Stellaris: Ancient Relics DLC Lets You Explore Your Planets' Histories

Grand 4X strategy game Stellaris is expanding again on its 3rd anniversary. Its new DLC is titled Ancient Relics and delves into the galaxy's past.

Right on the heels of the third anniversary of Stellaris and the accompanying free weekend of play to mark the occasion, a new DLC Story Pack has been announced. Stellaris: Ancient Relics is the latest planned release from Paradox, taking an interesting direction by not having players venture outwards to find new secrets, but rather, looking right beneath their noses in some cases.

Relics will be obtainable thematically by investing in archaeological expeditions, and also by general discovery as rewards for the completion of other adventures. Archaeological digs will begin stories that contain up to a total of six chapters before completion and provide ancient rewards. It is most likely that these will be used to advance current technology for a player's chosen race, or perhaps it will be a resource of its own, depending on the scale that the developers choose to go with.

In addition, two precursor races will be central to the storytelling of the new content. One is named the Zroni, a psionic race, and the other is called the Baol, resembling a hivemind. With enough work, players will visit their doomed home worlds, as well as “dead relic worlds." All of this will serve to both tell a story and provide ample relics to help expand an intergalactic empire.

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From what we know so far, Stellaris: Ancient Relics feels a bit like the opposite in theme of the DLC that released a year ago in May of 2018. The “Distant Stars” content was themed around the premise of having players unlock new, hidden star clusters with the goal of encountering new events, entities, unique systems, and anomalies.

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There is no official release date currently listed for the new DLC, but in the past, releases tend to not be too long after the announcement of new content. This would mark the seventh DLC release for the game, after the “Megacorp” expansion from late 2018. With that in mind, Paradox differentiates between full expansions like “Apocalypse” from February of 2018, and these smaller “Story Packs”, which is what “Ancient Relics” will be. The price will be about $10, based on what previous Story Pack DLCs have been sold at in the past.

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