The 10 Weirdest Looking Pokémon, Ranked

From Lickilicky to Probopass, here are our picks for the strangest Pokémon designs of all time.

There are currently over 800 Pokémon designs out there. With that many to choose from, you can’t expect them all to be quality. Some generations definitely have it worse than others, but there are always a few designs that miss the mark. While there’s consistency among the group of artists who come up with these designs, some of their final products just aren't up to par.

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With some of these weird Pokémon designs, it's hard to say whether or not it was meant to look so bizarre. Some are just made to look weird, but others wind up that way unintentionally. Regardless, there are plenty to choose from – but these ten are the absolute strangest of the bunch.

10 Lickilicky

It’s like whoever came up with this design looked at Lickitung and decided to make it even more ridiculous. Introduced in Gen IV, Lickilicky takes all the strangeness of the original and adds an awkward stiffness to it (not to mention that Wi-Fi signal indicator on its chest).

It’s a fatter version of Lickitung, with its endlessly long tongue flattened out completely. The most questionable addition has to be the new cowlick standing prominently atop its head.

9 Watchog

If Watchog was supposed to be taken seriously, its designer failed in nearly every regard. Regardless of which games you’re playing, the Pokémon you encounter early on in your adventure will always be some of the most underwhelming you can find in terms of design.

Watchog has a really neurotic look to it. It would probably be an incredibly annoying Pokémon to be around at any given time. It’s basically just a rodent with red, unnerving eyes. That’s not doing anyone any good.

8 Bidoof

Sometimes things just work out. Not only does it have a pretty weird design, but a weird name to go along with it as well. Bidoof looks like a child’s fan art more than it resembles an actual Pokémon.

Its exaggerated features and dopey expression are too much, even when taking into consideration some of the weirder designs the series has featured. At the end of the day, it just doesn’t look like it belongs in a Pokémon game.

7 Seismitoad

Something is definitely wrong here. Seismitoad doesn’t look cool, or tough- it kind of looks like it’s sick or something. Although, looking at its evolution line, it’s not too surprising to see that this one just didn’t turn out great.

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Aside from its crouched posture, Seismitoad is covered with what look to be giant boils. Pokémon don’t have to all look cutesy, but this one just doesn’t do it on any level.

6 Barbaracle

Ideas were running thin by the time Barbaracle arrived. The Gen VI Pokémon’s design looks more like a poor attempt at horror than it does a legitimate member of the Pokémon roster.

Barbaracle is basically seven appendages, all connected via a couple of stones. Its facial design is the most puzzling, as it really just makes you wonder if the artist was so lazy in coming up with a unique design that they added another claw instead.

5 Swalot

Aside from being a little off kilter, this next design is just plain boring. You don’t find all that many misses in the first three generation's Pokémon designs, but Swalot is one of the few that just missed the mark.

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Swalot looks like a blob with a very lazily designed mustache. Its only defining characteristics are the black diamond patters around its torso. Nothing you see here is going to scream good character design, that's for sure.

4 Garbodor

With over 800 Pokémon out there, the ideas for real life animals or objects to incorporate into the Pokémon roster probably run thin after a while. With that in mind, most wouldn’t have too hard of a time agreeing that Garbodor is trash. Literally trash.

Why this thing is alive is another question entirely. One thing is for sure, though: it isn’t the nicest thing to look at. Suffice to say, Garbodor won’t be challenging Pikachu for the mascot role anytime soon.

3 Magmortar

It may not always happen, but new evolutions can be added in at any time. The results of these additions vary, as some designs are naturally stronger than others. That being said, it’s probably not the best feeling to have a Pokémon you like receive a badly designed evolution.

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Magmar was perfectly fine before the Gen IV games introduced Magmortar. Magmar had previously received a baby Pokémon form in Gen II. The two of them looked great individually, but Magmortar took everything about their designs and brought out the worst in them. It's oddly clown-ish.

2 Probopass

With some designs, it isn’t always the entire thing that ruins it. Sometimes there’s that one feature that seems to stick out like a sore thumb, and it’s rarely a good thing. For Probopass, it’s the big nose and mustache combo.

The whole thing makes it hard to take this Pokémon seriously. It looks more like an April Fools parody design, rather than an actual Pokémon. The nose might have not been so bad if that bundle of hair wasn’t directly under it.

1 Skrelp

Take a look at Gen I Horsea’s design. Nothing special, sure, but it’s somewhat memorable and pleasant to look at as well. There’s some effort that was put into making it seem presentable. Skrelp – with a similarly designed frame – is none of that.

Completely anemic looking and seriously unpleasant to look at, Skrelp seems like it’s perpetually on its last legs. Its evolved form, Dragalge, looks loads better, so there’s no reason why Skrelp shouldn’t have had something on par with its evolution's design.

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