Police Call Out Streamer For Bullying Homeless Woman

The streamer was issued a warning by a police officer following the incident.

A streamer was issued a warning by a police officer after his live stream showed him having a confrontation with a homeless woman.

As the world of live streaming becomes more prominent and popular, the issues arising from it are becoming more commonplace. While the majority of what streaming fans watch on Twitch and other platforms is harmless fun, every now and again, something more troubling and serious is caught on camera, often by accident. The latest occurrence of such has taken place on a Sherwin stream.

The clip below shows the streamer painted up to look like the Joker as he gets a talking to from a police officer. Moments before police intervened, Sherwin was involved in an altercation with a homeless woman. The streamer claims the woman took his oyster card (used for traveling on public transport in London,) but also admitted to holding it in the woman's face before she allegedly snatched it from him.

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What the clip above doesn't show is what happened before the police arrived on the scene. According to a Redditor who was watching the stream live as the incident unfolded, it began with the homeless woman asking Sherwin for money. When he tells her he doesn't have any, the woman ends up with his oyster card due to what sounds like a misunderstanding between the two.

Apparently, people watching the stream convinced Sherwin to return and get his card back in the comments after he left the scene. It was at that point the police got involved. This isn't the first time one of Sherwin's streams has made headlines for all the wrong reasons. Earlier this year, his mother hitting him, pulling his hair, and throwing objects at him was caught during one of his streams.

It seems as if there is a lot more at play here than meets the eye. Sherwin clearly has a troubled home life, and the clip above doesn't appear to tell the whole story of what happened between him and the homeless woman. Fingers crossed this is the last time he's in the news for reasons such as these, and that things at home have calmed down since the stream including his mom went viral.

Source: Reddit

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