Streamer Kandyland Accidentally Reveals Sex Toy While Taking A Warcraft Selfie

Emma "Kandyland" Carlsson accidentally revealed a bit too much while showing her chat a selfie filter on her phone.

This week's latest Twitch streamer fail resulted in absolute hilarity when Emma "Kandyland" Carlsson accidentally revealed a bit too much while showing her chat a selfie filter on her phone. Partly known for her World of Warcraft streams, Kandyland was using Snapchat's WoW filter (which turns the user's face into either a Night Elf, Troll, or both) during one of her streams. However, when the Swedish streamer turned her phone towards the webcam, a dildo was revealed for a brief moment — visible for her entire audience to see.

The image of the sex toy passed so quickly, it would seem almost impossible to notice. Nevertheless, this is the internet after all, and viewers seem to be waiting to bring attention to mishaps like this one. As soon as the chat caught on, they quickly pulled Kandyland's attention to the matter, leading to her initial embarrassment.

Essentially, she cursed her bad luck and gave the chat a good laugh about the entire ordeal. She even appeared on Rajj Patel's "King of the Hill" show later on, securing a future date with the eventual winner, Jokerd — Twitch's latest WoW star.

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Recently, Jokerd picked up a massive following on Twitch in a short amount of time, due to his accomplishment of being the first person in the world to reach level 60 (the level cap) in World of Warcraft Classic. Making things even more interesting, he claimed during "King of The Hill" that he did it all just to get Kandyland's attention. The stunt clearly worked, as they ended up agreeing to go on a date if they met up in the States for TwitchCon 2019.

Kandyland is a frequent guest on many of Rajj Patel's popular live-streamed shows, such as his self-styled "The Rajjchelor/Rajjchelorette," "Rajj Royale," and the aforementioned "King of the Hill." Perhaps being a veteran to Twitch's streaming scene helped her handle the slip-up so well. Either way, kudos to Kandyland for holding her own through the fiasco, though I doubt she'll be eager to show off any more Snapchat filters in the future.

Source: Dexerto

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