20 Strange Images Of 2000s Cartoon Characters That Are Extra Awesome

When it comes to the 2000s, we had quite the slew of interesting and crazy cartoons. I know a lot of people praise the 90s for having the best cartoons, but I think they shouldn’t be so quick to judge cartoons from the following decade.

What probably stood out in 2000s cartoons was that many of the cartoons were willing to be silly, but they also took their audience seriously. There was humor and fun, but there were also dangerous situations and seriousness. Heavy topics weren’t shied away from as much and actually addressed in creative and respectful waves. (Not that this didn’t happen in 90s cartoons; it just wasn’t as common.)

To be fair, I’m a little biased since I grew up with many 2000s cartoons, so they all hold a special place in my heart. I loved watching the heroes of animation work to save their world, navigate school, or just survive to live another day. Whether we were facing off against otherworldly demons, or just trying to outsmart a school bully, I loved being a part of the crazy adventure these characters had.

With these cartoons came fans and fan art. And while most fan art can be awesome and interesting, we sometimes get fan art that’s a little more... creepy. People have the strangest imaginations, so some cartoon characters can end up looking pretty disturbing. So here are 20 images of cartoon characters that will probably make you uncomfortable.

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20 Going Ghost Never Seemed So Sinister

Via: ohthree.deviantart.com, tuxedaaron.deviantart.com

Let’s be honest, Danny Phantom had a lot of creepy and uncomfortable moments. Our main character is half-dead after all. And fans don’t like us to forget that this show could get weird really fast. The image of ghost Danny forcing his way out of human Danny is a pretty freaky image. What’s even more disturbing is this all actually happened in the show. In an alternate future, Danny had his ghost side ripped out from his human side, where one then proceeded to eliminate the other. Yeesh, that’s dark even for this show.

And let’s not forget the art that has Danny in love with his... clone? I’m pretty sure that’s his clone, which did actually happen (Vlad Masters is a seriously messed up man). I don’t know about you, but having feelings for your own clone is a little weird. You’ve got some serious issues, Danny.

19 This Doesn't Seem Right

Via: canitbesaturday.com

If there was one thing constant in Fairly OddParents, it’s that Timmy’s sadistic babysitter Vicky was always out to make his life miserable. Seriously, I don’t know if Timmy did anything to earn her wrath, but Vicky really has it out for him.

Apparently, some fans see that as Vicky having a thing for Timmy.

Apparently, some fans see that as Vicky having a thing for Timmy. First of all, gross; Timmy’s just a kid. And second of all, do you really think Timmy would suddenly develop a crush on the girl who’s been tormenting him for years? I guess that is a common love trope, but it’s not a healthy one. This goes beyond the childish “I pick on him because I like him” crush. This is just plain mean. Run, Timmy! Get out while you have the chance!

18 Did Anyone Else Find This Couple Weird?

Via: frateroshi.deviantart.com

Fans of The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack don’t have to try that hard to make weird fanart of this show. It’s already pretty creepy. The imagery in this series was often purely disturbing, ranging from weird to rather grotesque. I’m honestly surprised this show got greenlit to be a kids’ TV show.

What’s particularly creepy about this fanart is not necessarily the art itself (though it is a little unsettling), but the context. Peppermint Larry and Candy Wife are a rather disturbing couple in general. (Seriously, what’s the deal with Candy Wife? Is she real? I have to wonder). Then there’s the fact that Candy Wife is oddly possessive of Peppermint Larry, threatening him if he so much as looks at another woman. That can’t be a healthy relationship.

Art by Frateroshi.

17 He Didn’t Even Get To Take Over Earth

Via: lou-c-ffer.deviantart.com

Invader Zim was another kids’ show that wasn’t afraid to get pretty dark. (The second episode “Dark Harvest” still freaks me out). This show was definitely pretty crazy and was full of dark imagery that could make you have second thoughts about aliens coming to earth. But despite all of that, Zim and Gir were both charming and likable characters.

You kind of see Zim as this unstoppable force.

This fanart shows the unthinkable; Zim meeting his untimely end. Considering what Zim goes through in the series, you kind of see him as this unstoppable force that doesn’t let much get him down. So, to see him gone and in such a disturbing way is definitely uncomfortable to see. It doesn’t help that you have Gir in the background freaking out and crying for Zim.

Art by Lou-C-Ffer.

16 What On Earth, Yori?

Via: fitzoblong.deviantart.com

Kim Possible was a pretty light-hearted series in general. Yes, there was the usual danger Kim was in when she was going up against various supervillains, but you knew she would figure out some way to stop the doomsday device and see that the villain met justice.

So, what would happen if Kim didn’t win? This fanart takes a very disturbing idea that Kim meets her end not at the hands of one of her nemesis, but at the hands of a jealous girl determined to be her. Considering Yori had a thing for Ron, and Kim and Ron started dating, the idea that she would turn Kim to stone and pretend to be her is not that out there. I don’t think Yori would do that, but if she did, it does paint the final season in a disturbing new light.

Art by Fitzoblong.

15 This Kid Ain’t A Hero Anymore

Via: toosietucan.tumblr.com, tumblr.com

Ben in the series Ben 10 was very much an annoying ten-year-old kid. But underneath that immaturity, he had a good heart and a sense for what was right. While he did make mistakes often, you could always tell his heart was in the right place. Except for when it came to Ghostfreak.

What would’ve happened if Ben didn’t defeat Ghostfreak?

This alien was probably the creepiest of the aliens Ben could turn into. And he got even creepier when he tried to take over Ben. While Ben managed to defeat Ghostfreak, what would’ve happened if he didn’t? These art pieces show what Ben could look like if the ghostly alien succeeded in his plans, and it’s a little unsettling. Seeing this normally happy kid with a rather demonic grin is seriously freaky. Let’s be glad he didn’t get taken over.

Art by Toosietucan.

14 There’s Something Wrong Here

Via: daniellackey.deviantart.com

Phineas and Ferb was a great TV series that combined wacky humor, endless imagination, and all kinds of breaking the fourth wall. It was crazy, silly, and just a lot of fun. And combined with the show’s wacky humor was its unique and crazy animation style. You have to admit the designs of the characters are a bit strange.

So, what happens if someone looked like that in real life? Well, this art pieces answers that question, and it’s not pretty. Seeing Phineas’ triangle head in a realistic design is just plain disturbing. (How on earth does Isabella find that cute?) And let’s not get started on Ferb’s ridiculously long head and tiny eyes. These two are making me uncomfortable just looking at them. This is one of those scenarios where stylized designs don’t mesh well with realistic interpretations.

Art by Daniellackey.

13 Krypto Just Got Manlier

Via: pinterest.com (Cody Yellow 07)

Remember Krypto the Superdog? Even the Man of Steel needs a doggy best friend. And who better than a dog that has the same powers as Superman? (Just go with it.) The series based on this dog superhero was cute, if a little cheesy. But hey, it was meant for a younger audience. And who doesn’t love the idea of a superhero dog running around?

This Krypto basically looks like Superman with a dog head.

But some fans have taken that love a little far. I get that anthropomorphizing animals is a popular thing to do, but this is a bit weird. This Krypto basically looks like Superman with a dog head. It’s not necessarily bad or creepy, but it is a little... uncomfortable. Especially since you know someone probably loves this version of Krypto way too much.

12 What Have These Kids Been Doing?

Via: greencardlover.deviantart.com

It’s not like the art style of Ed Edd and Eddy is particularly pretty, to begin with. It does have this rougher edge to it and it can be a little weird, which I think matches the kids in the show pretty well. Let’s face it, all the kids in this series were pretty weird and had their own strange quirks.

But someone decided to take some characters and get really weird. Honestly, I’m not even sure what’s going on here. These guys look like South Park and the Garbage Pail Kids threw up all over them. The more I look at it, the more weirded out I feel. And what’s even going on with Edd’s arms? I will give props to this artist’s imagination, but it’s going to be a while before I get this image out of my head.

Art by JaimeRAnimation.

11 This Feels Really Dehumanizing

Via: donpapi.deviantart.com

I really liked the American Dragon: Jake Long series. It was creative in its setting and it had some pretty memorable characters that got into crazy situations. But there were also some elements that were a bit disturbing. Namely Jake’s teacher, Professor Rotwood. This guy is weird and he develops a bit of an unhealthy fixation on magical creatures.

Jake looks genuinely terrified.

What’s so disturbing about this particular artwork is that it’s portraying a scene that actually happened in the series. Jake was trapped in a cage where Professor Rotwood was going to expose him to the world. I do like that the artwork captures the emotion. Jake looks genuinely terrified, and just thinking about the implications of what Rotwood is doing makes this piece pretty disturbing. The guy needs to get a new hobby.

Art by DonPapi.

10 Washing Dishes Was Never Weirder

Via: pinterest.com (christopher pacheco herrera)

An interesting thing about The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy is that while it doesn’t shy away from the fact that Grim is the Grim Reaper, they don’t talk about mortality a ton (other than a few great one-liners). But if you think about it, Grim could be a seriously creepy character when he wanted to be.

And we can’t forget that Grim is the guy who comes to end people when their time comes. If you’re the person that’s about to perish, I can imagine that would be pretty terrifying. And that’s what this fanart is about. I love the perspective the artist creates, where you only see Grim in the reflection. It really adds to that mystery of him and the creepiness of the scenario. Talk about a terrible way to go.

9 There’s Something Wrong With These Two

Via: naionmikato.deviantart.com, lotusbandicoot.deviantart.com

The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius was another one of those series that had a pretty unique animation style and character design. Just Jimmy alone with his larger head and crazy hairstyle looked pretty unique. But if you put him in a more realistic setting, he looks rather weird.

Jimmy as an older mad scientist definitely makes an unsettling sight.

Jimmy as an older mad scientist definitely makes an unsettling sight. And there’s something going on with his left eye. I could see him ready to unleash his new doomsday device on the world. And I have no idea what is happening with Jimmy’s dad. His lip is doing some really creepy things and I’m seeing way more teeth than I ever should. Considering both of these characters are generally pretty nice individuals, it’s a little disturbing to see them this way.

Art by Naionmikato and LotusBandicoot.

8 She’s Berry Crazy

Via: renwaldohoek.deviantart.com

Remember Berry, the cute little imaginary friend that had a thing for Bloo in Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends? She was that character that could go from cute and innocent to psychopathic and terrifying in two seconds flat. And let’s not forget that she tried to eliminate Mac multiple times because she was jealous of him and his friendship with Bloo. Yeah, this imaginary friend has some major issues.

And I think this art piece captures Berry in all her psycho glory really well. The crazy eyes combined with that too-wide grin is seriously disturbing. And the addition of the knife just emphasizes the fact that whoever she’s after had better start running. I know the image of Berry’s deranged face is going to be in my nightmares for a while.

Art by Renwaldohoek.

7 Um, Roger? What Are You Doing?

Via: rebenke.deviantart.com

American Dad was a kind of weird series that seemed to be a knock-off of Family Guy. They even had the same character types: the jerkish dad, the cute wife, the social outcast kids, and a weird nonhuman character that lives there for some reason.

Seeing this gray alien as the Little Mermaid is just uncomfortable.

Though to be fair, Roger the alien is a lot weirder than Brian the dog ever was. You could blame it on the fact that he’s an alien, but this guy was seriously strange. And this bit of fanart just makes it even weirder. Now, we’ve seen Roger wearing women’s clothing before and he doesn’t seem to care about those kinds of things, so this is at least in character for him. But seeing this gray alien as the Little Mermaid is just uncomfortable.

Art by Rebenke.

6 I Wouldn’t Want To Fight These Demons

Via: vincent-covielloart.deviantart.com

Considering how most celebrity cartoons end up being ridiculously cheesy and annoying, Jackie Chan Adventures did pretty well. It was still cheesy at some parts, but there were a lot of fun adventures and a pretty interesting plot, and it had some rather fun and memorable characters.

And the show had quite a few crazy monsters and demons. So, what would these demons look like if they were drawn more realistically? According to this artist, really cool and also really terrifying. This rendition of Bai Tza shows just how freaky these demons likely appeared to our characters. Jackie and his family are a lot braver than I initially gave them credit for. If I had to go up against one of these creatures, I’d probably run away screaming.

Art by Vincent-Covielloart.

5 This Dog Loves Kids Maybe Too Much

Via: nighterdesign.deviantart.com

Clifford the Big Red Dog is about as innocent as you can get for a kids’ TV show. It mostly follows the adventures of this big dog and his owner Emily as they navigate everyday life and friendships. Despite its simple premise, the show was pretty charming and you could feel the bond between Emily and Clifford. But then the creepy fanart struck.

Let’s hope Clifford doesn’t actually feel this way about Emily.

This art piece isn’t creepy at first glance, but when you know the meaning behind the changes to Clifford, it gets disturbing fast. This artist has made Clifford to look like an internet meme that was much too interested in children. The implications of this change and what that means for Emily and Clifford’s relationship is seriously uncomfortable. Let’s hope Clifford doesn’t actually feel this way about Emily.

Art by Nighterdesign.

4 Rudy Doesn’t Look Too Good

Via: prisonsuit-rabbitman.deviantart.com

Chalkzone was a pretty clever series, answering where chalk drawings go when they’re erased: the Chalkzone! And the show followed the adventures of the human Rudy as he navigated the Chalkzone and his own world with a piece of magic chalk. The show was pretty fun, though quirky and weird, and it showed Rudy to be brave and compassionate, if a bit reckless.

This piece of fan art isn’t all that creepy, but it does make you a little uncomfortable. Seeing the main character as morbidly obese is a little strange, considering how tiny Rudy normally was. While I’ve got nothing against bigger people, this goes beyond just being big into something that’s uncomfortable to see. I can’t imagine that Rudy’s health is great at that point.

Art by Prisonsuit-Rabbitman.

3 Let’s Hope He Just Wants A Scooby Snack

Via: spottedfire1212.deviantart.com

Considering the subject material of What’s New Scooby-Doo?, the show is pretty light-hearted. While there are several monsters and people dressed up as monsters, the show does manage to keep a lighter tone with silly antics and funny situations. But what if the show was a bit darker?

Can you imagine this dog coming after you?

That’s what this artist decided to tackle, and the results are pretty freaky. Scooby is a huge dog, but he’s also a very compassionate and cowardly one. So, he’s usually not that intimidating. But this Scooby is downright terrifying. Can you imagine this dog coming after you? I would pity any monster or crazy human that got on the wrong side of this dog. Remind me to never make this Scooby angry. I don’t think I would survive the results.

Art by Spottedfire1212.

2 He’s Not So Cute And Fluffy

Via: moziru.com (syntheesis)

Lilo and Stitch is one of those movies and cartoon series that shouldn’t have worked, and yet it did. The premise itself is kind of crazy. An alien fugitive comes crashing to earth and gets adopted by a little Hawaiian girl. And yet the movie became really popular, and now Stitch has become as popular in merchandise as Mickey. His cute appearance probably helps things.

But what if Stitch wasn’t so cute? This artist decided to design Stitch in a more realistic sense, making him look much more alien. And it’s pretty creepy. This Stitch looks a lot like a bat with some rather alien teeth. It’s a far cry from the cute and fluffy Stitch we’ve grown to love. I wonder if the movie and TV series would’ve been received as well if Stitch looked like this?

1 Who Knew Bending Could Be So Freaky?

Via: wonderland-chan's art 2007, virecca.deviantart.com

Avatar: The Last Airbender was an amazing series that managed to present pretty heavy topics to kids in a way that was understandable, but not diminished. This show covered things like elimination, pain, passing, and the horrors of war, in a pretty interesting way that wasn’t dumbed down. But with that does come with some more disturbing elements of the series.

Toph’s eyes seem to stare right through you, despite the fact that she’s blind.

One of the art pieces covers the creepiness that is Hama, the bloodbender. Seriously, everything about this lady and the episode was freaky. So, the image of Hama controlling Katara as a puppet is very disturbing. The second picture, while not outright creepy, is definitely unsettling. Toph’s eyes seem to stare right through you, despite the fact that she’s blind. I definitely wouldn’t want to make this Toph angry.

Art by Wonderland-Chan and Virecca.

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