After 4000 attempts, Streamer Hatches 2 Shiny Impadimps In A Row

After 80 hours and 4051 attempts, Twitch Streamer TheNo1Alex finally hatched the elusive Dark-Fairy type, and seconds later, hatched a second.

Never say never in Pokémon Sword & Shield! Following what most would consider an absurd grind of 80 hours and 4051 attempts to attain a shiny Impadimp though egg hatching and encounters, Twitch Streamer TheNo1Alex finally hatched the elusive Dark-Fairy type, and seconds later, hatched a second.

TheNo1Alex was completely shocked to see the first shiny Impadimp hatch, as it had taken so long to acquire, but he was left speechless when the second hatched. This incident may very well be the only of its kind captured on stream forever, because the odds are so small.

The double hatching of shiny Pokémon is impressive because it is so much rarer than hatching one. Currently the odds of hatching a shiny Impadimp is the same as all other Pokémon, beginning at 1/4,096, and so the odds of two in a row should be 1/16,777,216. This however would assume that TheNo1Alex was only going with the default method of hatching eggs.

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Instead, TheNo1Alex was likely employing the Masuda method, which means using the parent Pokémon from different language versions and using a shiny charm. The problem is that because the game is new, the actual success rates of this method used in previous games has not yet been determined, but players are approximating a similar success rate to older games in the Pokémon series.

Via: youtube.com (TheNo1Alex)

This would make the catch rate 1/512 for a single shiny Impadimp, or 1/262,144. Those odds are far better than not using any of the methods mentioned above, but it is still astronomically low to have both shiny Impadimps hatch one right after the other, and so the odds of seeing another streamer have the same luck are, well, about as rare as hatching two shiny Pokémon, one right after the other.

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Acquiring shiny Pokémon has become the latest Twitch craze after the release of the game. Capturing regular Pokémon and beating the game’s content is far too easy and short, especially since the National Pokédex was cut down drastically, and so streamers have been working overtime to find shiny variations of their favorite Pokémon.

Recently, Jeremy “DisguisedToast” Wang made a wager with his Twitch chat viewers, promising that if he could not find a shiny Wooloo by the end of his 15-hour stream, he would buy 1,000 Twitch subscriptions and award them randomly to viewers. Failing to find a shiny Wooloo, DisguisedToast kept his word and purchased every promised subscription.

For now, we say congratulations for TheNo1Alex, who is no doubt more than happy with his pair of shiny Impadimps!

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