(Updated) Streamer Who Demanded Free Tesla From Fans Will Be Giving Away All His Money During Charity Stream Tomorrow

Boogie2988 will be matching every donation on stream tomorrow for charity until he runs out of money.

UPDATE: Boogie backed out of the stream, citing that he "I don't know how to raise the money without directly collecting it myself,"

Boogie2988, the streamer who caught a ton of heat for trying to guilt his fans into paying for his Tesla, has promised to do a charity stream in which he matches every donation he receives, dollar for dollar, until he goes broke. Boogie is planning on doing this stream on Wednesday, July 23rd.

Boogie made the decision off-handedly during a stream after receiving a ton of attention for buying a Tesla he couldn't afford and asking his viewers to pay for it. Later, on July 11th, a viewer tweeted Boogie reminding him of the charity stream, to which Boogie recommitted to the stream and said he was planning on doing it on his birthday this coming Wednesday. He ended the tweet with "Seeya there. Bring cash."

The Tesla incident began last month after Boogie starting tweeting about the Tesla he just purchased and apparently trying to drum up sympathy by telling his audience he is worried he can't afford it. According to Boogie, people took this sentiment the wrong way and started accusing him of guilting his viewers into buying him a car, so he decided if people were going to think that anyway, he might as well lean into it.

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Boogie made a series of tweets and videos in which he defended himself while simultaneously reiterating how much he would like his fans to pay for a car. He maintains that he is doing it ironically, but always manages to double back and remind those who are receptive that he really would appreciate some cash.

Since then, Boogie has claimed he did not actually buy the car, and is still deciding if he should. He blames "the game of telephone the internet plays" for spreading misinformation, despite earlier tweets in which Boogie said specifically that he had purchased the car and that they were building it for him.

The attention seeking continues, as Boogie has now promised to give away all of his money on stream tomorrow, matching dollar for dollar every donation that comes in until he goes broke and then handing all of it over to charity. It would be an incredibly generous act and one worth celebrating, assuming that he isn't just back on Twitter the next week asking fans for more money. After tomorrow, he might be streaming (and living) in his new Tesla.

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