Streamer Tattoos Apex Legends' Worst Gun To Celebrate Raising $8,000 For Charity


A Twitch streamer has gotten a tattoo of the worst gun in Apex Legends to celebrate her raising $8,000 for a children’s charity.

Currently, the Mozambique is widely regarded as the worst gun in Apex Legends. It has a short range, pitiful stopping power, poor accuracy, a pathetic magazine, and it takes literally a week to reload. Its time-to-kill is the second worst in the game for un-armored targets, and the worst in the game when you consider armor.

And if people aren’t standing still (as is usually the case in Apex Legends), then reliably damaging someone with a Mozambique is virtually impossible. You might well just melee your opponents.

So it comes as some surprise that a moderately famous Twitch streamer decided to get a Mozambique tattooed on her left leg.

Nico is a partnered Twitch stream with just over 67,000 followers. Her Instagram is filled with images that ride the line between steamy and scandalous, with a few of those pics already detailing her many tattoos. She’s got a D’Va rump in her right knee, and a loveable if somewhat maligned meme on her left knee.

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Which left some real estate on her left thigh up for grabs. During a recent Gamers Outreach charity drive (which raises money to give kids in hospitals the gift of gaming), Nico promised her followers that if she raised $5,000 she’d get a tattoo of the humble Mozambique.

And her followers did--actually, they raised $8,000 for Gamers Outreach. And now she’s got a highly detailed and frankly gorgeous tattoo of a blue and red Mozambique on her outer thigh.

Nico also tweeted out that she was totally cool with getting a tattoo of the Mozambique as it is "about to be the best gun in the game.” We don’t know about becoming “the best” gun, but Respawn did reveal at this year’s E3 that the Mozambique would get a “hop-up” to make it “usable”, according to executive producer Drew McCoy.

The Mozambique buffs will come during the launch of Apex Legends' Season 2, which starts July 2nd.

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