Streamer Makes Kid's Day By Putting On Mickey Mouse Voice (Then Accidentally Swears)

Dang it, Mickey. We know playing Fortnite can be a stressful business and everything, but cuss words just won’t fly around here. What would Walt say?

Streaming is a funny concept, isn’t it? For the uninitiated, it looks as though somebody is simply playing a game (as millions of us do every day), but making a living while doing so simply because they’re in front of a webcam and live on Twitch. Many gamers think this is a dream job that they could easily do, but there’s often so very much more to it than that.

The sad truth is, very few aspiring streamers make it anywhere near the level of a PewDiePie or a Ninja. Yes, the latter was once reportedly given $1 million to play Apex Legends and hype the game up on social media, but that discounts the hours and hours of dedication that go into getting and maintaining that level of renown. We’re not just playing games here, literally or figuratively.

There’s a certain amount of hero-worship that comes with following popular YouTubers and streamers, too, and it’s quite dangerous. Influencers need to know just how influential they can be, as Tyler Blevins himself acknowledged when he argued that streamers are contributing to Fortnite’s toxicity by inciting negative attitudes among their fanbases.

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With great power comes great responsibility, as wise old Uncle Ben once said. Which brings us to a certain tragic/hilarious incident from a recent Vesi stream.

While dashing about and doing general Fortnite-y things, he put on a Mickey Mouse voice to speak to a fellow player. The seven-year-old was thrilled to be speaking to Mickey –well, momentarily; he soon asked Vesi to “put Goofy on the line” instead— and it was all as super-cute and wholesome as two-and-half minutes of a Fortnite stream ever could be. You can check it out here.

“You’re Mickey Mouse! I watch you every day!” Adorable.

Sadly, as is often the case, it all ended in profanity. While trying to revive his new little buddy, Vesi came under fire and exclaimed, “oh, s**t!” The child was thrown a little, but left happy, with the promise that he could add Mickey and play Fortnite with him again.

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