10 Streams You Need To Follow On Mixer

The Microsoft-owned streaming platform Mixer has been making waves recently due to the announcement that the one time-biggest Twitch streamer Ninja has decided to make the switch over to the competing service. Ninja made the announcement just over a week ago by tweeting out a staged press conference video with a link to his new channel.

While Ninja will likely establish himself as one of the platform's biggest streamers, there are still plenty of other Mixer streams worth checking out that range from standard gameplay to 24/7 memes. With this in mind, we decided to put together our list of the ten streams you need to follow on Mixer.

10 Ninja

Speaking of Ninja, if you have any interest in Fortnite, you should take the time to check out his streams, as there's a reason he has become almost synonymous with Epic's title. Additionally, if you decide you would like to sub to his channel, Mixer has currently made it free for the month of August.

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Ninja streams daily from 9:30 AM CST to 6 PM CST and has already amassed over 1 million subscribers since joining Microsoft's platform.

9 TheGandalfShow

TheGandalfShow is a Mixer web show that features an infinite loop of Gandalf from The Lord of the Rings films smiling and nodding. The stream will even occasionally layer different effects onto the clip in response to various actions made by the channel's chat.

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Despite what may seem like a rather simple joke, the channel has managed to establish a dedicated fanbase and even features another streamer each week. TheGandalfShow is active 24/7, so there is always an opportunity for viewers to check in on their favorite Lord of the Rings character.

8 LevelUpCast

The LevelUpCast is one of Mixer's best sources for staying up to date with what's happening in regards to the Microsoft streaming platform. Going live on a weekly basis, the one-hour show covers updates, new features, and even runs a Q&A with their chat at the end of each episode.

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To check out the show live, tune to the LevelUpCast channel on Fridays at 3:00 PM Eastern or 12:00 PM Pacific, though you can also check out older episodes in full each week after the stream has ended.

7 JordinLaine

If you're looking for something other than gameplay, live shows or memes, look no further than JordinLaine. She's a musician who plays live music on stream with a variety of instruments, and her song selections range from originals to covers. She even occasionally takes requests from her chat.

JordinLaine has created a great community around her music, and she is typically near the top of Mixer's music category every time she streams. Currently, her streaming schedule changes each week, but she does have a discord channel where she posts updates on when she'll be live.

6 Shreksophone

For anyone looking for their daily dose of Shrek meme content on Mixer, look no further than the Shreksophone stream. Shreksophone, as the name implies, is a stream that features a looping clip of everyone's favorite ogre jamming out on the saxophone and dancing so hard that occasionally he isn't even holding the instrument.

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The stream is live 24/7 and even though it has only been active for about a month, it has already managed to build a fun and engaged community centered around the clip.

5 Xbox

Unsurprisingly, the Microsoft-owned streaming platform has a fantastic Xbox Mixer channel that regularly hosts streams featuring brand ambassadors, exclusive sneak peeks, developer Q&As, event coverage, giveaways, and special announcements. The channel streams almost every day with a variety of streamers playing quite a few different titles.

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While the steams always show PC or Xbox One gameplay, the channel does do an excellent job branching outside of Microsoft first-party games and often boasts a rather fun and active chat.

4 Ship

If you're looking for some great Fortnite gameplay on Mixer but Ninja is not your particular cup of tea, then look no further than Ship. Ship is one of Mixer's most-followed streamers and has been a member of the platform for just over two years.

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He primarily streams Fortnite solos gameplay on his channel and currently holds the record for the highest total number of solo kills on Xbox One. Ship streams daily from 12 PM to 11 PM EST and his channel runs ModMondays, Follower Fridays, and SubSundays each week.

3 Monstercat

Mixer's most prominent music channel by far is the Monstercat, a radio stream that plays songs from artists under the Canadian music label of the same name, which is primarily known for releasing independent electronic music.

Monstercat radio runs 24/7 and almost always has something new to play as the label puts out new music four times a week. This is a great stream to put on in the background if you're looking for some chill background music.

2 Xboxinteractive

Xboxinteractive is a stream that focuses solely on Xbox One gameplay of titles that were just released for the console. The channel differs from the main Xbox channel because it only features streamers from its rotating crew of people, instead of including game developers or brand ambassadors. Additionally, the channel's streamers are equipped to take questions from their chat about the games they're playing.

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Xboxinteractive is live every day from 2 PM ET to 11 PM ET and rebroadcasts their latest stream when the channel is not actively streaming.


Outside of Fortnite, Apex Legends has cemented itself as one of Mixer's most popular titles, and the game's biggest streamer on the platform is SIEFE. He's Mixer's sixth most followed streamer and has been a member of the platform for close to three years.

SIEFE streams almost every day and while he does primarily play Apex Legends, he can also be seen playing other titles from time to time. So if you're sick of Fortnite streams and want a different flavor of battle royale, SIEFE is worth checking out.

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