10 Strange Discoveries In Video Games That Remain Unsolved

Playing video games is always a ton of fun. People who get really into games totally love to play their favorites over and over again, making sure that they find every single little detail, Easter egg, and hidden side quest that the game has to offer. But there are some things in certain games that people find that just cannot be explained.

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Whether it's a strange hidden message, a weird glitch, or a quest that seems to have no end, there are a lot of weird things that are hidden in games that don't seem like we were ever supposed to find. Over the years, people have made a lot of strange discoveries in games that they simply can't explain.

To see 10 of the most mysterious video game discoveries that have never been explained, keep reading!

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10 Silent Hill 2: The Whispers In Room 209

Silent Hill 2 is a pretty creepy game on its own. But add to that an unexplained whisper when you enter a certain room in the Blue Creek Apartments and you've got yourself some serious nightmare fuel.

If the player walks into room 209 of the Blue Creek Apartments, they'll hear a mysterious whispering voice say, "see my dead wife, come home to do some laundry to escape" before the voice trails off and is too hard to understand. People have wondered for years if this was put in on purpose as a reference to James and Mary's issues or if it somehow made it into the game by mistake, but either way, it's eerie.

9 DMC4 Special Edition: The Woman In Red

During Vergil's introduction in the special edition version of Devil May Cry 4, there's a strange woman who catches the attention of players everywhere but is unfortunately never seen again in the game and is never explained. The camera focuses on a woman in a red dress who turns around and watches Vergil walking by.

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Players managed to find the model for this character in the game's files, leading players to further wonder who she is and what role she was originally going to play. It's obvious that this is simply a character that was cut from the game and likely nothing mysterious but it still made players wonder.

8 Fez: Black Monolith

Fez is a game that had everyone talking up to and for some time after its release. This unique platforming puzzle game was released in 2012 and really caught the attention of players from around the world. One particular puzzle in the game really got people talking because of the fact that it seemed unsolvable for so long.

Pressing a certain combination of buttons after creating a New Game+ save will create a black square. Players created a website where they could share their attempts at solving it and any progress and after thousands of tries, someone finally got the solution. Unfortunately, the puzzle was solved through pure brute force and the actual explanation for the puzzle or why that was the solution was never solved.

7 Fortnite: The Mystery Bunker

Considering how popular Fortnite is, it doesn't really seem like there would be any secrets hidden within this fairly straight-forward game, right? But that's actually not the case. Fans were pretty confused when they went into the Wailing Woods and saw something new had been built there.

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People wondered for quite some time what this strange bunker poking halfway out of the ground could be. Some players were able to glitch inside of it, out of the map, but the entire thing was empty and full of half-completed textures. On one side, a piece of graffiti seen in Half-Life was painted on. But why?

6 Monster Max: A Hidden Warning

Monster Max is a platformer game that was released on the Game Boy in the mid-1990s. It wasn't exactly the console's most popular game but players noticed one strange thing hidden within the game.

At the beginning of each level, the game would give the player a hint for what they need to do to solve the puzzle. But at the end of each hint, a word that appeared to be nonsense would be tacked on. One player unscrambled the "nonsense" words and realized they were anagrams that ended up spelling out a warning about an alien attack. Considering this game had nothing to do with aliens, this seems like a strange inclusion in the game.

5 Q*bert: Infinite Points Mode

In 2018, researchers developed an AI that learned to play old Atari video games. One that it learned to play was a game called Q*Bert but the way that this AI learned to play Q*Bert was something that none of the researchers could have ever expected.

The AI seemed to be jumping around from platform to platform on the first level in a totally random manner but researchers realized pretty quickly that it had actually just discovered something. After jumping around in this seemingly random way, it unlocked a mode of the game that had never been seen before where the player could jump around and get points forever without advancing to the next level.

4 BloodRayne 2: Beware The What?

When playing video games, most people are just going to look ahead and watch where they're going instead of looking around at places like the ceiling. But we're lucky that one BloodRayne 2 player decided to break with tradition and look around a little because they found this strange mystery.

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If you twist the camera around right at the beginning of the sewers in this game, you'll see a scrolling message in red letters on the ceiling. The message warns players to "beware the giant rat" which is strange considering this game doesn't have a giant rat.

3 Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire: Who Is That?!

There are quite a few strange and unexplained characters that appear in the background of different Pokémon games. Players believe that these characters must be ghosts or something and there are tons of theories and ideas about what they're doing in the background of different scenes and how they got there.

In the background of Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire when the player is getting ready to battle Phoebe, one of these mysterious characters appears. If you look at just the right second as a transition fades in, you'll see a strange girl sitting in the background for a split second.

2 Jet Set Radio: The Doomsday Clock

Jet Set Radio has a strange location in the game that most players would never actually notice during the game because it's so obscure and difficult to get to. In an area of the game called Kibogaoka Hill, there's a large clock that doesn't appear to do anything. But, if you manage to speedrun this part of the game and get to Kibogaoka Hill within two minutes of starting the game, it does something weird.

If a player manages to get there at this exceptionally quick speed, the seemingly useless clock will open up, the parts will spin around for a little while, and then it'll close back up. But why? This is something that players have wondered for a long time and no one has answers.

1 Silent Hill 3: An Enemy's Strange Voice

This strange discovery comes from Silent Hill 3. If a player puts Heather in the Princess Heart costume and then enters a certain room in the Otherworld Hilltop Center, something really creepy that has never been explained will happen.

If the player chooses to have Heather fight the Insane Cancer that is found in this room, the creature will speak in an oddly robotic-sounding Japanese voice. If the creature manages to land an attack on Heather, she'll speak Japanese too. This happens no matter what language the game is set to and doesn't happen anywhere else in the game or in Heather's regular clothing.

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