24 Steamy Destiny Cosplay That Will Make You Want To Go Back To The Tower

Destiny has to be one of the biggest gaming trends in decades, and the biggest sci-fi MMO game on the market right now. Introduced to the world in 2014, Destiny is made by Bungie, the same developers who worked on Halo, and the influence of that game can be seen in all the designs throughout the game. Still, Destiny takes place in a well-developed world of its own, in which players take on the roles of Guardians, sworn to protect Earth's last safe city from the evil alien invaders that threaten to tear it apart.

It's a pretty simple plot, but it's clearly one that's appealed to a lot of people: Destiny made over $500 million on its first day alone to become the biggest new franchise launch of all time. The game was an instant hit, and since then it's spawned four expansion packs: The Dark Below, House of Wolves, The Taken King and Rise of Iron. Even more excitingly, a full-on sequel, Destiny 2, was released earlier this year to huge anticipation from fans.

As with most MMOs, it really is the fans who keep this game alive and running, and who’ve made it such a fun game world to lose yourself in. Fans of Destiny tend to get very attached, which is why the cosplay community around the game is so huge and why you can see so many people in the real world taking on the roles of their own characters in the game world. This list shows just ten of the best when it comes to cosplay, and you’ll be happy to know that this wasn't a clickbait title because most of them are super hot (although a few of them are just plain badass). On with the article!

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24 Full Metal Jacket

Via: Deanna Davis (Instagram)

What is it about full body suits that still manage to be so sexy, even without showing any skin at all? Maybe it's the way they hug certain curves and bulk other parts of the body out, but there's something about gorgeous people in full body armour which just makes them even hotter.

Deanna Davis is one of these gorgeous people, whose cosplay of a generic Titan has blown up for all the right reasons. Not only is she beautiful herself (or at least she looks it under all that face paint), but her outfit is on point and I love how talented she is with her costume design. Deanna looks amazing, powerful and gorgeous in her suit and I can't wait to see more from her!

23 Hoods Make Everything Hotter

Via: Kukuzilla (Deviantart)

The Hunter is one of Destiny's three classes, and it essentially takes on the role of the common Rogue or Thief, with high agility and a penchant for knives and sneak attacks. As such, Hunter's can be customised to the player's specifications, meaning that their cosplays are pretty open to interpretation.

One person who managed to interpret their Hunter in a unique yet faithful way is Kukuzilla. Her Hunter wears classic garb of the class which is still unique and personalized to Kukuzilla’s own character, showing off both her attention to detail and her own individual creativity. No word yet on whether they’ve recreated this character in their own version of the game, but keep an eye out and you may see them playing!

22 Straight Outta FHM

via Instagramator.com

Mara Sov is clearly a popular character in the cosplay world, because it seems as though there’s an abundance of people wanting to look like her. Alloy Ash is another one we can add to the list, and I have to say that her version of the character is probably my absolute favourite.

I think what I like about Alloy’s version of the outfit is just how low-key it is. Alloy has opted for white face paint instead of blue, her makeup is totally on trend, and it looks as though she’s even rocking her own natural hair instead of a wig. The result is a character who almost looks just like a normal human - even if those curves on Alloy are anything but normal.

21 The Hunter Becomes The Hunted

Via: Officer_Ally (Twitter)

Hunter’s seem to be a popular class in Destiny, and because of that there’s a lot of cosplays where people take on their own unique versions of the character. This one is particularly good, with a weathered and worn steampunk costume. They’ve even gone the extra step by attaching their Ghost to some kind of ring or bracelet so that it will levitate above their hand at all times.

Sadly, there was no source on the website where I found this image and I couldn’t even find it by crawling through Google. For that reason, this beautiful creation will have to remain anonymous for now, but if anyone has any clue of who this might be feel free to let us know in the comments!

20 The Figure Is Unreal


Woah. This cosplay from spaceinvaderk has a lot to look at, from the amazing hair right down to the hint of boot we can see at the bottom of the picture. The wig itself is an amazing shade of vibrant pink, which is a colour you don’t normally see in Destiny cosplays. Things just get better from then on, with some cool face paint to match the hair and an amazingly regal and dignified cape and armour combo.

Hopefully, it’s not inappropriate to say so, but I have to say that spaceinvaderk’s curves are absolutely amazing in this photograph. She’s worked hard for it and we’re all happy for her to show it off as much as she likes. Here you can see her Destiny cosplay on the left, and a more general cosplay on the right.

19 Hey, Stranger

Via: CurlyGirlCosplay (Deviantart)

The Exo Stranger is a pretty mysterious character in Destiny, made even more so because they were written out after the first game with their intentions remaining unknown. All we know is that the Stranger is an Exo who roams the wild without the aid of a Ghost, and that they are interested in the player's activity and monitor them constantly.

CurlyGirlCosplay did a pretty stellar job on their version of the Exo Stranger, especially when it comes to the mask and the weapon. We also have to give them extra points for an awesome background and a great edit. On the other hand, it’s sad that someone that gorgeous should have to hide their face behind a mask - you’ll have to check out their Deviantart page to see what lies under the disguise! Here you can see her Destiny cosplay on the left and a Borderlands cosplay on the right.

18 Wide Awake

Via: Nebulaluben (DeviantArt)

The Awoken are a human race in Destiny which players can choose to play as during character customisation screens. Unlike other races who stayed to fight, the Awoken tried to flee during the Collapse, during which time something strange happened to them to alter their physicalities forever. While choosing the race doesn't give any particular character advantages, it does give the player a blueish-grey tinged skin tone which separates the Awoken from the other races in the game.

Nebulaluben’s Hunter is definitely an Awoken, which adds a whole other element to their already great cosplay. Not only do they have to work on their outfit, but they must perfect their alien makeup and snow white hair. It might be more work, but Nebulaluben has managed to pull it off fantastically, and it’s definitely worth the extra trouble!

17 Queen Of The Awoken, Queen Of My Heart

Via: Songbird-cosplay (Deviantart)

Occasionally, you see a cosplay that looks so perfect it may as well have been Photoshopped. Such is the case with Songbird-cosplay, whose version of Mara Sov, Queen of the Awoken is pretty much picture perfect in every photo we see of it. From the costume to the props, Songbird has clearly put in a lot of detail to this cosplay to make sure it's accurate.

But the devil is really in the details, and it's the slicked hair, pale skin and vivid contacts which really bring this cosplay to the next level. In our opinion, Songbird looks even better than the original character and we wouldn’t be surprised if people took this cosplay for a CGI figure given how perfect it is!

16 Bringing Out The Big Guns

Via: Destinyinpub (Twitter)

Where do we even start with this picture? There’s so much to admire in both of these stellar cosplays that it’s hard to even find one element to focus on. To begin with, Leah on the left has done a great job of adding her own personality into that of her character’s. From the hair to the cheeky smile, she blends in right with the game world while still looking like her own person, which we love.

Then, on the right-hand side, we have an anonymous cosplayer who’s totally impressing us with his outfit. We love the distressed metal mask and the awesome gold wolf detailing on the chest. But the definite star of the show is that gun! I’m sure this is a gun from the game, but I can’t figure out which - if anyone has a clue, please let us know!

15 Rae, Is That You?

Via: Breebirds (Facebook)

It’s a testament to how cool the Destiny character customisation process is that everyone can make cosplays for their own Hunter’s, and yet each single one is incredibly different and unique. Breebirds’ version of a Hunter is pretty cool, featuring a pretty standard makeup job, a steampunky collar and then a super polished chrome looking armoured costume below.

One of my favourite things about this cosplay is that it seems to crossover two of my favourite franchises. The costume is undeniably 100% Destiny flavored, but there’s something about that hair, and Bree’s features, which remind me so strongly of Rae from the current Star Wars trilogy. I doubt it’s intentional, but at least in my mind, it adds so much interest to the entire look. Here you can see her Destiny cosplay on the let and a Game of Thrones one on the right.

14 Guardians Of The Galaxy

Via: Punished Props

Guardians are the playable characters in Destiny, and they're made up of the Human, Exo and Awoken species we've seen throughout this article. Weirdly, all Guardians are actually zombies - reanimated corpses brought to life through the power of their Ghosts.

This cosplay of a generic Guardian from Destiny has to be one of the strongest in this list, although the quality of all of them is so high that it's hard to give any of them a true ranking. My favourite thing about it is the blend of materials - from hard metal to soft fabric and then down to synthetic pouches and tough leather on the boots. This costume was clearly put together not only by a true Destiny fan, but also by an experienced designer - the handiwork is just amazing! Keep up the good work, SpicythaiDesign!

13 I’m Blue, If I Was Green I Would Die

Via: GeekXGirls.com

Another version of the lovely Mara Sov comes courtesy of Jennerz Cosplay, who to our knowledge has no relation to any other Jenner even if she’s just as gorgeous. Jennerz apparently commissioned her outfit for Mara while working on the armour herself, and the hard work definitely paid off because her entire costume is completely flawless.

What’s even more bizarre is how normal Jennerz manages to look, even given the fact that she’s completely covered her body in blue paint and is carrying a gun half the size of her leg. If it wasn’t for that and the large shoulder pads, I could totally see her walking down the street in this outfit and catching more than a few complimentary glances. Keep on killing it Jennerz!

12 Two For The Price Of One

Via: Kotaku

Someone must have set up a package deal for tough-as-nails female gaming characters, because here we have two varieties of amazing cosplay in just one photo. Karin Olava, who appears on the left, is cosplaying Petra Venj; whereas Pharamony, dressed up as Mara Sov, appears on the right.

It’s hard to pull off just one awesome cosplay, so to manage two is something super special. Both of them have perfected their outfits, and we have to wonder if their meeting was planned given how colour matched they are. Plus, we love how appearing with another character on camera forces each of the models to pose differently. We need more photos like this in our collection, so let’s pray that Karin and Pharamony hook up again real soon!

11 The Blue Blade

Via: RPF

Like most MMOs, Destiny gives players the opportunity to customise their outfits, which also entails customising their colour scheme. You can see that in this particular outfit here, designed by Merentha, which is actually pretty much identical to the last cosplay by Officer_Ally with only a colour palette change to separate it.

There are a few minor differences in the two outfits: for example, Officer_Ally holds a Ghost while Merentha holds a pretty awesome transparent knife. That's because Merentha is specifically referred to as a Bladedancer, which is a sub-class for the Hunter focused on close-ranged combat. Either way, it's amazing how two people from completely different parts of the world with different life experiences can come up with such similar ideas, united through a game.

10 Let The She-Wolf Out

Via: Amino Apps

Some cosplays are nothing more than everyday fangirls (or boys!) in cheap dress-up costumes bought for $20 off eBay. They may be fun to wear for a while, but there's no real workmanship involved that will really make people stop and stare. But other cosplays, like this one created in its entirety by Kazzy, are real works of art that need to be appreciated.

The costume, hair and makeup are all brilliant in this cosplay, but by far the star of the show is the headpiece. This headpiece is part of a larger outfit known as the Wolfswood hood, and can be found in-game as a rare drop or purchased in stores. The fact that Kazzy has replicated it so well is really something to be impressed by.

9 Werewolves Unite

Via: Pinterest

Here's another cosplay involving the infamous Wolfswood hood; and we have to say, while the last one has the steaminess on lock, this one definitely takes the cake when it comes to detail and selling a character. There's something about this Wolfswood hood in particular that looks incredibly real; and although we're sincerely hoping that isn't a real wolf’s head in this costume (the smell alone would be unbearable for everyone around them, not to get started on animal cruelty issues), we do have to wonder how they got that fur so lifelike.

There are some cosplayers who you see who are just meant to be together, and we’d be upset if the male and female Wolfswood cosplayers weren’t a couple. That said, it may be hard for them to make out with their wolves bashing tongues atop their heads.

8 Stretched Too Thin

Via: chinbeard (Twitter)

Vex are an ancient cyborg species whose sole purpose in life is to expand their race throughout the galaxy, with no thought of the damage they may inflict while doing so. They have a hive mind and so don't see an individual's death as a tragedy, but just a necessary expenditure in their journey for domination.

Goblins are the lowest form of Vex life, and attack the player character regularly with their Slap Rifles throughout the game. It's those that Bill Doran was inspired by here in this amazing cosplay. A Vex Golblin wouldn't be my first choice for a cosplay, but he's pulled it off perfectly here and totally nailed the full body armour they wear and their awkward silhouette. Suddenly, the entire Vex species is a hundred times cooler to me.

7 Intimidatingly Beautiful

Via: ask-lady-efrideet (Tumblr)

You might think it’s weird to find someone in a full-body costume with not an inch of skin on display attractive, but you clearly haven’t seen ask-lady-efrideet’s cosplay of Efrideet herself. Efrideet is a character who's renowned for her strength, and she was long thought to have died from some insane battle before she returned to the Iron Temple to prove everyone wrong.

This particular cosplay of Efrideet pretty much has her character down to a T. Not only is the outfit 100% accurate, but the cosplayer has managed to show Efrideet's personality without even opening their mouth or making any facial expressions under that mask whatsoever. She might be slightly intimidating, but Efrideet still manages to send many people’s heart aflutter and this cosplay let’s us see why.

6 Your Knight In Shining Armour

Via: FonteArt (DeviantArt)

He may not quite look like Prince Charming (I don’t think Charming’s ever quite gotten the hang of a gun), but I don’t think many girls would turn down this knight if he showed up at the doorstep to your castle.

This cosplay is of a Titan, and it does a good job of showing it. One of the classes in Destiny, Titans defend The Wall that protects The City and because of that, they specialize in armor, which is how they're often recognized. This Titan, in particular, wears an Iron Banner suit of armour, which I have to say looks pretty fetching. It’s pretty incredible just how many outfit customisations there are in Destiny, and how that can lead to so many interesting and diverse cosplays.

5 International Woman Of Mystery

Via: LitaGirl (DeviantArt)

Does anyone in Destiny actually show their face? Eris Morn is yet another masked character who has both a hood and some eye makeup to cover up her features, as well as a pretty full coverage outfit for the rest of her body. A former Hunter, Eris is now a vendor in the Tower who has so far only appeared in The Dark Below.

Eris has a pretty cool design, which is probably why she’s quite popular among cosplayers. One cosplayer who definitely did her justice was LitaGirl, who nailed the mysterious and spooky vibe that Eris gives off. It might not show the most skin, but there’s something super cool about this cosplay which keeps us coming back for more. Congratulations to LitaGirl on a job well done.

4 The Punisher

Via: Pinterest

Here’s another cosplay of a Vex Goblin, this time courtesy of Britt from the manufacturer Punished Props. It’s pretty clear that Britt is a professional at what she does, because this cosplay is insanely perfect. The smooth surface, curved lines and lack of seams on this outfit are to die for. What kind of magical industry grade machines does Britt have to achieve this effect?

The other cool thing about this cosplay is the fact that it's shot in darker lighting than the last. While it was cool to see a Vex Goblin in the comfort of someone's backyard, seeing one in an accurately industrial and gloomy looking area is even better. Most of the reason for that comes from the fact that Goblin’s have glowing lights where their mouths should be, which Britt has worked to full effect in this photo. Teach us your ways, master!

3 Your Secret Admirer

Via: Pinterest

One of the most frustrating parts of social media is the way that things can be redistributed without any acknowledgment or credit given to their creator. That’s exactly what’s happened here, because try as I might I have absolutely no idea who created this brilliant cosplay of a Hunter from Destiny.

This Hunter is particularly striking with their stoic silhouette and world-weary, hardened outfit and expression. We love the detail of the helmet in the arms as well. Thankfully, unlike 90% of the other cosplays on this list this Hunter is still showing her face, so we may have a chance to ID her. If you know who this anonymous Hunter may be, please let us know in the comments so we can give her some much-deserved credit for this beautiful work!

2 Pokémon, Or Soldier?

Via: Pinterest

There are some cosplays you look at that are beautiful, and then there's others that are absolutely breathtaking. This cosplay of a Fallen Captain may not be exactly pretty, but it does demand respect and will definitely make everyone walking past do a double take.

The Fallen are an alien species who have made it their mission to seek out and destroy the last remaining humans in the world, making them the natural enemies of the player. And of all the Fallen, the Captains are the most dangerous. They can carry pretty much any Fallen weapon, shroud themselves with an absorption shield to protect themselves, and can even teleport small distances just to make things even harder. This cosplay of a Captain is impressively grand and incredibly accurate, and we just wish we knew who the face under the mask was.

1 The Dynamic Duo

Via: DiamondMarine (DeviantArt)

Here's another amazing cosplay of Petra Venj accompanied once again by a brilliant accomplice. Petra in this photograph is cosplayed by Diamond Marine, but we have no word on who’s playing her friend, the mysterious The Speaker. Still, there's a lot to love about this amazing cosplay. Both of these people are clearly huge fans of their characters, because they've managed to nail their costumes perfectly.

Even with this attention to detail, however, it's always interesting to see how people interpret characters differently. Diamond Marine's version of Petra, for example, is much more glamorous and sophisticated than the hardened warrior we see in other photographs. She’s also gone the extra step to wear the eyepiece that isn’t always a part of every Petra costume you’ll find alone. Either way, it’s a brilliant cosplay and one they should both be very proud of!

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