves through many of the Mario games, but perhaps none more so than that of the Shy Guy. The design for the character seems simple on the surface, but it is that simplicity that has ingrained it into the minds of many a gamer and kept the character going strong even in the latest Mario Party installment.

When it comes to cosplay though, you don’t often think about it being a big hit, but that soon changed when some cosplayers tried their hand at it. One such cosplayer from the United States who goes by Byndo Gehk does just that and many more cosplays that you can find all over her Deviantart and other social media. She’s been doing cosplay for years and does everything from Final Fantasy to League of Legends as well as some anime.

12 Hey Listen

Via: Deviantart.com(MartinWongArts)

Anyone who’s played Zelda, and in particular The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, knows how annoying Navi can be with her constant “hey listen” prompts throughout the game. They are so annoying, in fact, that it has spawned many a video about the subject and has even caused others to create hour-long compilations of Navi saying just that over and over.

This is perhaps the major reason why Lindsay Elyse pokes fun at the whole issue while cosplaying Navi and holding a sign saying “Hey! Listen!” Her costume fits Navi perfectly and she’s sure to thank her costume designers and photographers every chance she gets on each cosplay she does. Her facebook boasts over one million followers and is filled with some awesome cosplays so if you are looking for more of her you should check it out.

11 Contemplating The Coming Battle

Via: Pinterest.com(Zalaria Cosplay)

When making a list of Nintendo cosplays it’s hard to not have more than one entry involving Tharja given the intense amount of fantastic cosplays that are out there for her. There are many different versions with slight variations to the character, but Madison Kennedy does a superb job of capturing the essence of Tharja with just one photo. You can see her attention to detail from head to toe right down to her gold colored heels and leg bands.

Taking a look at her Instagram, you can see many of her past and present cosplays and you quickly realize that she has no problem with pushing boundaries. She takes a lot of inspiration from her fellow artists and her Wonder Woman cosplay is something else to behold.

10 The BA From Space

Via: Reddit.com(Holy Wolf)

You couldn’t have possibly thought that I was going to start rounding out this list without including more Samus, did you? No, of course, you didn’t and there’s good reason she’s here twice, not just because she’s a badass, but because there are so many cosplays of her that are spot on. As I mentioned before you can pretty much find any version of her from the games that you could imagine and this next one is proof of that.

Holly Wolf is known for her adult modeling work, including that of Playboy, but she has quickly made a name for herself on the cosplay circuit by carrying out her aforementioned passion. She takes her cosplaying seriously and tries her best to match the characters she portrays to a tee.

9 Mario Hit The Gym


Given the amount of cardio and the amount of strength that it must take Mario to transverse his way through many worlds it’s hard to image that he would stay the shape he was in for long. After all, it would be hard to keep up with all his various enemies and make it in time to save Princess Peach if that was the case.

In thinking about this a bit there are many cosplayers that buck the notion that Mario wouldn’t have eventually buffed up thanks to all the cardio and you can find a few renditions of male cosplayers given their own interpretations of what Mario should actually look like by this time. While I don’t know this particular cosplayers name he does a great job of giving you a pretty badass transformation of Mario.

8 Bowser Is That You???

Via: Pinterest.com

Lilla Bee has had a strong showing at many different cosplay events and has placed very well in the judging events and it’s easy to see why that’s the case. She hand-makes all of her costumes and tries to make them as close to the real thing as possible. She regularly interacts with her fans through her Facebook page and regularly takes their input on her cosplay ideas and asks for ways that she can improve a current cosplay.

While she has many great versions of our favorite Nintendo characters it is her Bowser cosplay that placed her on this list. The amount of paintwork that went into creating the armor as well as the attention to Bowser’s horns makes her rendition second to none. It’s easy to see why this detailed work of art won her a third place prize.

7 I Don’t Remember Cubone Like This

Via: Deviantart.com(HoroVonKaida)

With the many theories floating around that Pokémon were once human beings, it’s no surprise that the internet is chalk full of some incredible human transformations of some of our favorite Pokémon creatures. Our next cosplayer on this list hails from Greece and she does a good job of giving you a good idea what a human version may indeed look like.

To achieve this imagined cosplay she chooses to pick Cubone from the Pokemon series and take in into the direction of a sort of a primitive caveman look. I have to say that this really fits well and allows her to play with the skull mask very well. It’s worth noting too that she makes all of these costumes from scratch and provides her fans with step by step videos on how she makes each one through her Facebook page.

6 The Dance Of Summer

Via: Deviantart.com(greengreencat)

In looking at some of these cosplays it always amazes me that some of the cosplayers don’t have as strong of a following as they should have. In the case of cosplayer Pinkie Peri, this is doubly true. If you take a few moments to scan through her Facebook photos, you will see why I say that with such confidence. With the amount of exposure some of her cosplays have got as of late though, I imagine she’s on her way to becoming more popular.

While you will find a ton of Fire Emblem cosplay out there you probably won’t come across a better portrayal of what Olivia looks like than Peri’s. She’s from Austria and although she hasn’t been cosplaying as long as some of the people on my list she doesn’t lack the number of skills or experience required to create some awesome cosplays.

5 Who’s That Pokémon?!

Via: Pinterest.com(Algo Pasa Con Meri)

Yes, I know we’ve had Jessica on here twice already, but she creates such good cosplays that it’s hard not to come across another fantastic example that belongs on this list. If you ever wondered what Blastoise would like as a human female, Jessica has you more then covered in that regard. She’s more known for her Charizard rendition, but I find that this one is every bit as good as that one is.

One look at the cannons on her back and you can tell the intense amount of detail work that went into pulling this one off. She picks a good amount of color contrast too and her paint detail really helps the armor to pop out from the background. I would have liked to see a turtle shell too, but she still does a great job of bringing Blastoise to life here.

4 A New Training Regimen

Via: Deviantart.com(TPJerematic)

Of course, no Nintendo cosplay list would ever be complete without including our resident hero Link into the equation. If you ever wanted to imagine what Link would look like in a more human-like form, you don’t have to look far as there are many great cosplays showing just that.

This next cosplayer is not known and an image search doesn’t provide a lot more then what is found on his photographer’s Deviantart page, but it’s clear from the photo that they did a great job with Link’s weapons. This one is obviously a lot more into the adult category than others out there, but that doesn’t take away from the effort that went into pulling it off. It would be interesting to know just how each one of the weapons was crafted though.

3 Everything’s Peachy

Via: facebook.com(MicrokittyCosplay)

Princess Peach is easily one of the most recognizable characters from the Mario franchise even for those who are not hardcore fans of the series. She has gained a large amount of popularity and this large amount of popularity has led to an unsurprising increase in cosplays of her. One such cosplayer, by the name of MicroKitty, does Peach proud with her rendition backed by over nine years of experience.

She does a terrific job of capturing the key parts of peach’s appearance while also going out of her way to create something unique. Sticking with the Peach theme she creates a more scantily clad version of everyone’s favorite Nintendo princess without going too far overboard. Having the gloves and the custom crown is also a nice touch.

2 Link Has His Work Cut Out For Him

Via: deviantart.com(RyuuLavitz)

There are a ton of Zelda related cosplays out there and one of the most impressive as of yet is the large amount of Princess Zelda cosplay. While there are hundreds upon hundreds of pictures of Zelda, there are a few that really change the mold and idea of what the character should look like.

One such cosplayer, RyuuLavitz, does an amazing job of bringing Zelda to life while also changing her outfit enough that it shows a true uniqueness. She didn’t skimp on the details and that’s part of the reason why the character remained so like the original despite these changes. If you take a look through her facebook page you will find that she’s done practically anything and everything and you will also see that some of her other cosplays are a lot more risqué.

1 Showing Her Confidence

Via: Reddit.com

To round out my list I have to once again include Peach. When it comes to Nintendo cosplay, you are going to find an endless supply of her and as a result and it’s really hard to pick one that you think is the best because there are a ton that fit that category. Our next cosplayer remained her in a different way that sets her apart from many of the cosplayers out there and as a result, I selected it over the others I found. That being said, I am positive that you could create a list of epic cosplays for Peach alone.

Vera Baby is from Canada and while her aforementioned Peach cosplay is great there are a lot more from where that came from. While she does have quite a few tame cosplays out there like this one be forewarned that she does go into the more mature category when it comes to cosplaying.

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