25 Strange Things That Happened Between Fallout 3 And New Vegas

Fallout 3 brought players to the East Coast for the first time in series' history. The West Coast managed to rebuild after 200 years. The region thrived thanks to the efforts of the Vault Dweller and Chosen One. The East Coast didn't have a hero until 2277. The Lone Wanderer emerged from Vault 101 to find their father, James. What seemed like a simple story about a child seeking their parent turned into a journey that would save the Capital Wasteland.

The Lone Wanderer wasn't alone. Their simple task of finding their lost parent became more complicated, especially after meeting the Brotherhood of Steel. Faithful fans of the franchise were shocked to learn that the group wanted to help others. They were no longer stealing technology from settlers. Elder Lyons wanted to help the Lone Wanderer bring James' vision for clean water to life.

While the Lone Wanderer acted as a savior to the Capital Wasteland, not all was calm on the West Coast. The Mojave Desert was an isolated wasteland with few career options. A Courier was assigned to take a dangerous item to its owner. Unlike the Lone Wanderer, the Courier was the one others were searching for. Unfortunately, those hunting for the Courier had ill intents. Gamers discovered just how cruel the Mojave could be to innocent people.

This list contains major spoilers for the ending of Fallout 3 and the prologue of New Vegas. Ready to learn how the Lone Wanderer changed the East Coast forever? Keep reading our list below.

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25 Aqua Pura Filled The Capital Wasteland

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James, Caroline, and Dr. Madison Li had a vision: bring clean water to the Capital Wasteland. Thanks to the efforts of the Lone Wanderer, their dream came true.

The Brotherhood of Steel helped process the newly purified water into "Aqua Pura."

They passed out clean water to anyone who wasn't close enough to the river. Most players chose to work with the Brotherhood, but the result is similar is you chose to aid the Enclave. Project Purity was started, but settlers have to pay for clean water.

24 The Enclave Says Goodbye

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The Enclave was the primary antagonist of Fallout 2. They considered themselves to be the most advanced force in the region. The group was eliminated on the West Coast, but was alive and well in the sequel.

In Fallout 3, the Enclave returned to take over Project Purity. Their efforts eventually failed, according to the Broken Steel DLC. The Enclave was removed from the East Coast, leaving the citizens unlimited access to free, purified water. The Enclave had once again lost their way.

23 A Mayor Leaves His Post...

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The Lone Wanderer first meets Robert MacCready in Little Lamplight. MacCready is still young but was leading the group of children. When children become adults in the settlement, they are sent out into the cruel world. He was eventually forced to leave the beloved group.

Lost and alone, MacCready traveled South into the Commonwealth. Fallout 4 fans know that the young boy would join the Gunners, who became his new family. He would eventually leave the group to marry a woman named Lucy and have a son together named Duncan.

22 ...While Another Takes Control

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The Sole Survivor first meets the friendly mayor of Diamond City while searching for their missing son Shaun. McDonough wasn't always mayor of the Commonwealth's "Great Green Jewel." He was only recently elected around the time Project Purity began.

The future mayor began his terrible campaign that would divide the city.

McDonough decided to instill fear into the residents by claiming any docile Ghoul could turn feral. Settlers began believing his unproven claims, which eventually led to his win in the mayoral race.

21 The Duchess Gambit Awaits

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The Lone Wanderer's adventures didn't stop after the end of the main quest of Fallout 3. After successfully bringing clean water into the Capital Wasteland, the Lone Wanderer receives a mysterious note to visit the region of Point Lookout.

They travel on the Duchess Gambit to the swampy region only to discover it is a haven of pre-war technology. Point Lookout was lucky enough not to suffer any significant damage from the war. It has experienced a high level of radiation, which has deterred most from visiting the area.

20 Settlers Return Home

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The Lone Wanderer may uncover a crashed alien spaceship in the Capital Wasteland. Their interference will land them as a prisoner on Mothership Zeta. The Lone Wanderer isn't alone on the ship. Aliens have also adducted various figures from other periods of time. There are human residents from pre-War days, including a Samurai.

The Lone Wanderer had to defeat the aliens and return everyone to Earth. They'll all be sent back to post-war America, but it's a better fate than living the rest of their days as alien prisoners.

19 An Uprising Leads To A New Faction

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Society has fallen after the Great War. Settlers have managed to rebuild some parts of society, including locking up those who have broken the law. The NCR brought their prisoners into Nevada to help build a railroad.

Facing horrible conditions in the NCR Correctional Facility, the prisoners planned to break out.

They managed to successfully overthrow the NCR and began a new life as the Powder Gangers. The gang would live on to take over other settlements as they searched for a permanent home.

18 The Brotherhood Emerges In The West

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Although the Brotherhood of Steel's values differ depending on what coast they're on, both sides are always seeking new technology. They need new technology to survive in the Mojave Wasteland. The group especially needed to rebuild after losing Helios One to the NCR.

The Brotherhood hid in Hidden Valley to train hard for the next battle. The Valley was quickly becoming unstable. They were eventually forced to venture out of Hidden Valley to find new equipment to repair their settlement.

17 Bitter Springs Suffers Great Loss

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Bitter Springs was once home to the Great Khans. The faction not only used it as a base of operations but a home for their families. They hoped this region would provide them safety from their enemies, which included the NCR.

The NCR eventually discovered their hidden homes. Named the "Bitter Springs Massacre," the NCR eliminated everyone inside of the settlement. The NCR never paid for their terrible crimes at the settlement, since many believed the raiders previously committed far worse crimes.

16 Aliens Lose Their Battle

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After being abducted by aliens, the Lone Wanderer had to figure out a way to return home. They united with other taken settlers but learned something far more terrible was in the works.

The aliens on Mothership Zeta were planning to invade Earth.

One alien could not survive alone. If several aliens banded together, they could wipe out humanity. The Lone Wanderer worked with their fellow survivors to take control of the ship. Together, they stopped the alien captain before he could finish his awful plan.

15 Black Mountain Finds New Residents

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Any Fallout fan knows that there is not a single type of Super Mutant. There are a variety of types of these spooky creatures. Nightkin are much more hostile variants of Super Mutants. They found a home on Black Mountain with Marcus, a Super Mutant with roots back to the original Fallout series.

Tabitha eventually took over the region, founding the State of Utobitha in its place. The region would be known as a Super Mutant haven along with hosting Radio Free Utobitha.

14 Caesar Finds His Lost Soldier

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After years of service, Caesar was displeased with one of his top soldiers. Joshua Graham was punished is a horrifying way, but managed to survive a three-month journey to his birthplace. Graham took refuge in a settlement called New Canaan.

Caesar eventually discovered his fallen soldier had a new home and was furious. He tasked the leader of a tribe of raiders to destroy the settlement and everyone living inside. Only a few survived the attack, including Graham, who was Caesar's original target.

13 A Satellite Awaits Its Prey

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Life continues in the Mojave Desert, whether the Courier interferes or stays way. In the middle of the Mojave Drive-In, a satellite has crashed. This satellite is a trap. Anyone that dares accept this mission will be captured.

The victim would be subjected to a variety of experiments at the center of Big Mountain.

In true Fallout fashion, these experiments are sure to go wrong. While the Courier is away, the satellite remains dormant among the Jackals, the current residents of the movie theater.

12 Ghouls Prepare For A Space Adventure

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The Bright Brotherhood is a group of Ghouls interested in technology. Don't let the name fool you; they're completely unrelated to the Brotherhood of Steel. The Bright Brotherhood believes they have a higher purpose. They have found a warehouse full of technology that can repair a spaceship. This ship will launch the entire group into outer space.

Unfortunately, most of the technology is within the depths of the building, where dangerous Feral Ghouls reside. The Ghoul friends are stuck on Earth until the Courier comes along to help.

11 Monsters Take Over A Quarry

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The Fallout series has a frightening creature called Deathclaws. These monsters turn hostile as soon as they spot their prey. Since Fallout 3, there is one settlement that has become overrun with the beasts.

In New Vegas, the lizards have traveled into Quarry Junction. This rock quarry was once home to an active limestone mining hub. It belonged to the NCR for years until the Powder Gangers ceased the operations. Without a resident in sight, Deathclaws moved in and decided to call this region home.

10 A Centuries-Long Feud Is Uncovered

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Settlers struggled to survive after the Great War. Many put aside their differences to rebuild. Some regions never resolved their issues. In Point Lookout, two people have fought for generations.

For two centuries, both men held a vicious grudge against one another.

Desmond Lockheart has lived for years as a Ghoul, while Professor Calvert is a brain in a jar of liquid. Both families believe the other family stole important artifacts from their family and never settled the feud. The Lone Wanderer will be forced to choose a side and end the argument for good.

9 A Doctor Finds A New Home

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Dr. Madison Li helped the Lone Wanderer complete Project Purity. She was one of the most brilliant scientific minds of the East Coast. Her interest in Science took her to Rivet City and then into the Brotherhood of Steel. She became bored with her work and wanted something more.

Dr. Li eventually left the Brotherhood and traveled to the Commonwealth. It was within this region that she met up with Father of the Institute. He promised her all the equipment she would ever need to continue her scientific endeavors. Dr. Li accepted and moved into the Institute.

8 Caesar's Legion Ventures Into The Mojave

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Caesar's Legion was initially founded within the state of Arizona in 2247. They continued to move Northeast to find a new home. They slowly began to recruit more members and often captured innocent settlers to work for them.

Decades later, Caesar's Legion reached Hoover Dam. They faced off against the NCR for the first time and battled to take over the critical landmark. Caesar's Legion was defeated but by 2281, had rebuilt and wanted revenge. They could continue their reign until meeting the Courier.

7 An Honest Heart Finds A Friend

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Joshua Graham was once known as Malpais Legate, a soldier who worked for the Legion. He was one of Caesar's most loyal soldiers. Graham quickly rose through the ranks.

Graham and his troops lost a vital battle against the NCR.

Furious at his best soldier's defeat, Caesar ordered him to be punished under horrible circumstances and left behind in the Mojave. Graham survived the punishment and found a new home in New Canaan. He eventually forgave Caesar for the punishment but knew his former would eventually find him.

6 The Brotherhood Loses Two Important Leaders

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The East Coast's Brotherhood of Steel quickly became a shining beacon of hope. Unlike their West Coast variant, they wanted to help out settlers instead of stealing their technology. Elder Lyons and his daughter helped the Lone Wanderer find James, defeat the Enclave, and start Project Purity.

The Capital Wasteland became slightly more prosperous under their rule. Elder Lyons eventually passed away and his daughter, Sarah, was lost in battle. It was a significant hit to the Brotherhood, and they struggled to find a suitable leader until Arthur Maxson was ready.

5 The Commonwealth Has New Visitors

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The Brotherhood of Steel has made it their goal to explore different regions of America. They want to find what pre-war technology was left behind. After the success of Project Purity, the Brotherhood decided to travel South into the Commonwealth. They sent out small recon squads to find what new technology awaits, along with what new creatures to fear.

Some teams didn't make it out of the region alive to turn in their reports. Others became trapped by the Commonwealth's unique monsters until the Sole Survivor arrived. The Brotherhood found enough technology within the Commonwealth to keep exploring the region.

4 The Courier Is Given An Important Job

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Ulysses was given a job to deliver a special package to the Strip's North Gate. He abandoned the job, and it was transferred to the Courier in Primm.

Believing it was like any other job, the Courier accepted the mission to bring a special package to the New Vegas Strip.

While under the care of the Courier, the package started giving off a unique signal. Others picked up the trail. The package turned out to be a platinum chip which could change the balance of power in the Mojave Desert for several years to come.

3 Two Factions Face-Off

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Caesar's Legion originally began as a small group in the former state of Arizona. They slowly grew larger thanks to their aggressive tactics. They took what they wanted, captured civilians, and didn't care who was hurt in the process. They met the NCR for the first time at the Hoover Dam.

Believing they were like any other faction, Caesar's Legion took them on in battle. The NCR defeated Caesar's Legion's, significantly reducing their numbers. Caesar's Legion wasn't ready to give up. They retreated into the Mojave Desert, slowly increasing their numbers again for a future battle at the Hoover Dam.

2 Benny Begins His Takeover

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Mr. House is the CEO of the New Vegas Strip. Benny was tired of following Mr. House's rules and wanted to take over The Strip. Benny learned more about Mr. House and what he was capable of from one of his Securitrons, who would later be known as Yes Man.

Benny discovered that the key to Mr. House's plans were all contained on a platinum chip. Luckily for him, the chip was on its way to the strip. Benny began to hunt down the Courier carrying the Platinum Chip.

1 The Courier Awakens

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When the Courier accepted a job to deliver a package to the Strip, they assumed it was like any other task. Benny and two of his men ambushed the Courier. They buried the Courier near Goodsprings. A friendly robot named Victor dug the Courier out and brought them to the town doctor.

Doc Mitchell removed both bullets, then watched over the Courier until they recovered.

The Courier made a miraculous recovery with no memory loss. They began their journey to retrieve the stolen Platinum Chip.

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