Streamer Tarzaned Cries After Twitch Rivals For Getting 30-Day Ban

Streamer Julian "Tarzaned" Farokhian broke down on stream with both the support of fans and a suspension from Twitch.

Tarzaned Banned 30 Days On Twitch

In a genuine display of emotion, competitive League of Legends player and streamer Julian "Tarzaned" Farokhian broke down on stream when faced with both the support of fans and a suspension from Twitch. After playing a vital role in the perfect run that his team had — winning the Twitch Rivals Team Draft tournament convincingly — Tarzaned announced his 30-day ban from the streaming platform. He commented on the overwhelming positivity he received throughout the event, calling it "the first time in a long time [he could] look at [his] chat" and not see hatefulness, and shed tears when thanking his fans.

Tarzaned is a highly skilled jungler in League of Legends, reaching the number one rank multiple times on North American solo queue ladder. Despite his achievements, he has never reached a professional level due to multiple instances of attitude issues and toxicity. Nevertheless, popular streamer Tyler  "Tyler1" Steinkamp picked Tarzaned first in the draft and they went on to dominate the tournament with a perfect 10-0 run — not losing a single map to opponents.

To demonstrate Tyler1's characteristic passion and his team's domination throughout, check out a clip of the action (warning: extreme language).

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Tarzaned played a crucial role in their victory, performing spectacularly and catching the attention of many fans. What people didn't realize, however, is that he received word that he would be banned from Twitch for 30 days only an hour before the tournament began.

Needless to say, Tyler1 had a few choice words to say about the ordeal.

The timing is particularly odd, considering Tarzaned's comments were made a few weeks prior to the Twitch Rivals tournament. While many would agree that Tarzaned has done plenty to bring to suspension upon himself, the clip cited also drew controversy, as many streamers have done much worse with no consequence. Trainwrecks was also among the many who jumped to Tarzaned's defense, making some NSFW remarks directed at Twitch when commenting on the situation.

The entire experience sent Tarzaned into a spiral of self-reflection and reform, as he took to Twitter to reach out to those he potentially upset in the past.

Considering Tarzaned's past reputation for toxicity in the community, the ban itself isn't necessarily surprising. However, Twitch is not out of the hot-seat considering their odd decision to ban the streamer for something that had passed multiple weeks ago — right before his Twitch Rivals appearance. Tarzaned clearly has his demons, but it is great to see that he is determined to turn his attitude around and continue forward with a positive mindset.

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