Stranger Things 3: The Game Launch Trailer Shows Combat, Unique Character Abilities, And More

Stranger Things 3: The Game released today alongside the show's third season.

The Fourth of July is when most Americans celebrate the independence of the United States. This year, however, there’s another reason to celebrate: Season 3 of Stranger Things is out. Plus, we got an additional welcome surprise, as the Stranger Things video game has been released alongside the show as well.

The trailer for Stranger Things 3: The Game (which is a confusing name considering that this is actually the first Stranger Things game on console and PC) dropped on YouTube, and it gives us a pretty solid idea of what to expect from the game.

The game is an isometric beat ‘em up featuring characters from the show. It looks like you’ll be able to play as nearly every important character as they fight their way across the town of Hawkins, Indiana. The trailer boasts that there are 12 playable characters, which includes Will, Dustin, Mike, Lucas, Max, Sheriff Hopper, Joyce, Jonathan, Nancy, Erica (Lucas’ sister), Steve (in his full sailor outfit), and Eleven.

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Each character has their own special abilities which will make them play differently. Hopper has a charging tackle, Jonathan uses a camera to stun enemies, Eleven seemingly has her powers, Joyce has a hilarious looking spin attack which must symbolize her motherly rage, and so on.

You should be able to play as any of these characters with a friend, as the game has local co-op, although there's no online co-op. We don’t know if there are any secret or hidden characters, but Max’s brother Billy does show up in his full lifeguard outfit, so it’s likely he plays a role of some kind, perhaps as a mini-boss. We can also only hope for some kind of zombie Barb Easter egg.

There appears to be some kind of crafting system as well. The trailer says that you can collect materials to create character upgrades, and shows Hopper picking up a championship belt for being the Belching Champion, which seems accurate. We then see a selection of potential upgrade recipes as Dustin approaches a crafting table, so it looks like you can expect some RPG elements as well.

It is important to warn anyone thinking of both watching the show, and playing the game, that Stranger Things 3: The Game does have quite a few spoilers, as it covers the story of Season 3. So you may want to binge the whole thing on Netflix before picking this up. Regardless, if you want the chance to play the first game to include Winona Ryder as a playable character, Stranger Things 3 is available today on PC, Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendo Switch.

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