Story-Driven Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Will Not Have Microtransactions

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order will not feature a multiplayer mode or come with any microtransactions, says Respawn Entertainment head, Vince Zampella.

The specifics surrounding the upcoming release were revealed during the Star Wars Celebration in Chicago on Saturday afternoon - and there was obviously quite a lot to discuss.

Given the way games are being made nowadays, it was probably expected that this new Star Wars title would give players the option of competing against each other via a multiplayer mode. However, Zampella has stated that it will be all story.

"This is a Jedi fantasy story game," he said, via CBR.com. "This is a story game. No multiplayer. No microtransactions."

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Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, a game set between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope, follows aspiring Padawan Cal, who survived the slaying of the Jedi during Order 66 and must steer clear of those looking for users of the Force who managed to escape. Cal accepts a dangerous job in order to remain off the radar but will have to face the "trauma of his past" as he travels through a world that is almost completely rid of Jedi.

"So you play as a Jedi on the run in training with a lightsaber and Force powers," game director Stig Asmussen explained. "We made sure that the combat was something that was easy to pick up... Combat is key for us. We call it thoughtful combat."

Cal will be played by Gotham star Cameron Monaghan, who Asmussen says is perfect for the role, as he possesses this "young Clint Eastwood quality."

"He felt really distinct... but he has this sort of grit to him," Monaghan remarked. "He's street smart and weary... but at the same time, there's this sort of optimism to him. He's ultimately a good person even though he's experienced all this tragedy."

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Cal has a droid named BD-1 who joins him on his journey.

"It's a little bit like a boy and his dog situation," Monaghan says. "Some of my favorite interactions are between BD and Cal."

The game is set for release for PlayStation, Xbox, and PC on November 15.

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