Streamer Who Threw Her Cat Will Not Be Banned On Twitch, But Her Harassers Might

A Twitch streamer accused on animal abuse is now claiming that Twitch will not be taking disciplinary action against her but may actually punish others for harassing her. The streamer, Alinity, made the statement on her official Discord server today after dropping her cat over her head during a stream Friday.

This isn't the first time Alinity displayed questionable behavior towards her pets on stream, and many viewers, streamers, and some celebrities made immediate calls for action against the streamer. However, according to Alinity, Twitch has no plans to punish her in any way.

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During a game of Apex Legends on Friday, Alinity yelled at her cat Milo for walking in front of her monitor and then picked him up and dropped him behind her head. The narrow camera angle makes it difficult to tell how forcefully the cat was tossed, and though later streams would verify that Milo was not injured, many viewers were upset by her treatment of the cat.

Compounding the issue, another clip from last year surfaced that show Alinity take a swig of vodka before pursing her lips for her cat to lick. Alcohol is known to be poisonous to cats, and while Alinity didn't feed the cat any significant amount of vodka, the clip is being used to support a campaign against the streamer for a history of animal abuse.

The story picked up considerable steam on Twitter over the weekend, everyone from PETA to Ricky Gervais has made statements admonishing Alinity's behavior. Fellow Streamers AnneMunition and Kaceytron have similarly accused Alinity of animal abuse. Reddit, as usual, has been out for blood and many redditors have been encouraging people to mass report Alinity in order to get her banned.

According to Alinity, however, Twitch won't be issuing a ban. On her Discord server she wrote "Don't worry guys I'm fine. I spoke to someone at twitch today and I'm not getting banned. But, people who have been harassing me might be." Her channel is still available, and Twitch typically does not make statements in situations like this, so it would appear that Alinity in fact will not be receiving a ban.

Alinity may still be facing repercussions though. A formal complaint against her has been filed with the Saskatoon SPCA and is currently under investigationAlinity tweeted with regards to the complaint, explaining that she encourages everyone to report animal abuse, but that her pets are "well loved, and live in a warm and caring home."

We reached out to Milo for his perspective on the issue, but he was unavailable for comment.

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