Streamer Beats And Strangles His Dog After Losing In Fortnite, Deletes Social Media Accounts Afterwards

Warning: This story contains images and descriptions of graphic content.

Amid a wave of streamers and YouTubers committing acts of aggression against pets, a Twitch streamer appears to have beaten his dog on stream.

Video of the incident captures the small streamer, who goes by the name of KryptixElite, aggressively choking and punching the animal.

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Twitter user NewMrshWhoDis said they were watching video of one of KryptixElite's past broadcasts from on or around Sept. 4 when they came across the disturbing content.

NewMrshWhoDis then tweeted clips from the player's Twitch stream to KEEMSTAR in an effort to raise awareness as to the streamer's conduct, claiming a loss in Fortnite prompted the gamer's behavior.

At the start of the first clip, KryptixElite approaches the dog, which cowers as the gamer nears the pet.

Though the video is low quality, it appears the streamer swats at the dog with an open hand, frightening it into retreating.

The player then appears to grab the dog by its neck, forcing it backwards. After adjusting a pillow close to the dog, the streamer tells the animal to "Stop," then proceeds to grab the dog by the neck again. KryptixElite then makes a rapid motion toward the dog's head with the other hand, indicative of a punch or slap.

The dog then cries out, prompting KryptixElite to then tell the dog to "Shut up" in response.

Another video, apparently clipped from seven minutes later in the stream, then shows the player appearing to slap the anxious-looking animal twice.

The streamer in question apparently attempted to defend himself prior to his deleting this Twitter account, saying that the "The dog is safe" and "was choking on the inside of a pillow."

via: Twitter.com/DangerousFightt

While TheGamer is unable to confirm the authenticity of the Twitter account, it did exist prior to the alleged incident and has since been deleted.

Following the incident, the streamer's Twitch account is no longer active. YouTube and Instagam accounts supposedly belonging to the player are also no longer functional at this time, though at least one mock social media account has appeared since the incident. Another Instagram account that may also belong to the streamer is set to private.

The video first appeared on Reddit, where the comment thread is currently locked due to threats of violence, swatting or doxxing.

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