Street Fighter: The 10 Most Powerful Characters, Ranked

Street Fighter is a Capcom flagship series that’s been around for more than 30 years now. One of the most iconic and recognizable fighting game franchises, Street Fighter features a cast of diverse warriors, all with something to prove or goals to achieve through their strength.

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Just how powerful are these warriors though? It’s no secret that just about every Street Fighter character is looking to make their case as the strongest in the world. This list will look at characters’ overall canon presence, accomplishments, feats, and track records to decide who is indeed the top 10 most powerful of them all.

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10 Juri

Juri is a sadistic Taekwondo master with a vendetta against M. Bison and Shadaloo. She’s a talented fighter, but what makes her really scary is that little gadget implanted in her eye: the Feng Shui Engine.

Her first appearance was in Super Street Fighter IV. In a short span of time, she’s managed to accumulate an impressive amount of accomplishments. Her feats include single-handedly bopping all 12 of Bison’s dolls in one go, defeating Chun-Li, (though she does manage to get her revenge later) and even taking on the likes of Guile and Cammy simultaneously, holding her own against both and even managing to knock Guile out. A good majority of the Street Fighter roster have their work cut out for them against this crafty and psychotic femme fatale.

9 Gill

Secret Society emperor and messiah of the world, Gill is the older brother of Urien and the main antagonist of Street Fighter III. From a young age, he and his brother were trained in the Secret Society’s fighting techniques and given genetic enhancements that allowed them to access the power of certain elements.

The reason why Gill is so low on this list though is largely due to his unimpressive track record. Even though he boasts great power, enough to even be able to resurrect himself, his only recorded wins with anyone significant in the series is with his brother and the minor character Tom, Alex’s teacher. This apparently sends Alex into a blind rage and prompts him to run through everybody in the tournament that Gill set up before giving Gill himself a good bopping. Not a good look for a supposed deity.

8 Ryu

The guy, the legend, the main protagonist of the Street Fighter series, Ryu is a wandering world warrior, always looking for his next challenge. Trained by Gouken along with his best friend Ken, Ryu aims to become as strong as he possibly can. While on this constant journey for strength, he’s achieved plenty of accomplishments such as winning the first World Warrior tournament against the tiger king Sagat, defeating M. Bison twice and has even been able to harness the Power of Nothingness.

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While Ryu is clearly no one to fool around with, some of his achievements are a little questionable. His biggest issue is the multiple run-ins he has with his dark side, the Satsui No Hado. In order to win against Sagat in their first fight, Ryu unknowingly released his dark powers on the Muay Thai Emperor after the fight had already been decided. His victories against Bison were often products of his allies weakening him before he delivered the final blow. And it isn’t like he hasn’t also taken his fair share of boppings, or been shown up by some of his peers or teachers. Ryu is strong, for sure, but he still has a long way to go.

7 Sagat

The Emperor of Muay Thai himself, Sagat is probably one of the more formidable looking characters on this list. Standing at a whopping 7’5”, Sagat is a warrior in every sense of the word and has the battle scars to prove it. He’s undoubtedly the strongest person to have ever worked under Bison.

While Sagat’s track record mostly consists of fights with Ryu in which circumstances were either not fair for either fighter or one was not truly giving it their all, the development of his own skills and techniques that rival and maybe even surpass Ryu’s speak for itself. It’s also worth mentioning that while it took Ryu quite some time to tap into the Power of Nothingness and control his Satsui No Hado, Sagat did it unknowingly in almost no time at all, albeit on a smaller scale.

6 Rose

Rose is an Italian fortune teller who is basically a manifestation of all the good energy that M. Bison expelled from his being. This does sound weird, but you have to remember that Capcom also made the Devil May Cry series, so it’s not that weird. This also makes Rose, more or less, a direct counter to Bison himself as she holds the power to stop him.

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Rose has fought Bison on more than one occasion though never managing to fully kill him for good. These are still respectable accomplishments though, as Bison has proven himself to be quite the slippery and crafty villain. What really takes the cake though is her run-in with Akuma. She didn’t exactly win against him, but it’s a big feather in her cap for having managed to fight him and come out alive. Usually, Akuma will kill anyone he thinks is worthy of death in a fight with him, so if he was actually ready to kill Rose and she managed to escape, it probably means that Akuma at least thought she put up a good fight.

5 M. Bison

The main antagonist of Street Fighter, Bison is a megalomaniac who would love nothing more than complete and utter world domination. Bison learned Psycho Power from an unknown master before killing him. He then traveled the world, seeking more power before finally founding the evil organization Shadaloo.

Bison has taken his fair share of boppings from many others in the cast, but he’s also served up his own share of boppings as well. It also often takes a group of fighters to take him down. Plus, he’s always managed to come back, even from the dead. Bison’s biggest weakness though is his dependency on science and amplification. His power is so great that his own body can barely contain it, so he’s constantly in the market for replacements. On top of that, he does get a huge power increase from the black moons in Street Fighter V, but it isn’t really him genuinely getting stronger. It’s just a product of something he needs to amplify his power, effectively making it a huge Achilles heel.

4 Gen

Though he may not be the most physically imposing character on this list, Gen is an example of never judging one by their looks. In his heyday, Gen was a martial arts master and assassin of legendary status. He even taught Chun-Li in her youth.

After contracting a terminal illness, this guy thought it’d be better to die in battle than in bed. So, he willingly put himself in harm’s way, looking for the fight to end his life. While seeking his ultimate death, Gen fought Akuma multiple times. The two of them have brought each other to near death on occasion. His advanced age and illness certainly aren’t doing anything to enhance his power, but it seems as though neither do much to hamper it either. Even while coughing up blood, this guy will still bop you.

3 Gouken

The master of Ryu and Ken, and Akuma’s older brother, Gouken was a student of Goutetsu along with his younger brother. Growing apart as they trained together, Gouken wanted to master the good aspects of the fighting techniques they were learning while Akuma only wished to master the dark aspects. This led to their never-ending grudge and subsequent confrontations.

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Gouken and Akuma have fought tooth-and-nail numerous times with Gouken even coming out on top on occasion. However, Gouken’s biggest feat comes from a battle he had with Akuma in which he lost but managed to cheat death through a special technique that just left him in a coma. His mastery over the Power of Nothingness is great, using it to seal away Ryu’s dark side, even if just for a little while. It’s pretty clear that Gouken is just on another level.

2 Oro

By far the oldest character on this list at the tender age of around 130 to 140 years old, Oro is a hermit who just wants to pass down his knowledge to a worthy student. During his time as a recluse, he spent every waking moment of his life mastering his art, proving that dedication and hard work does pay off even if it takes you 100+ years.

Oro’s biggest claim to fame is the fact that he never feels the need to fight anyone with both of his arms. Not even against the likes of Karin Kanzuki’s grandfather or Akuma, the former of which he supposedly fought for three days straight and the latter had actually matched him in battle. Nothing more needs to be said about an old guy who can give you a bopping with a hand tied behind his back.

1 Akuma

If you’ve been paying attention, you could probably guess who was going to be number one. The undisputed supreme master of the fist—his name literally means Devil or Demon—Akuma is almost in a class by himself. The younger brother of Gouken, he killed his master after learning his techniques and is focused on mastering the dark aspects of them.

His resume speaks for itself. This guy has fought and bopped or at the very least matched almost everyone he’s come in contact with, including half of the people on this list with an extra two in which the canon is at least debatable. And all that does is just raise him to mythical beast status. He’s got a ton of experience under his belt, the most accomplishments, some of the biggest feats, an almost flawless track record, and on top of all that, he has one the most devastating and iconic moves in Street Fighter with the Shun Goku Satsu, otherwise known as the Raging Demon. Akuma is pretty much the man.

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