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One of Shadaloo’s four main baddies, Balrog isn’t by any means a weak character, but he’s just a boxer. Yes, the sweet science is an artform that is underappreciated these days and we still wouldn’t want to mess with an actual pro boxer in a fight, but this is Street

Fighter and when you have guys throwing fireballs out of their hands and badass women who can kick at a hundred miles an hour, just punching faces isn’t up to snuff.

Think about it this way: When a professional MMA fighter steps into the cage, it’s best that they know more than one disciple. Heck, it’s not called mixed martial arts for nothing. We don’t doubt that Balrog would do well in an actual boxing match, but this is a knock down, no holds barred fight, and floating like a butterfly and stinging like a bee would just gets him burned. Literally.

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