10 Of The Strangest Things Pokémon Game Characters Have Said

Sometimes the dialogue in a Pokémon game is strange. Maybe it is a translation issue, but these quotes are just absurd and ridiculous.

Pokémon NPCs just say the strangest things! There are a ton of them though, so you cannot expect everyone to say something deep, meaningful, or interesting. However, some of them talk as though they are aliens wearing human skin. They say phrases that range from utterly random to disturbing and nonsensical.

There are a lot of these quotes, but we handpicked ten for your to entertainment. Here they are.

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10 “Hi! I Like Shorts! They’re Comfy And Easy To Wear!”

This kid had to be on here, so we may as well get him out of the way first. His quote is so random and bizarre that it has become a meme among the fans. Actually, research has shown that the quote is bizarre due to a translation error. A better translation of what the kid says in Japanese is "Shorts are nice and easy to move around in! Why don't you wear some too?"

Instead, we got an English translation that seems more like a random statement with no relevance to anything.

9 "It’s Like My Rattata Is In The Top Percentage Of Rattatas."

Pokémon Gold and Silver gave us this popular quote. The NPC that says the quote is Youngster Joey who is a kid you can battle early on in the game. You can exchange phone numbers with him and you get phone calls from Joey that say"Remember my super cool Rattata? My Rattata is different from regular Rattata. It's like my Rattata is in the top percentage of Rattatas."

Fans turned this into a meme because its just so funny since he's one of the weakest trainers in the game and yet claims to be so high class and competitive.

8 “If I’m Wearing A Bikini...Where Do I Put My Pokéballs? Teehee...Woman’s Secret!”

The swimmer NPCs of the Pokémon franchise commonly say some lines that are a little jaw-dropping. This is most common in the women, who say some pretty bizarre things about where they keep their Pokéballs and how they feel about their swimsuits.

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7 “One does not simply walk into a Mirage Spot.”

In Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby in Pacifidlog Town is an old man who references a very old meme that dates back to the Lord of the Rings films.

Mirage spots were a unique part of the Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby games, as they were spontaneous places that appeared and allowed you to capture legendary Pokémon.

6 "How Is That Going To Work? We're All Named Grunt!"

The well-loved villainous team, Team Skull, had some great lines. There was one in particular that is strikingly odd though since it broke the fourth wall. You can find some grunts in the Po House who are arguing because they got their clothes mixed up. When one suggests that they start writing their names on their clothes, one gets mad and says, "How is that going to work? We're all named Grunt!"

In the games, grunt is a title. In this case though, they are suggesting that all of them are actually named "Grunt."

5 "Pokémon With Cool Knees Are So Neat!"

Honestly, we have no idea what to say about this quote. It is just so weird. Knees? Why knees? What makes certain knees cool? Is this a translation issue? Maybe it is trying to be a callback to the kid who loves shorts because you can show off your knees?

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4 "I Get This Uncontrollable Urge To Steal Other People's Pokémon."

In the older Kanto region games there is a trainer you can battle at the Cinnabar Island gym. After defeating him, he says something you would not ever expect. He just tells you, "I get this uncontrollable urge to steal other people's Pokémon. Why did he tell that to you, a random child? Is it a call for help? Is it a threat? Who knows? Maybe he is secretly a member of Team Rocket. Or perhaps he just likes to scare kids.

Whatever the case, it is pretty odd and creepy.

3 "When I Think About It You, Too, Are All Alone In The World."

This kid NPC in Sun and Moon really brings on the existential dread. If a kid says that to you real life, a kid you never even met before, that will probably haunt you until you are in your death bed.

He is not the only kid who says really dark things in a Pokémon game. Maybe the writers figure that the kids mature far quicker due to being in a world of dangerous creatures and battles. There is even a kid in Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby that says, "My face is reflected in the water. It's a shining grin full of hope, or maybe it's a look of somber silence struggling with fear . . . ."

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2 "I May Be Bad And Stupid, But I'm Serious About Pokémon ."

This quote is an opener for a battle, and it really does make you think highly of the guy doesn't it? The line is said by a punk NPC trainer in Sun and Moon. It makes you feel pretty bad about beating him, since then he is only just bad and stupid.

It really makes you wonder what that man has been through to say such a thing about himself. Is everyone mean to him? Was he once with Team Skull? We'll never know.

1 "I'm Too Young For Math!"

While there are some children you meet that say lines dark enough to make you have an existential crisis, there are other NPC children who just say dumb stuff. For example, there is a child in Sun and Moon who just says after you beat her in a battle, "I'm too young for math!"

It's pretty funny since she is apparently old enough to battle with a sentient creature. Also it feels pretty random. Why is she mentioning math? Is it because she has to pay you money since you won a battle?

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