Streamer Doesn't Have A Problem With Incest, Chat Disagrees

Streamer "littleefox" expressed a surprising opinion about incest in the middle of a recent Twitch broadcast.

Twitch streamer, "littleefox" (age 22) had a bit of an awkward moment during a stream from a few days. In the middle of a three hour stream viewed by almost five hundred people, which up until that point largely consisted of having fun on Google Images and MS Paint, her step brother l34f34ter joins the stream to which she says, "I love you step brother" and MisterCaptain123 comments, "incest is morally neutral."

littleefox voiced her agreement with that statement, speaking hypothetically, "If they were biologically brother and sister, I don't think that's wrong. As long as you don't get pregnant. It's two consenting adults, is that wrong that I think that?"

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After putting her hand over her face and laughing uproariously for a few seconds, her viewers promptly respond to her with comments such as, "That was too far" and "Yikes."

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Choosing to gloss over her controversial statement, she instead plugs her upcoming birthday stream happening on Friday November 29th. She then says she isn't gonna reach out to her viewers for the next two minutes and wait for things to die down, all with a big dumb smile on her face as she continues to hide her face behind her hands, and adding that she "...can't breath, [she's] getting a little sick, [she thinks she's] getting a little faint. Oh man, I'm not feelin' so good Mr. Stark."

The stream is largely uneventful after that. With almost twelve-thousand followers on her channel, she's clearly doing something right with her channel which, according to her bio, consists of "gym streams, cooking streams, and even go[ing] out and about on little adventures." Luckily for her and her brand, this incident blew over so quickly that it should not be cause for concern of any kind, minus this clip appearing on a reddit thread entitled "LivestreamFail."

On the more positive side, she is a fan of games like Counter Strike: Global Offensive, so if you're looking for new streamers to enjoy that with, she's one to check out. She also claims to be a fan of Overwatch, Apex Legends, and Rainbow Six.

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