Streamer Who Hosted Randy Orton Weighs In On Racial Slur Controversy

A few days ago we posted a story about a Call Of Duty stream featuring WWE Superstar Randy Orton. As is the case with a lot of streamers as of late, a racial slur was uttered which stirred up some significant controversy.

Brad Radke, the streamer who hosted Orton (and not the former Minnesota Twins baseball player), reached out to us at TheGamer to weigh in on the stream, and the fallout after the slur was said.

As Radke recalls, the stream was supposed to only be a short 10-minute affair but ended up going for about 2 hours. He's been friends with Orton for several years now and had wanted to do a stream with him for quite some time.

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Randy was indeed inebriated on that night, which confirms the suspicions of quite a few viewers. Regarding the slur, Radke was able to give his account on how it all went down:

"We’re playing and he’s been drinking which is fine idc what he does but I was not expecting that. Honestly he didn’t even notice he said it and he has no memory of what happened that entire night. He said what he said but he meant no offense to it at all. Randy isn’t racist or anything. He is a really nice guy and a fun one at that. He just got excited/heated because we haven’t played this in a while. So after it was said I was like nooooo why?"

After the slur was shouted out by Orton, clips of the moment started popping up online. Radke was shaken up, and Orton went quiet after realizing his massive mistake.

"Afterwards I look around after my stream I see a few clips from it I’m like well crap! Next day I seen articles everywhere and I’m freaking out worried about his job and my channel. I waited all day for a text from him, giving myself anxiety attacks left and right."

Twitch has been strict with channels exhibiting offensive language or content as of late, and they're certainly not afraid to hand out bans for anything they view as even slightly against their terms of service. So worrying that this could be disastrous for both his channel and Orton's career with the WWE is understandable. After all, a lot of big-name streamers have been taken down for saying or doing a lot less.

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Surprisingly, the aftermath doesn't seem to be as dire as Radke had feared. Orton jokingly texted him back the next day asking if he was ready for another stream, and apparently the superstar received quite a bit of teasing from the other wrestlers in the company. There doesn't seem to be any kind of punishment coming for the transgression, although fans are still reasonably upset.

Radke has since apologized on behalf of both himself and Orton and has pledged that any future streams with the WWE Superstar will be alcohol-free, which will hopefully prevent the outburst of any more uncontrollable racist remarks.

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